Monday, December 28, 2009

Post Christmas Weigh in

Eek - is all I will say about that!!
The scales sprung to life with a 112.4kg reading
Ok - now to get down to business!!!

I am going to weigh again on Friday - New Years Day to give me my "offical" start weight for the year.
I am also planning on loosing 20kgs by 4 September 2010 which is the next Ceroc dance champs and I have entered into a team event - so want to be looking my best.

20kg based on todays weigh in will make me - 92.4 - Ideally I woul prefer to be under 90kgs by then but will be happy with 92.4.

So how am I going to do this!!!!!!!!!
Well I am toilling with the idea of trying calorie counting as I have done WW for so long that I wonder if I deliberatly cheat/not count.

I am also going to incorporate some swimming into my excercise regime in January - March - along with the morning walks.

I may get back to taking the train as that is a good way to include the walking in my day - I guess I just don't want to walk home in the heat which is putting me off - but hey harden up is what I should say to that!

I am also looking at different rewards for myself that are non-scale related which I haven't done before so that has been interesting to think of.
So I have a few more days to get the plan together and be ready for 01.01.10!

Anyone out there calorie counting??? who can give me som advise???

Talk later

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2 More Sleeps till Santa

WOW - how the time flies at the moment.
Can't belive Christmas is nearly here. - I am all set tho so that is good -
Weigh wise I am ok - sitting on 110.8 this morning which while it is not were i wanted to be I am accepting of this weight.
I am wokring on a new goal for next year - will update over the Christmas break - just working on rewards and time lines.
I am wondering about rtying counting calories for a change from WW - I know WW works and I wonder if I have been doing it for to long????
Will look into it a bit more over the break - but I am starting the new regime on 01.01.10 so I need to know what method of weight loss I am going to do!
I will also re-evaluate my excercise as well as I want to mix it up a bit and incorporate some new things and especially with Summer happening in NZ I want to do a bit of swimming as well.
Ok better get back to work
Have a Merry Christmas everyone and a safe and Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Opps - Missed a few days

Hi there out in blog land.
Well I seemed to have missed a few days worth of blogging - how time flies...........
Well I did manage to work to work for the month of November for four days each week and it was good.
I had to make sure I maintained a good pace to arrive at work on time and arrive at the train station in the evenings.
The end result:
Exactly the same weight at the end of the month as I was at the beginning of the month!!!!!!!!!!
Measurements did go down - will update those later.
I must admit I was disapointed with the scales my eating ws not anything worse that it had been - so who knows.,
I haven't caught the train yet this month - very busy month!with commitments straight after work - but I will reasses the situation in the new year.
Otherwise Merry christmas everyone