Friday, February 26, 2010

What a week

Well this week has been very busy for me.
We are nearly at the end of all the soccer grading for the kids and hubbys team he is coaching this year.
Both kids are doing well at grading.
And Mum (me) is doing a great job of being the Taxi service!
I have walked and swam three times this week which is a little down but I am not worried,
What I am concerned about is that I rolled my ankle last night while walking home from work.
I managed to carry on and then as I was walking down the ramps to get to the train station the train arrived and I had to run to make sure I caught it!
Which I did - but boy is it sore today - so no walk or swim this morning for me!
Scales are going down nicely - yes I am still weighing daily.
Actually as of today I am back to my starting weight of the year.
I really need to concentrate this weekend on good choices - I am off to a friends for the weekend as we are having a garage sale at her house tomorrow morning and then we are taking the children into Auckland city to attend the Chinese Festival of Lights - something I have wanted to go and see for a long time,
Then on Sunday morning the children have there final grading session followed by a canoe day at our local lake which will also have a Maori Waka demonstraion - so a nice jam packed weekend ahead!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Great Result

Well weigh in yesterday gave me a great result of a 1kg loss!!!!
I am very happy with that!
Weekend choices were ok - not great but ok - so improvement needed there.
This week I have again began the day with a swim at 5.30am and it feels great for doing it!
Altho it was defintely colder these last two days than it has been previously, but I just need to get some warmer clothes to slip into after the swim!
Just a quick update - will report more later

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The week so far

I have been going really well this week so far and am proud of myself for it - I have swam three mornings this week - one more to go.
I have walked three days this week - I won't be walking tomorrow as I have the last of my physio appointments for my back at 7.30am.
Eating has been great - not excellent but great - I did catch myself eating some cheese last night before i went out - but that was due to no dinner so kinda justified it as dinner?!?!?
Out for dinner tonight for my BFF's birthday - great choices will be made!
I am then doing a 5km charity walk on Sat morning.
It is organised by Sarah Ulmer the cyclist and she has a cycle route and walk route - it is the one I have done previously so I have a time to try and better - altho I am sitting on about 7kgs heavier that this time last year!
The weekend will be a big test for me as that can be my down fallbut I am going to try and be in the moment with my eating and make excellent choices

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day Two

Well today I got up againat 5.20am and headed to the pools for my 1/2 hour swim
It was great - I managed to do 12 swim laps and 4 walking laps - a starting point and something to gauge my progress on.
The walk to work was good as well.
Dance class tonight - YAH!!! and a nice sleep in tomorrow
I will be taking my car to work on Wednesdays to break up the week and I am tired - Its hard for this girl to have a late night and an early rise.
I am in bed at 9.30pm every week night and not that far off it on a Saturday night - sad I know.
yesterday went well - apart from a slight hic cup in the evening - hubby was delayed and hadn't got anything organised for dinner so the snacking started!!!
I was famished so I had a small snack and then proceeded to make a salad for dinner and a baked potato so that was good.
The scales this am smiled nice and brightly as well so that is good!
Anyways back to work

Monday, February 15, 2010

Back on the right track..........

Well the last two weeks have been a bit tough with a sore back and a bad mind.
And the scales confirmed it this morning -but there is some TTOTM fluid gain in there as well.
I did get up this morning at 5.20am and drive to our local pools and swim for 1/2 an hour.
i then came home, showered, ate breakfast and proceeded to walk to the train station.
And then from the train to work!!!
And will repeat tonight -less the swim!
So that excercise along with my yummy tuna salad for lunch I am on a winning path!!!
To be repeated again tomorrow!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Theres more to Lifestyle Changes.............

I realised this morning after my rant yesterday that I need to focus on other lifestyle changes than those pesky scales.
So to cheer myself up I went and read Sheryl's site and went back to old posts and found this from 2007:

Wednesday, September 12, 2007
It's not all about the scale
As I mentioned in another blog, you will not lose weight every week. Sometimes, even if you think you "should have lost weight because you did everything right", the scale will not go down. In can *gasp* even go up when you don't expect it!

