Friday, October 29, 2010

Goals for November

Well I have sat down and thought about what I would like to achieve in the month of November and here  is the list.

I have also created a seperate page on the blog to list the current months goals so that I can refer back to them easily - and maybe add notes through out the month (will see how that goes)

So without further adue - I present you with November Goals!!!!

1. Loose at least 4 kg

2. Drink at least 2 litres of water each weekend

3. Load up the remainding items onto Trade Me that are sitting in the wardrobe

3. Make 4 Cards this Month

4. Look for and if possible purchase my new bike

5. Finalise Christmas Decorations and place settings

All very achievable - now to begin achieving them!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Back to it and Goal Setting!!!!

Yup thats right - I am back to it!

It - being my weight loss journey - I have come back from Wellington after a minor blow out and am back to being focused on what it takes to get to my next goal.

I am also going to work on some mini goals for the month of November to help keep me motivated.

The Larger Goals for the remainder of 2010 are:

1. To be under 100kgs by the end of the year
2. Purchase a new bike and get training for the two Duathalons in February and April
3. Look at the couch to 5k running programme (oh yes I put it out there!)

Now to work out those mini goals for November and December to keep me focused on this journey - I might also include some non weigh related ones so I can work towards completing items off  The List!

What are your goals for the remainder of the year?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ten on Tuesday................

1. The weekend away was amazing and I had so much fun!

2. I danced with at least 50 different men!

3. I learned so much from the workshops about adding style to my dancing

4. I feel so more confident in my dancing now

5. My feet were so sore on Sunday night!

6. There are some amazing dancers in New Zealand

7. Jordan and Tatiana who are the world champs in West Coast Swing were AMAZING to watch

8. I so want to go again next year

9. But will not do two workshops in one day – OUCH!

10. Now to sweet talk hubby so he is ok with me going!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Motivational Monday

I found this post by Ms Bitchcakes really helpful and wanted to share it with you all.

Here is an excerpt from it:

Now, I really do want to drill this concept into everyone's heads because I think sometimes people just don't get it or aren't ready to get it, so please try to absorb this: You are not going to "lose the weight" or get to goal if you don't make the changes - so focus on what you have control over: the changes and the choices you make - NOT the number on the scale.

It is so true - Those little changes and choices that we make in our day to day lives are going to get us to our Goal.

Check out the whole post here

Thanks Sheryl for the inspiration you give me- You Rock My World!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Twas the Night Before..................

MY WEEKEND AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woo hoo One more big sleep and I will be jetting my way to Wellington and Cerocing the weekend away!

Well I hope its one big sleep as I am tired! - I have not been sleeping well the last couple of nights and am worried that I am going to forget something which is silly cause I am the queen of lists and have checked it twice!

Off to bed nice and early tonight - I will be up at 5am getting ready - weigh in as well - not gonna be pretty I don't think - the weeks snacking has been terrible!

But I have packed WW snacks to take away with me, so I will at least know the points value of what I eat with them -  now to make sure I make good food choices for my main meals!

I won't be able to post until I get back and since I have Tuesday off and my home computer won't play nicely I have "hopefully' got a prearranged post for you on Monday - linking to Ms Bitchcakes and her last post!

I hope you enjoy it!

Catch ya later!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I was Tagged!................

But in a good way................

The lovely Deb over at Diminishing Deb tagged me with an eight question meme

Here are her questions and my answers:

1. Is there a book that has made you change your life in some way? - Unfortunately no - but I am still looking for the one that will!

2. Black Liquorice - do you love it or hate it? Have you ever met anyone who doesn't have a strong opinion on black liquorice? I can take it or leave it personally

3. What is the worst job you ever had? The shortest job I have been in was for just under three months because I could not stand the boss/owner!

4. What are you waiting for? Good question – What am I waiting for??????

5. What country do you want to see, or see more of? I would love to go to Ireland and see where my Grandparents grew up and met some family members there!

6. What is the first thing you notice when meeting new people? Oh is this shallow of me – I notice what they are wearing – clothes, accessories and then usually ask them where they got it from (Ladies only!)

7. What are you grateful for today? I am grateful for my family, a husband who loves me with all my quirks and for my children who are two amazing little individuals

8. What would a really fun evening be like for you? At this time of my life it would involve champagne, good friends and a good looking man who can lead me in amazing Ceroc moves and make me feel like the best female dancer in the world!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ten on Tuesday............

1. Woo hoo my weekend away in Wellington is only 3 Big sleeps away!

2. With so much going on in my little old life at the moment - I am struggling a bit with this weight loss journey - but I will be back into it properly when I return from Wellington!

