Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Friend Makin Monday - But Posted on Tuesday

Kenz over at All the Weigh has a lovely post about Makin Friends and sharing some info - I think its a lovely idea so here are my answers:

I Like.........being at home creating!
I Don't Like...............being interrupted while creating!
I Love.............my family!
I Dream of...........being slim, trim and looking fabulous
I Wonder........if my dream will come true and be all that I hope for.
I Know............that I can succeed with my weight loss journey as long as I remain focused!
I Went............and purchased some useless items in the weekend!
I Have........the ability to succeed at anything I set my mind to!
I Think........ that I would like to win a million dollars some day!
I Plan..........on spending the winnings wisely!
I Regret.........many many things but those things have made me who I am today - Good or Bad!
I Do.............miss my mother and father every day
I Don't............want to be working full time in 10 years time!
I Drink.............Diet Coke - but am down to 1 can a work day!
I Wish.............that I could get up to date with my scrapbook albums instead of being nearly 2 years behind!
I Am..........push over at work!
I Am Not............a mean person!
I Need..............Lots of new clothes!
I Graduated.........from kindergarden???
I Hope...........that my children grow up to lead happy, fulfilling lives with no regrets!
I Want............Shiney new dance shoes!
I Sometimes..........forget to help out my husband with the housework when I am in a creative mood!
I Always...............will love my Man!
I Can..........always count on my best friend to be there when I need her
I Work..........as an Accounts Administrator for a stationery supply company
I Cannot........understand why people have to be mean to others to make themselves feel better!
I Avoid...........confrontations like the plague!
I Will.........get better at standing up for myself!

Ten On Tuesday

1. Champs this Saturday - We are Ready!!!!

2. Fathers Day on Sunday - we will be doing a few different soccer related things but will start with a bacon , eggs and hash brown breakie for Dad!

3. Still going strong on the weight loss - getting closer to going under 100 that it is an amazing feeling!

4. Our Dress Rehersal in Hamilton went really well! - Everyone seemed to really enjoy the performance!

5. My son is keen for summer to roll around so he can get back to the skate park and improve his scooter tricks!

6. My Daughter will be going with hubby to the information evening tomorrow at the local High School that she will be attending next year.

7. If  you like organisation - check out this blog.

8. These labels are so cute for slipping into the kids lunch boxes.

9. There are a lot of blogs out there posting instructions to help beautify your blog - check out this one!

10. WOO HOO No more saturday morning soccer games for 6 months!!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Countdown is On...................

The last week before champs has finally arrived!

This Saturday is the big day and I am excited.  All the ladies from my class are going to met up on Wednesday and get spray tanned.

That will be fun  interesting as I have never been spray tanned before and this is someone spraying us - not in a booth!

I will try and remember to take some before and after shots (of my legs) for you!

Today has been good - great food choices and as it is my -4 day low in points so far so that is a good thing!

I am still feeling a bit tired from the weekend but I think another early night tonight and I should be good, altho another late night on Tuesday - (I must remember it is nearly over)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekend Recap

Well the weekend has zoomed past so fast!

Where to begin????

Weigh in saw a gain of .400!!!!

Not too bad in the scheme of things especially since the excercise part has been terrible due to hurt ankles and wet weather! - I am hoping to get back into it again next week but the weather forecast predicts rain Monday and Tuesday, so will see how it goes.

We had the last of the kids soccer games on Saturday as well and then my son went off to a birthday party and my daughter and I drove to the middle of nowhere for her end of soccer get together and could only stay for 1 hour as I had to be leaving Auckland for Hamilton at 2pm.

We had a dress rehersal planned for 4pm!

It went well and dance champs is now under a week away!!!!

Our outfits are so-so not the best for this curvaceous body but who cares!

There was a dance party in Hamilton last night as well so we stayed down there and had dinner at Lone Star - you will be proud I had a salad!

THe evening saw the whole team put on a full dress rehersal/performance with a fun intro - as out team name is "Men in Black" we all walked in to the start of that and then began our performance.

Overall it wasn't to bad and we are all doing the best that we can which is all that we ask of each other!

We then drove back to Auckland and I got to bed at 1.30am! - Very late for this Dancing Queen.

I managed to have a nice sleep in till 8.30am this morning and have been on the good since - with tiding the house, grocery shopping and son entertaining at the local skate park!

