Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 18 28 Day Challenge..........

Well what a busy little life I am leading at the moment - it is hectic and todays post is quite relevant with me at the moment and I find myself snacking away!

So if you are like me and a fellow snack queen - listen up:

Annette Tells us:

I wonder if snacking came up in the last lot of questions we just did? Because for many, if you eat in between meals you may be doing this out of habit or boredom rather than hunger. Next time you go to have a snack ask yourself first "am I hungry?" or am I eating for emotional reasons.. What I did to change this debilitating habit was to recognise the feelings that I was having and changed my habits to good habits. I am a snacker, yes I admit it. I really enjoy something in between meals. I have been a snacker all my life both when I was fat and slim, the difference now as a slim person is the choices I make are much healthier. In the days when I was heavy I would just graze all day long, which for some can be a good way to live but if its lollies, chips, chocolate and cookies then it will impact your health and weight, hence why I was so overweight..

So Let’s look at why we may snack:
Do you eat because you are hungry or for pleasure?
A true sign of hunger is hunger pangs; you know there are rumbles in the tummy, which normally happens 4 to 5 hours after you have eaten. If you are the type of person who doesn't like to eat in between meals then snacking isn't a problem.
 If you do enjoy a snack like so many of us then you need to make the right choices when it comes to your eating regime. The best way to go when it comes to weight loss or maintaining a health lifestyle is to do what works best for you, whether it be eating 3 meals a day only or having smaller meals throughout the day or maybe like the majority of us who have 3 meals and 2-3 set of snacks each day.

Making sure that we have healthy options available to snack on will help us in our weight loss journey.
and remember that the worse time to overload is late at night, when you are often reading or watching television and then go to bed. Your body will then have to process the food while you sleep and that can explain why sometimes you may wake up feeling tired. Your body has had to work all night to process all the food you ate. It is also harder to go to sleep on a full stomach.

Not eating enough during the day can cause late night snack attacks, so make sure that you are not depriving yourself too much during the day that as soon as you get home and see the cupboards a full on eat attack happens and you haven't even eaten dinner yet!

Maybe a small apple on the way home will help starve off the hunger pangs untill you have time to prepare and eat dinner.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

28 Day Challenge Day 17

I have managed to review Day 17 of the STGTBT 28 Day Challenge and Annette asked us the following questions to help us become honest withourselfs about the progress we are making along this journey.
I thought they might be useful to others who are struggling a bit or just want to evaluate there progress as well.

Q1 - Do you live to eat or eat to live?

Q2 - I want you to write down everything you ate and drank yesterday. Now circle in red the food choices you made that you felt were not the best choices. See how many circles you have and take a moment to assess what would have been the better choices to make.

Q3 - What triggers do you associate with making bad food choices and overeating?

Q4 - How many hours a day do you think about food?

Q5 - What price are you paying for being overweight?

Q6 - If you could become a healthy person (if you aren’t already) how would this affect your life?

Finally make a list of the things you MUST DO to make this a reality. Write as many things as you can think of that will help you achieve this goal of becoming a healthy person.

How did you go????

My answers  have opened me up to a few things that I need to work on!

Oh and check out Prior Fat Girl over on my blog list - she has some giveaways and anyone in the world can enter - Good Luck and let me know if you win!


Sorry I have been AWOL for the last few days - between a busy work load and sick children - I have not been able to post here or visit the WW boards - ARGH!

I am hoping all will be back to normal tomorrow!

Have a great day

Friday, January 21, 2011

28 Day Challenge Day 16

Yesterday was another great day for me - good food choices and some excercise thrown in for good measure - Makes Me a happy girl!

Day 16 has us Setting the Right Goals

Setting the right goals is an important first step. And placing the focus on achieving those goals is just as important as the goal itself.

Annette gave us this valuable information:

Successful weight managers are those who select two or three goals at a time that they are willing to take on, that will meet the following criteria of useful goals:

Effective goals are 1) specific; 2) attainable; and 3) forgiving (less than perfect). Here's an example for you:

"Exercise more" is a commendable ideal, but it's not specific.