There are so many reasons for this, I'll just name a few-

•The weight of the clothes you are wearing at the moment (assuming you are weighing in at WW and are not home naked!)
•Where you are in your cycle - you will likely weigh more right before or during your period, when you tend to be bloated.

•Your body may be holding onto sodium from a meal that day or the day before your weigh in. I stopped eating frozen entrees because of the high sodium content - Eating out is also going to put a lot more sodium in your system.
Because your weight at the scale can vary, you must not rely on this as the sole measure of how you are doing. Over time, the numbers will go down if you are following the plan - but in the mean time, you should focus on the following-

How do you feel? You should feel physically better within days of starting the program. You will eventually notice that you have more energy, wake up/fall asleep easier, and are probably more confident and in control of other areas of your life as a result of taking control of your diet.

Notice how your clothes fit- They will get looser and eventually be too big to wear. I noticed that approximately every 10 pounds I lost, I was down another clothing size.

Take your measurements. Keep track of your measurements. Sometimes you will see changes in inches when you are not seeing a change in pounds. That's what other people notice, and what makes your clothes loose - losing inches- so this is a bigger measure of success than pounds. Eventually the scale will move too.

Evaluate subtle ways your life has improved. Have you noticed that you aren't as winded when you walk or cllimb the stairs? Are you able to do an activity you couldn't before (even if it's something as simple as bending down to tie your shoes more easily) That's huge progress! It means you've made every day tasks easier by simply changing your diet! You are literally improving your quality of life!

Quick story for you: When I started working out last year, I lost weight every OTHER week on program. The in between weeks I was gaining or staying the same. At the time I was PERFECTLY on program. It irritated me, yes, but I knew I was following the program. I knew I was doing my activity. And I knew that eventually the scale would move. I did not let those weigh ins get to me. I did not use them as an excuse to quit or get discouraged. And after about 2 months like that, I was seeing losses more consistently. I hung in there and it paid off. The point is to just keep doing it and notice all the OTHER victories and successes.

So do not get discouraged when you do not see a loss- or if that loss is not as big as you expected. Because it's not just about those numbers on the scale.

And guess what - SHE is so right - I need to focus on non scale victories for now and break the hold the scales have over me!!!!

So for this next week I am going to focus on one habit I need to break and that is my cheese addiction,
I will still allow a small amount of cheese with my lunch but that it it!!!
No chunks of cheese for an evening snack!!!!
Wish me luck

Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Hell of a Week!!!!!!

I have been trying to blog since Monday morning - which was a holiday in Auckland.
Monday was the start of this horrible week for me!
I jumped on the scales with a song in my heart for I had walked hard and eaten quite well 85% of the week!
And what did they show me???????????????
A 1.8KG GAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I could not believe it - what was happening!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So I went back to bed (It was 6am afterall and a public holiday)
I slept a distrubed sleep and awoke again at 8am - thinking what went wrong!!!
I then remembered we had fish and chips the night before - I was good I didn't overeat and was within points but THE SALT!!!!!!!!!!!! striked again
I seem to find a large gain after a salty meal - even happens with rice crackers (mind you that is a binge of rice crckers and hummus)
So with knowing this I should have been right - right????
But no - I decided to allow it to spiral me downwards in the pit of self loathing and eating!!!!!!!!
SO this week I have over indulged in both chocolate, cheese and carbs (scones, pasta, bread!)- My deadly three!!!!!
Whoa is me!!!!!!!!
Oh and woke up on Tuesday morning with a sore back (top of right bum) and have hobbled all week long unable to bend very far or sit for to long.
But today - Saturday 6th February - (Waitangi Day in New Zealand when the Maoris and Europeans signed the treaty of Waitangi)I am clawing my way back out of this pit!
It is not serving me well - funny that- and I will consume lots and lots of water - stay away from the 3 C's and be a very good girl
I am terrified of those scales on Monday morning but the damaged has been done this week and I am the onlyoe to blame!!!!!!
So thanks for listening to my whinge and whine