Time now to do some computer work and head off to our last Sunday practise!

Then early to bed for me I think!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Home Today.....................

I am at home today with my youngest who was very sick last night and of course only needed his mother to make him feel better!
The thing is I am exhausted today!

He is settled on the couch dozing on and off and I wish it was me!

The one thing I have realised today, is that it is so easy to go off the rails when I feel like this - tired, weary, but with lots to do which makes me feel overwhelmed which leads to eating!!

Now is the time that I need to dig deep and find the strength to resist all the crap food, eat well and drink my water!

Today while I was out at the doctors with him I decided that I would have subway for lunch - YUM!
I was standing in the line and thought why not get a foot long! - You know just stuff the tummy up and sit all afternoon processing it!

YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! - where did that thought come from!!!!!!!!!!

And I will let you know I did resist it and got the normal six inch!
I feel so good about this non scale victory!

Now to sit down work out what I need to do and what I can do and complete them!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Weary Week Continues..................

Yes I am weary as I was last week - the problem being the late Tuesday night - Once dance champs is over I will be home earlier so will get more sleep!

I am starting to think of the dance moves a lot more now while doing other things and I also find myself doing the moves as well while waiting for dinner to cook or waiting for someone at work - weird but apparently very good according to my dance teachers!

9 Days to go!

Hey! Did YOU realise that yesterday was 4 months to go to Christmas Day!!!!

EEK - I better get onto my organising!!!! (LOL)

Food choices last night were great and a sneak peek this morning showed a downwards movement - not sure what the end result will be but another couple of low point days should help right some wrongs!

I didn't walk today due to my weariness and I am also needed by the kids at there soccer training straight after work so the car option gets me to them earlier!

Oh roll on Saturday - it is the last game of the season! and then we get some Saturday's back!

Altho this weekend is another busy one for me!

Ah the life of a Mum! - wouldn't trade it for the world!
Well maybe a small temporary trade for a couple of quiet hours doing my thing! or sleeping!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

10 Days to Champs.....................

Well dance class last night was good altho I tweaked my ankle in the class so I stopped and rested it ready for the comp practise half an hour later!

Practise is going great - we now have our outfit - will post some photos after comps so you can see it - not the best but hey everyone will be wearing the same so all good!

Food choices yesterday were stellar up to dance class when I decided to have a cuppa and a couple of chocolate biscuits!

This morning I had physio and she has "worked her magic" this morning - finding new spots of pain! - I have to go back next week again! ARGH! so close to finishing but so far!

It is achy now but at least I can rest it up!

Not sure about walking tomorrow as I might have a commitment straight after work to go to so will see how it looks tonight! but I did enjoy being back walking yesterday altho my ankle was a bit achy by the time I got home - I think it had had enough!

Off to get my sushi!

Monday, August 23, 2010

10 on Tuesday...............

1. There are now 11 Days to the Dance Champs

2. I made these the other weekend for my bestie

3. I am half way thru making these for me and another set just because I can!

4. My son has permanently stained knees from playing soccer all the time! - I must take a photo and scrapbook about them!

5. My daughters soccer team have finished first in the 13th Grade this year! Well Done to all of them

6. I am hoping to get back into regular walking this week - weather permitting

7. We have a dress rehersal this Saturday in Hamilton for the dance champs!

8. My BFF and I are interested in going to the Rocky Horror Picture Show that is coming to Auckland soon!

9.My Op- Shop Shopping scored me two trousers and one top for a total of $20.00 - To get the trousers altered will cost me $15.00 each!

10. I have begun making up the magnetic buttons for the magnetic boards that I am making for Christmas presents to 8 children!

12 Days to Champs...................

The competition is getting closer!!!

Can't wait!

Today was a better day altho I did not get to walk to work - the weather was terrible at 6.45 when I leave to go to the train so I decided to drive which I am so glad I did as at 7.45 when I am still walking to work the sky went very very dark and the clouds opened up!

I would have been saturated!

Food choices today were great!

Low in points just that way i need it!

I am playing around with the points for the remainder of the week to try and get a loss on the scales after my terrible weekend.
Today is -4
Tues Normal
Wed -4
Thrusday -1
Friday -4
Weigh in Day!

Lets hope tomorrow is all good to walk!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 14/112 ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The last 24 hours have seen me eating so badly!!!!