"Walk five kilometres everyday" is specific and measurable, but is it attainable if you’re just starting out?

"Walk 30 minutes every day" is more attainable, but what happens if you're held up at work one day and there's a thunderstorm during your walking time another day?

"Walk 30 minutes, five days each week" is specific, attainable, and forgiving. In short, a great goal!

And Remember to Learn from yesterday and make today the best day it can be! – There are no mistakes – just valuable lessons that pave the way to a new tomorrow

Goals are a dream with a deadline and making sure what you wish for is clear and precise - saying you want to wear smaller clothes is good but how can you reword that so it is clear and achieveable - how about
I will be trim, slim and healthy within 24months?
This is so much better as you have a clear goal to work towards and a time frame to work with.

As Annette says"Treat Goals as like a road map that ensures successful outcomes."

She continues on to advise us to:

 They get you where you want to go so start by having realistic targets – obtainable goals you can achieve, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t aim high. I say dare to dream!!! I want you to think for a moment and write down but don’t think too hard, just dare to dream, describe the perfect you, the you that is healthy, trim, fit, energised and above all happy. Okay be realistic, I Be realistic with your expectations. Think how amazing your life could be if you were in control. That you and only you were the driver in your life and were able to succeed in whatever it was you wanted to be and do. What if you knew no matter what you just couldn’t fail, would this change your life? Definitely.

So what are you waiting for, all you have to do from now on is own the new and fabulous you. Write down what it is you have to do right now – to step up and make this dream of the perfect you become a reality. And just do it!!! I want you to know that you are capable of doing this, dig deep and find whatever it is you need within you to stand tall and know that you are amazing. You are a gift from god that is perfect as you are right this minute. Yes that’s right you are perfect right now. All you need to do is love and honor yourself in all ways. Find the hero within and let the world see how incredible you are. Don’t hide behind those layers of fat for another minute. Stand strong and tall and be the best you can be and know that I believe in you.

She is a wise woman that Annette - and you know what - she is just like you and me - she struggled with her weight for so long and then decided to do something about it.
She dared to dream, to loose weight, become healthy and trim, to finally be happy within herself.

This happiness lead to amazing things happening in her life - she dreamed big, put it out to the universe and the universe answered her and she is now a very successful business woman!

Time for us to think - what are we putting out to the universe????

Thursday, January 20, 2011

28 Day Challenge - Day 15

Yesterday was a great day for me!
Great Food choices
Great Exercise choices
Felt Great all day!

Love those days and I was rewarded on my morning weigh in with a nice lighter number than yesterday!

Day 15

Today's message is all about Managing Busy Lives!

We all lead them -especially us woman who wear so many different hats through out the day - we forget what we are doing sometimes (opps that might just be me!)

So in order to fit everything into our busy lives try and incorporate a few of the following:

1. DELEGATE  - Accept that you can't do it all and seek help = there are people out there more than willing to help - just ask

2. SAY NO! - Learn to say NO - you need to do this now and then as we can't do it all and we must put ourselves first, make you a number one priority

3.DOCTOR VISITS - If you are feeling run down and blah - visit a doctor or a naturopath! Don't let a small niggle become a major problem!

4.WATER - Keep hydrated through out the day - you know its good for you on so many levels!

5.CAFFEINE AND ALCOHOL - Limit both of these and you will reap the benefits very quickly!

6.YOU TIME - Have some down time during the day to just chill and relax.  Every so often take the whole day for just you - maybe a jammy day? pampering day?

Here are some great tips from Annette regarding why we should exercise:

1. Having muscle tone is so important not only for a great shaped body but also for your metabolism. The more muscle tone you have the more the body will burn fat. Lift weights or walking up stairs (instead of catching the lift or escalators), exercise bikes or walk, step or treadmill machines are all fantastic.