3. As mentioned below I have signed up for two duathalons - EEK!

4. My son has recently been given a nice goalie shirt - that he absolutely loves and wears all the time!

5. My daughter last week got her self a boyfriend who then "dumped" her three days later - ah the trials and tribulations of a 13 year old!

6. Xmas prepartions are starting soon!

7. I am compiling a list of 43 things to do after turning 42 but before turning 43 - will post soon

8. My discipline in the evenings with no snacking is getting better!

9. Check out this amazing wedding invite -

10. I placed some jewellery on layby at Michael Hill Jewellers in the weekend and guess what they do now!!! - Charge a $10.00 layby fee - non refundable! - Argh!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Guess What I Just Did!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG - I can't believe I did this

I have just signed myself up for not one but TWO duathlons!!!!

They are ont  he 27th Februrary 2011 and 17th April 2011 in Auckland

Here is the website if you want to check out what its all about

Wish me luck!!

Oh and now to go and get the bike!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Oops I did it Again................

Yeah - thats right baby - I did it again!!!!!

I had another successful night of no snacking and staying focused on my task at hand!

I am hoping to make this a regular event in my  life - no snacking and being productive in the evenings!

Long may it last!

The scales this morning showed me lighter again ( I have been weighing daily), which I am very happy about - altho I am still getting rid of the gain from last weekend, so I am not sure what they scales will say at the weigh in tomorrow morning.

But I will be happy with anything as I know I have lost this week overall.

I am out for dinner tonight with a friend so I need to keep strong and watch what I am eating!

Will try and sort out the computer over the weekend (again)!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I DID IT!.......................

I had a plan last night to get some computer work done and I stuck to it - no net surfing, not snacking and I felt great!

It is a small thing to some but to me it was a great victory - I usually end up surfing around the net while snacking on something and then get angry with myself then go and blob in front of the telly!

But not last night! - Once I had finished the computer work I took some photos of  clothes I am wanting to load up on Trade Me and then went to bed to read!

Yay for me!

The plan tonight is to load up the trade me auctions and then tidy up some more of my craft room! And NO SNACKING!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ten on Tuesday...........

1. I am slowly getting ready for Wellington - 10 more sleeps to go!

2. We headed to Taupo over the weekend for a soccer tournament - it was cold! But the boys did well so that is the main thing!

3. My sons starts his Summer Touch games tonight - fingers crossed it goes well!

4. He also started Summer Soccer last night - it went well!

5. I got my hair coloured last Wednesday - it turned a bit purple/grey - thanks to the apprentice - its ok I can work it!

6. My Daughter is very happy to be back at school - I think she was getting bored over the holidays!

7. I am starting to get onto doing more crafts now that summer is here!

8. Lets hope my scrapbooking is included in these grand plans!

9. I am also needing to get onto my Christmas planning!

10. I am glad that I am back walking - it helps keep me focused and gives me that down time I need to off load the brain!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Still Alive and Kicking!

ARGH!!!! Computers drive me crazy!

I still haven't worked out why my home one is not cooperating and am a bit nervous about doing anything as I have at least a zillion blog pages saved and I do not want them lost!

MAybe that is why it is playing up???

Maybe I need to print them all out and delete some???

Oh the decisions - all I know is that I miss not posting on my blog - and I think it does help me keep focused on my journey.

Weigh in this week was a day early due to being in Taupo over the weekend.

And it was a nice weigh in with a loss of .900gm!

Getting back to my lowest again (.100 away!)

My workday posting is limited as I am in a cubicle with another and I know she does watch my screen now and then as when I am craftblog searching she comments on different things - so I am not to keen for her to know about this blog!

Anyway back soon!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ten on Tuesday...........

Todays Ten on Tuesday is brought to you by the number 16 and the letters L and E

1. As mention previously I am now the proud owner of a pair of size 16 jeans.... - I wore these to work on Friday and the following conversation took place:
Male Co-worker - do you have new jeans???
Me - Why Yes I do!
Male Co worker -Good for you - You have an arse now!!!
(We go way back so all good)
2. My Dresses for Dance are a L not XL

3. I purchased three new every day Bra's and they are a 16E (The cup size increased from a DD - is this ok? since the numbers went down???)

4. I also purchased a strapless Bra for my dance dresses - it is an 18E.

5. I also purchased some new sexy knickers - size smaller as well!!!!

6. I know have three sets of matching lingerie!

7. Now to find a sexy nightie!

8. Weigh in saw me drop .800grams and helped me get back in the weight loss zone!

9. The last three days have been excellent food wise.

10. Did I mentioned I am in the zone baby!

Saturday, October 2, 2010