And I do not know why!!

It started with a Mighty Angus for lunch yesterday with fries!
Then some chocolate
Then Pizza for dinner with some fries!

Breakfast began great with an egg on toast - then turned with eating the left over icing and some biscuits!!!


So I pledge here to you all that I am turning this mess aroung starting now!

Water Water Water
Some excercise
A nice salad for dinner!

Ps My countdown went a bit funny so the titles don't match from yesterday to today!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 12/115 Weekly Weigh In

Well this mornings weigh in saw me stay the same!


Last night dinner out was at a turkish restaurant and was very nice but I ate too much pita bread(Bread is a down fall of mine!).
I also had a good chat to my friend who is going to have lap band surgery and she is very excited but what I can't get over is that I have weight heavier than her and her sister who has also had it done.

Oh well!

So I am happy with the result this morning.

But I need to pull finger if I want to hit my target this month!

I will be back walking all next week (weather permitting!) and will be very very good with my points!

I am hoping to head off to the secod hand shop this morning to get a few garments but am not sure yet as there is still soccer for my daughter!

Oh well!

Sending cyber hugs and thoughts to Deb(deminishing Deb on the side bar) at this time with regards to her dad!

She is wonderful and offers me lots of great support and advise thru her lovely comments.

Thanks Deb!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 13/114 Finally Friday.........

Well I made it to Friday!!!!

Yesterday my boss gave me a top that she had only worn once and felt its not her.

So I took it home tried it on and loved it! and it fits!!!

So guess what I am wearing once it dries tomorrow!

It is from Suzanne Grae (i think thats the label) and it felt so nice and lightweight on!

She did also say that she is going to be going thru her clothes and might have a few more items so score!!!

Speaking of clothes - i so need new trousers!!! - I have been tripping on my jeans today as they are too big and fall down onto my hips, making the legs to long and then I trip on them!

I think I will try and get to the Salvation Army second hand shop up town and try and find some more - and then new clothes and not alot spent!

Wish me luck!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 14/113 Weary and Tired

The end of the week is rolling around fast but not fast enough for me!

I am tired and weary tonight and that has lead to some bad nibbling!

I am off to bed!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 15/112 Mid Week At Last!

This morning started with another physio appointment and I was hoping that it was the last but no it is not!

She is happy with its progress but wants the joint to have better movement so I am needing to go back and visit again in a weeks time.

I must remember to do all my excercises so that it is getting stronger!

Work wise - busy busy day! - Lots of boring spreadsheets! Argh!

Food choices - awesome!

Now to complete some bookwork in the home office and off to bed!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 16/111 Ten on Tuesday

1. My Daughters Soccer Team are at the top of the table for there Division!

2. My son who is eight was asked to trial for the 9th Grade Rep team - Good Luck Little man!

3. My weight loss Journey is still going in the right direction and I am loving it!!!

4. Brown Paper Packages is another great craft blog to check out.

5. Oh to be young again - Check out Miss Shrinkle and all that she gets up to!

6. One of my happy places is to visit my local florist - they have amazing vases and arrangements - ah bliss!

7. Grease the Musical was Awesome!!! - The actor playing Danny replicated his laugh amazingly!

8. I am out to dinner on Friday night with a very good friend. She is heading down the lap band road and I am very interested to hear all about it!

9. My ankle is still going well for dance practise- now to get up to speed!

10. I really wish this rain would go away!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 17/110 Walking to Work

Yup you read right - I walked to work today (oh and home again!)

My ankle felt a bit stiff to start with but it loosened up and all went well!

Can't wait to try it out again at dance practise.

I have decided to withdraw from one of the competition I had entered on the 4th of September just incase I hurt my ankle so that I am in tip top shape for the team event!

Work was busy today but good.

Food choices have been great and one major thing I am noticing as I am dropping the weight - my pre-menstural symptoms have disappeared - no more sore boobs, not more tired days leading up to it - and a few others I won't mention have disappeared as well!

Weird but good!

Ok better carry on with my chores

Day 18/109 Weekend Recap

Saturday was still wet here in Auckland but soccer was still played!!!

I was lucky enough to stay out of the wet weather as I had arranged for my daughter to be taken to her game - over an hour away! - and my son was taken by his dad!