2. Exercise encourages our metabolism to increase and if you have a sluggish metabolism exercise will give it a kick-start. If you want to lose weight then exercise is a great way to encourage fat burning. Once you have completed your work out your metabolism will continue to work for hours afterwards.
3. Warnings signs of poor health to watch out for are a shortness of breath, no stamina, high blood pressure and pains in the chest, so don't wait for a health scare before doing something about it.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

28 Day CHallenge Days 13 & 14

Wow - work has really pumped up and I have been a tad busy!

But I will keep posting my days  - I am enjoying the challenge and learning at lot from it so that is good!

So Day 13:

Today's  tip is about finding the right balance between energy in and energy out - remembering to put less in than you are excercsing out!

Being healthy is not just about eating right, it is also about excercising so the following are recommended to help keep you active and loose weight.
- Be physically active for at least 30 minutes most days of the week.
- Increasing the intensity or the amount of time that you are physically active can have even greater health benefits and may be needed to control body weight. About 60 minutes a day may be needed to prevent weight gain.

We all know that carrying excess weight can have consequences, not just being overweight but it can cause back and limb injuries, stress on the heart and other vital organs. Eating a high fat, high calorie diet can lead to many health problems.

A healthy body means a healthy mind.

Day 14

I really find these helpful and am reposting this list here - more for me as a permanent place to revisit and make sure I am following them when I feel I am struggling!

Annette's 20 Tips

Ok, so here are 20 Tips about eating, drinking, health and wellbeing - follow all of these tips and you will reap the benefits:

1. Take time in the supermarket and check the labels on food products. The things you should be looking for are low in sodium, sugar and saturated fat.
2. Have a high fibre diet and you will not only be healthier for it but you will feel less hungry. Have high fibre cereals such as bran flakes, all bran and other cereals that are similar. Have whole wheat bread or 9 grain and instead of juicing your fruit eat it whole.
3. Only buy lean meats and remove the skin off chicken. Only occasionally have high salt deli meats as they are also high in fat.
4. Give up full cream milk at nearly 10g of fat compared to skim milk. Have low fat dairy products such as yoghurt, cheese and you will see the difference. It all adds up, bit by bit.
5. Never miss breakfast, it kick starts your metabolism for the day. This will mean your metabolism is working to burn fat.
6. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day is important all year long. Dehydration can be mistaken for hunger so by being hydrated you may find you aren't as hungry.
7. Cut down or omit caffeine and salt. You will be healthier for it.
8. Junk food can consist of high fat, high sugar and high salt with very little fibre, best eaten occasionally and not a regular part of your healthy regime.
9. Have alcohol in moderation, too much and healthy eating can go out the window. Alcohol has no nutritional value and is high in calorie so moderation, moderation, moderation.
10. Use cooking sprays instead of adding oil or fats to the pan. No particular one is better than another so look for what is on special.
11. Use low fat mayonnaise and no oil dressings on your salads, it really makes a difference. Just like the dairy it really adds up at the end of the day.
12. Eat slowly, it takes 20 minutes for the brain to tell your stomach when it is full.
13. Don't miss lunch or you'll be setting yourself up for bingeing later in the day.
14. Don't feed your sweet tooth, the more sweet food you eat the more you will crave. Try and cut out sugar from your tea and coffee as this will help you reduce the desire for sweet things.
15. Eat the quantities of food that your body needs not what you desire, the four main reasons someone is overweight is due to overeating, making bad food choices, lack of physical activity and lack of motivation. Change these four things and your life could change for the better.
16. Take control of food, do not allow food to control you, and don’t have food in the house that you can't resist.
17. Think and act like a healthy person and you will become one. Fake it till you make it
18. Exercise at least 4-5 times a week.
19. Don't be a chronic dieter, instead come into my world and enjoy low fat food the way it should be. Be satisfied, full and not deprived, be happy, think positive and live life to the fullest every day. Be your own best friend and love and nurture yourself every day.
20. And finally remember that nothing, and I mean NOTHING, tastes as good as being slim and healthy feels, so never give up!!

Great points don't you think!

Monday, January 17, 2011

28 Day Challenge Day 11 & 12

Well the weekend went well and I had a loss of .400gms which I am happy with as I have not been excercsing like I should!

