Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Well Hello There Stranger!!!!

Ha ha ha ha
I have been a bit down in the dumps last week and had a little binge fest (shall we say) and with weigh in yesterday say a gain of .900!!!!!!!!
Yup so weight now is 108.2!
But hey what is doen is done and I am in a new week - or at least a new day with the little pig out last night!
I am on annual leave this week and just catching up on my things to do around the house and my crafts - mainly my scrapbooking - am so behind on that!!!
But onto today:
No weigh in - slept in
Water 3 lites
Walk - 90 mins 7 points (to the beauticians and back - eyes and brows done)
Breakfast - morning porridge with a small banana 6 points
Lunch - Tuna salad with feta cheese - 3 points
Snacks - 1 bar 3 points and soime fresh veges for snacks.
Dinner - probably chicken chasseur with rice - but will think about that more
So off to scrapbook talk later

Monday, September 7, 2009

Weigh In Day and Weekend Recap

Saturday was lots of fun at the dance champs - I didn't do that well- my first competition and I chocked!!!! - That is I misread some leads from the males and wasn't prepared for a drop but I had fun and saw lots of awesome dancers!
You leave the champs all inspired and wanting to get better and better.
We have also decided to try another class in another part of Auckland which is on a Friday night so that will be fun!
Fathers Day on Sunday saw us spoil hubby with a snack pack of Tim Tam biscuits, honey roasted peanuts, ginger beer and some plunger coffee!!!
He loved it - simple pleasures!
The remainder of the day was very quiet.
Weigh in today was not what I expected:
Loss .100 grams - but a loss is a loss!!!
Onwards for today:
Excercise - 40 mins - 3 points
Water - 3 Litres
Breakfast - Porridge -
Lunch - Chicken salad with Feta cheese
Snacks - kiwi fruti and a banana

Friday, September 4, 2009

Finally Friday

Well last night was not good!
Dinner wasn't ready as hubby was out so I had to prepare and cook it - eek!!! So what did I do in between - SNACK!!!!
Cheese - Argh!!!!
But I will keep working on that!!!
On today:
Scales - 106.3 (1.10 down from weigh in)
Excercise - 40 mins 3 points
Water - 3 Litres
Breakfast - Toast and Egg and Banana - 4 points
Lunch - Yummy sushi - 4 points
Snacks - 1 apple and 1 WW bar - 2 points
Total so far 10 points

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happy Friday Eve

Well the week is going very fast for me. - Here we are at Thursday already!
Went to a card making class last night so thought that the no snacking in the evening would be successful! - Um that was a no!!! - she supplied a cuppa and some biscuits - some yummy apricot and chocolate chip biscuits - yum!! Oh and I decided to have one or two and then later on they call me over and I had another - those rotters!!!!
So what did I learn - I still can not resist sweets! - I can't stop at just one!!! - So the challenge for me is to either abstain or learn to have one - I think the abstaining might be the better option for me for now!
Enough said on with today:
Scales - 106.1 (1.3 down since weigh in)
Excercise - walk this am - 40 mins 3 points
Water - 3 litres
Breakfast - 1 toast, 1 egg and a banana 4 points
Lunch - salald with cheese and tuna - 4 points
Snacks - 1 apple - glass of milk 2points
Total used 10 points so far

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Well no walk this morning as it is the rest day
But I did get up at 5.30 to weigh myself and the scales smiled brightly!
Scales - 105.9 (1.5 down from weigh in)
Water - 3 litres
Breakfast - toast, egg and banana 4Points
Lunch - Tuna salad with cheese - 3.5 points
Snacks - 1 apple and cup of milk 2 points
Total used so far 9.5
Dinner - shepherds pie - not sure of the points but will work it out
Snacks after dinner - oh the biscuits at dance class will definetly take me over
There goes the excercise points!

Had my dance class last night which is going well and I have the dance champs on Saturday - which I am nervous about but it will be lots of fun
I will try and get someone to take some photos so I can post them here.
See ya

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


The walk this morning was great - we pushed ourselves a little bit harder coming up the hill and it was good.
No snacking last night -which was also good!
Busy work day ahead so:
Scales: 106.9 (.500 down from weigh in)
Excercise: - 40 minues 3 points
Water: - 3Litres
Breakfast - 1 slice of toast, egg and banana - 4 points
Lunch: - Salad with cheese and tuna - 4 points
Snacks: - Small apple .5 point, glass of milk 1.5 points
Total used so far: 10 points.
Dinner - chicken, rice and veges 6 points
After dinner snacks - 2 biscuits 3 points
Total used 19
Talk later