The kids and I then headed out to my friends house for the afternoon and evening as her and I were off to see Grease the Musical - It was fantastic!

Lots of great songs and the actors were wonderful!

Sunday was a quiet day with dance rehersals in the afternoon going well

My ankle has "turned the corner" and is so much better

Woo hoo!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 19/108 Weigh In Time!

Whoop Whoop

I am waving my hands in the air like I just don't care.................

cause I lost:

1 KG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yup you read right another kilo down

Weighing in at 103.6 - whoop whoop

How low can I go!!!!

Not long till under the 100!!!

I can taste it and it tastes good!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 21/106 & Day 20/107 Work Work Work

Well the paid job is getting in the way of my internet use!
This is not on!!

All good here in the hood!! - Just plodding along - not sure how tomorrows weigh in will go but will take what ever it gives me.

Off to see Grease the musical tomorrow night so am looking forward to that.

I am also hoping to start walking again next week - weather permitting!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 22/105 Mid Week Wonderings........

Well this morning saw me driving to work again as the ankle is still tender and I don't have a full step movement (hope that makes sense)
I have decided to take the car for the remainder of the week and then get back into it next week!

I get to spend a bit of time thinking about life and all that it entails for me and this leads me to wondering what it is I am wanting to achieve in my life and whether I will achieve it??

It then leads me onto thinking about my parents - who have both passed away and how much they are missing of my children and how proud they would be of them and accepting of them (whole nother story there with the inlaws!) for who they are!

This then makes me sad and I wonder will I see grandchildren??? will I see them grow and get to spoil them longer than my parents were able to!

I miss them so much each day - just some are harder than others!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 23/104 Ten on Tuesday.......

1. My BFF and I are off to see Grease the Musical this weekend - Can't wait

2. My daughter made it into the school cross country team - So Proud!

3. My son is aiming to win his cross country race this year which will make it three years in a row - good luck buddy.

4. My weight this morning was at another all time low! - Loving this!!!

5. I am in the middle of making up a small photo album for my sons soccer coach that will have photos of each of the boys along with a thank you note from them and random photos from the season - I am having trouble getting soccer stickers! (that I like)

6. My favourite subway sandwich at the moment is Roast Chicken on Honey Oat - what is yours??? I need to try another and am not sure what!

7. The practise run through in Hamilton for dance champs went well - and we got to see the dress that we will be wearing! - Not sure if it is good for my body type but oh well!

8. Check out these - a different gift idea - I love this one.

9. I need to learn how to use photoshop so I can do the side by side photos, writting on a photos - help please any suggestions greatly appreciated

10. Another inspiring craft blog is Lemon Tree Creations.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 24/103 The week begins again.........

Well Monday morning rolls around way to fast!
Physio this morning and she is happy with how the ankle is going so that is good!

Drove into work today and may do for the remainder of the week so I rest up the ankle - but then if it is feeling better later in the week I will try a walk. As long as this weather improves!

-4 point day today so a yummy tuna salad for lunch and hopefully a lowpoint dinner will be waiting for when I get home!

I have been creating as well and am hoping to finish off a project or two this week!

Helps keep me busy in the evenings so no snacking!

Day 25/102 Weekend Recap

Well the weather this weekend has been CRAP!!!!
Can't put it any other way -sorry!
I ended up watching three different soccer games on Saturday in the RAIN!!!
I must get good mummy points for that!

I then headed to the local amll with my friend and the kids and my daughter spent her birthday vouchers - another lot of good mummy points again I think!

Sundays weather wasn't much better and again I found my self in the rain on Sunday morning watching my son trialling for a club team!

He did well and has made it to the second round!.

I also had dance practise in Hamilton and did not get home till 7pm - TIRED!!!

So a quiet night was had and into bed early!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 26/101 Unchartered Waters

Finally made it to the computer!!!

Well weigh in this morning was a magical moment for me!

I lost .800 grams - woo hoo which took my weight to 104.6!!!

I am finally under my weight for my 40th and I do not recall seeing this number on the scales!

So bring on 99.9!!!!! - I will be under 100 so soon - I can taste it and it tastes good!.

Here is a latest photo as well with my new hair colour!

THis one is of a braclet that I purchased from Jen at www.priorfatgirl.com in America - it says:
One bite at a time
One Decision at a time

It worked out to be 15.00 USD including postage and a charity donation but I like it and thats what matters!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 27/100 An Overwhelming Feeling.............