Sunday came a little unstuck at lunch with my Grandmother as I ordered what I thought was going to be a small meal and it wasn't! - and guess what! - I ate it all!!!!

Argh - it sent me on a spiral downward and I consumed way to much food altho the bulk of it was watermelon and mangos so sorta good??? - no not really!

Anyway Day 11's tips are very timely and I wish I had read them on Sunday morning instead of today!!!

Great tips from Annette below:

Eating healthily doesn't mean you have to miss out on restaurant experiences. Just keep focused on the healthier options and don't use eating out as an excuse to blow out your healthy plan. Keep in mind that many restaurants serve more food than one person needs at one meal. Take control of the amount of food that ends up on your plate by sharing a main or dessert with your dining partner. Or, request that your meal is served in entree size and order a side salad or extra vegetables. Here are some more tips:

• If you are unsure, ask for nutrition information (for example, calories, saturated fat, and sodium)
• Remember that food that is baked, grilled, roasted, stir-fried, poached or steamed will be a healthier choice than meals that are deep fried or saturated in creamy sauces.
• Request your meal to be served without gravy, sauces, butter or margarine.
• Ask for salad dressing on the side, and use only small amounts of full-fat dressings.
 If you have any left overs that are suitable to take home, refrigerate and then enjoy another meal or a snack tomorrow.

She also mentions about Fast food eating and to be weary of sizing - somethimes taking the meal home and eating it on your own plate helps work out the portion size of it, check sodium levels as these can cause havoc on the weight loss journey

DAY 12

Its all about reading labels today! – Be ware of what the product is claiming to be whether to it Lite or Fat Free – there can be hiding extras for the what they have “taken out”

Remember to keep an eye on the sugar and sodium levels in products as well !

Mid Month Monthly Goal Update

Here is an update on my monthly goals:

1. Loose 3kgs this month

.4 down as of 08.01.11

2. Continue to consume at least 2 litres of water over the weekends
Weekend one - done and dusted!
Weekend Two - done and dusted!

3. Swim 3 times this month (Part of the 43 List)
I completed an Aqua Deep class at the pools which I really enjoyed and will try and attend this class instead of swimming laps

4. Complete at least 2 crafts this month (Part of the 43 List)
- eek -better get started on this soon

5. Make at least 2 cards this month (Part of the 43 List)
Made a birthday card for my grandmother and nephew this month!

6. Have fish at least once this month (Part of the 43 List)
Completed - Yummy!

7. Complete at least 5 Scrapbook Pages
Woo hoo completed 10 pages so far - 05.01.10

8. Begin one of the longer task from the list
I believe this is qualified with the scrapbooking pages as I completed pages towards the kids albums from 2008 - unless I can sort something else out before the end of the month!

9. Reduce overdraft
This one will not get done this month as we have some unexpected bills come up :(

10. Reduce Visa debt
The same for this one - with unexpected bills we can't reduce it as much as we would like to - but it has been reduced by a bit so I will call it a small success!

Friday, January 14, 2011

28 Day Challenge Day 9 & 10

Well I have been off work that last day and a half with a sore throat so my eating had been great!
Day 9:
Today we are encouraged to put in a few positive affirmations to help us in our day to day comings and goings, a few might be something like these:

I can achieve anything I desire
I am the boss and in charge of my health
I choose to live a healthy happy life

We also learn more about metabolisms and how, as well all know, to loose weight we need to input less calories than we put out!
Simple enough but we do sometimes like to confuse ourselves with it!

Also mentioned was about exercise and it benefits in helping you feel energised which is so true!
So get out and get moving!

DAY 10

Remember to keep the focus on what you will get at the end of the weigh loss journey – not what you are missing out now!

