Saturday, April 18, 2009


Hey there bloggers!!!
I am back - boy is my job hectic at the moment and getting busier by the day.
I have discovered that I am an emotional eater and when placed under stress - I EAT!!!!!
So to combat this I am bringing work home in the evenings - not much - but the little jobs that need to be done but are time consuming at work - so that I can concentrate more on the meatier jobs with in my role.
It is getting a lot busier as we are really tightening the reigns with accounts so I need to be making sure all invoices and credits are being processed in a timely manner so the customers can't not pay them each month!!!
But enough of the boring stuff - altho it is related to the weight gain!!!!
So with that all said and done I am going to make sure I follow a few guidelines next week:
1. Track
2. Drink my Water
3. Post on the WW boards every day
4. Excercise each day

With regards to the excercise - fingers crossed my morning walking buddy is all rearing to go again next week (a few recent emotional issues for her but all sorted now)
I will also have dance class on Tuesdays which I was missing due to draining days at work!, and I am also going to get using my swiss ball - three nights a week to start with and then eventually increase it to 5 nights.
Why not 5 to start with you ask - well I have been trying to commit to that for a while now and don't so I thought start small and build up to it!!!

Ok I think that is enough for now
I promise to blog a bit more regularly from now on!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Just a quick Hello

Hi there - sorry I have been awol again!!!! Work has a lot to answer for in my life lately as it is playing with my head in a big way - I am still going up and down with those two darn kilos and pissing myself off along the way.
But enough about that

I will post another day when I am in a better frame of mind but until then
talk later