I had my second appointment with the physio this morning and she is happyish with my ankle!
It is still quite stiff and I had pain this morning when trying to roll over in bed (I had taken the stapping off last night as requested - it hurt!!!!)
So she has strapped it again so that I can participate in dance practise on Sunday.

I am thinking about going to practise tonight but only if the kids soccer is cancelled - it has been wet here. (and yes she is ok with me going if I want to)

The scales this morning revealed a magic number to me!!!!!! - A number I have not seen in any of my weight loss journeys and I am excited - now to be extra good today and I will be very happy at weigh in tomorrow!

Work is ok - but I am not feeling 100% happy there at the moment!
I am not sure what it is or why I feel this way - I just do!

I am trying to work it all out and decide if it is me or them or a combination of both. - but I need to keep "paranoid Lisa" under wraps - she just complicates things way too much!

A very dear friend is also causing me concern with a few comments she is dropping about different things and this does not help my state of mind! I need to bring it up with her as I do value her friendship and need to clear the air in regards to these comments!

Oh the situations I get myself in!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 28/99 Healing well.........

My ankle is feeling so much better with the strapping - I am back at the physio tomorrow - but have to get the stapping off tonight!!!! or else she will "rip" it off for me tomorrow!

Jumped on the scales this morning to see how things are progressing and I liked the look of the numbers!

Fingers crossed I can retain the loss and I will be very happy on Saturday morning.

Yummy salad for lunch today and hopefully another yummy healthy meal from hubby tonight!

Busy day so no time for chatting

Catch ya later

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 29/98 Weary Wednesday

I headed off to the physio yesterday as I have been having extra pains up my calf muscle and thought I may have done some more damage.
Luckily that is not the case but my calf muscle reacting to my "shuffle" and not liking it one bit.

The physio found a couple of "knots" in my muscle and worked them out - OUCH!!!!!!!!

I am now all strapped up and returning on Friday morning to see how it is and get the ok to go to Sunday practise.

It felt so much better this morning so I am sure it is healing a lot better now!

But I am hating not being able to excercise!!! It is affecting my well being and I am starting to feel sorry for myself and medicating with food!!!!!!!

ARGH!!!!!!! - I am not sure what the scales will say this week but I am hoping that I can reverse some of the damage between now and Saturday.

Off to get my colour touched up today and then onto the beautician for my eyes and brows - Oh a day of pampering - just what a woman needs!!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 30/97 Ten on Tuesday.............

1. My sons Soccer Tournament on Sunday went really well - the boys did a great job and he managed to score two goals and also played goalie which he rocked at!

2. My daughter has decided that she wants to save for a laptop! - She had no source of income except birthdays and Christmas and then she has no guaranteed to get money then! It may take her a while!

3. My ankle is not much better - I am off to the physio today!

4. Check out this craft blog - she has tutorials to help you with your blog and how to utilise all the functions!

5. Another great blog is this one. Sign up for the daily emails and get you own daily dose of awesomeness

6. I am loving Tuna sushi at the moment, as you know it is my meal of choice on a Wednesday.

7. We have started extra dance training on a Friday night - I have managed to get to one (prior to hurting my ankle) and I need to get to more!

8. Woo hoo I am off to the hairdressers tomorrow to get my colour touched up!

9. I was nicely surprised with my measurements and how I am 16cm down in total!

10. Caluzzis was a hoot!!! - Those Drag queens are great and so tall - I only came up to the boob of one! - Great entertainment and a fabulous meal!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 32/95 & Day 31/96 Weekend Recap

Well the weekend flew by and was so much fun.

My sons soccer game was really great and he had a special treat of his teacher coming to visit.
We then had to tidy the house and get some shopping done before I headed off to my dance workshop which was really good!
Saturday night was blast - drank to much wine but was all good - That will be my high day I think!
Sunday saw us up early and spending the morning and early afternoon at my sons soccer tournament - I then had dance practise at 2pm and my ankles were not being co-operative - so I sat the class out.
Lucky I knew the moves we had been taught as they were in the workshop on Saturday!

I am going to rest them this week and take my car into work as I need to all right and ready for Sunday practise with the rest of the team from Hamilton!

Busy day today as it is the end of month catch up with Accounts so a short post

Will update more later