The positives of the journey – what it will feel like once slim, how proud friends and family will be of your success, how hot you are gonna look in the new dress

Here are some wise words of wisdom as told by Annette -

To be successful at losing weight, you need to change your lifestyle and not just go on a diet, experts say. This requires cutting back on the number of calories you eat by eating smaller amounts of foods and choosing foods lower in calories. It also means being more physically active. Consider limiting portion sizes, especially of foods high in calories, such as cookies, cakes and other sweets; fried foods, like fried chicken and french fries; and fats, oils, and spreads

Choose a healthy assortment of foods. Include bright-colored (red, yellow, green, and orange) vegetables and fruits, grains (especially whole grains), low-fat or fat-free milk, and fish, lean meat, poultry, or beans. Choose foods naturally high in fibre, such as fruits, vegetables, legumes (such as beans and lentils), and whole grains. The high fibre content of many of these foods may help you to feel full with fewer calories. To be sure that a food is whole grain, check the ingredient list on the food label--the first ingredient should be whole wheat or whole grain.

And a wonderful quote from Annette is:

Todays choices determine tomorrows achievements – Keep your eye on the prize – a slim and healthy YOU

So go out there and be the best YOU - you can be!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

28 Day Challenge Day 8

STGTBT – Day 8

Yesterday was a good day - My dance class started up again for the new year and I got a nice surprise while there as well.
The owners had purchased new t-shirts for the teachers with here names on them for wearing in class and they got one done up for me! - Yes little old me! - She said I am part of the team! (I help out on the door and offer my words of wisdom when needed - or not!)

I was so stoked to receive the t-shirt and whilst it is a bit small for me now - I have a goal to work towards to get it to an acceptable fit for public viewing!  I also mentioned to another that when everyone elses will be weathered and worn - mine will be nice and fresh!

Anyways - food choices -were excellent yesterday - so pleased with myself!

So whats on the board today - Day 8
Todays topic is about Cooking

Make sure to be prepared for your meals, checking you have all the ingredients to make the meal, and even menu planning before doing the weekly grocery shopping helps make sure you are prepared to succeeed not fail!

Another good point is to make extras and freeze them ready for the night when things are a bit rushed!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

28 Day Challenge Day 6 & 7

I realised last night that while I put up the weekend post I forgot to put up yesterdays as well so I am going to recap yesterday and todays words of wisdom.

Day 6:
Portion Control was on the blackboard this morning – and we are all aware of making sure that our portions are correct with a healthy weight loss programme – both Annette and Weight Watchers tell us about this and I am sure we all know about it – so lets just double check our helpings for a day or so and make sure we aren’t eating more than we think!

Other tips I have heard of:
Eat off a smaller plate
Try not to eat in front of the TV but if you must then do not take the whole bag – place a portion into a bowl and take that!
Check the labels for servings size and then check your serving size! – Do they match!

 Day 7

Yesterday was a good day - I ate well and even went for a bike ride after work.
But I did feel a bit peckish last night and had a couple of packets of WW chips which I shouldn't have but on the plus side -at least I didn't give in to the CHEESE!!!!!!!!

So todays pearls of Wisdoms are:
DO NOT FEED EMOTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enough said – this is a hard one to overcome but patience and being aware of why I am eating and I will get there!
If  I want major changes in my diet and nutrition then I need to change my behaviours!
And remembering only to drink water if I am thirsty!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 4&5 28 Day Challenge

Since my home computer does not let me access my blog I will recap the weekend now:

STGTBT Day 4/5

Todays tips and tricks was all about remembering to eat a variety of food from all the food groups to ensure that you are getting all the nutrients that your body is going to need to help give you a healthy and happy life!

I believe I achieve this but do tend to overeat on a few but I am working on it everyday!

The weekend in general was good for me in regards to food choices and excercise

I picked up my bike from the bike doctor and was able to get in a 3km ride on Sat and 6km on Sunday - yes my butt does hurt today!

I also managed to walk approx 4kms in the weekend as well

I am loving this feeling of being in control!

The scales are moving in the right direction as well and my energy levels are rising day by day - amazing what good food and excercise can do to ya body!

Friday, January 7, 2011

28 Day Challenge Day 3

Recap of Day 2 – Yesterdays pointers are starting to be a part of my life again!

I had a bit of a bad food day at work - this was due to boredom and boredom! which lead to eating and eating!
BUT - I made up for it by going for a 4km walk when I got home and boy was it hot and humid yesterday!
I sweated like a pig!
But felt so good for accomplishing it and was rewarded with the scales showing less this morning - woo hoo!

Onto Day Three:

Curbing Food Cravings was mentioned today and what a good time to mention it as well – I am someone who has been known to give into a craving here and there!

Will power is a good one to have to help curb those cravings- don’t give in – whilst it is easier said that done sometimes – I know I need to learn to use it more to make me feel good about the choices I make and as they say nothing feels as good as thin does.

Maintaining lots of variety in my diet will also help the cravings as my body won’t feel deprived of something, along with having healthy food in the house and making sure I am having a healthy snack in between meals will also help me to not feel so hungry leading to a pig out!

Keeping busy in the evenings will also help the need to eat when bored! – This should be easy for the crafter in me!

Hunger Pains! – wow there’s a feeling I don’t think I have truly felt in a long time!, but by ensuring I keep up my water consumption, variety in my meals with veges, protein and carbs I shouldn’t feel these while changing my lifestyle of eating!

As usual there is a whole lot more mentioned in the programme but I don’t want to give it all away!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

28 Day Challenge Day 2


Changing habits was the theme of the day yesterday and it went well - I was able to use the wait and se theory and gee guess what it worked! - I had a glass of water and waited and realised I wasn't hungry!

I was very tired yesterday tho - so was feeling a bit lethargic and ended up reading for the better part of the evening.
Day 2

An overview of day to is:

Healthy Eating – I must remember to get lots of variety into my diet to ensure that I am getting the variety of nutrients that my body needs to help me in this journey – Thanks Annette for reminding me!

Being Accountable – this is just like Weight watchers tells us – TRACK TRACK TRACK

We all know that tracking what we eat is vital to help us become aware of what we are eating and if we wish to we can also document when and how we felt at the time of eating,

I personally only track what I eat at the three main meals and lump the snacks all in one but I am thinking I will start to think about how I am feeling emotionally when I am snacking. (I know, I know – this should be second nature for someone who has followed WW for years – but hey give a girl a break – when it clicks it clicks!)

Learn to Cook Healthy – another great tool to have – I am lucky that hubby is a stay at home dad who prepares all our meals – I am slowly getting him to prepare mine differently as he is a active, skinny man who can eat anything and not gain weight so doesn’t think twice when adding butter to his cooking – I will get him there!

Both STGTBT and Weight Watchers Websites have lots of yummy recipes for you to try – go check them out!

Forget the quick Fix – there is no quick fix – this needs to be a lifestyle change and the sooner I get that in my head the better!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

28 Day Challenge

STGTBT 28 Day Program along with Weight Watchers

As I mentioned the other day - I was looking thru my computer and rediscovered the 28 Day Programme that I purchased from the Symply Too Good To Be True website and never used! (click on STGTBT to go to there website)

Well guess what - I am using it this month!

I will briefly cover what information they gave us for each day and reword a bit on here - don't want to give it all away! - I have also found some old WW books as well that I will refer to.

So Lets begin with Day One of STGTBT which has us Creating New Habits:

Remembering that there is a transition time when re-establishing your new habits – time needs to be taken to make these changes stick and it will be hard but it will be worth it!

Changes I am going to make:

Reduce my evening snacking – I have mentioned this time and time again –my evening snacking is my downfall! – The cheese just calls my name and I must answer it – mustn’t I????

NO …………………… Not anymore baby!!!

So the change in habit will be to use a trick I have heard of before but never instigated – delay! – Stop and wait – have a glass of water and then wait 5-10 minutes – if I am still hungry then I will have a piece of fruit or a vegetable.

Thoughts and Ramblings:
This will lead me to realising that it is harder living an overweight life than it is to lead a healthy life – making the best choices for me and my body, whether that be thru healthy food choices or doing exercise in any form.
From these positive changes and choices I will begin to feel proud of myself for the good choice I have just made (I remember those feelings from past success)

I need to do this day after day – meal after meal – minute after minute (when times get tough!) and soon it will become a Habit for me – always choosing the healthy option when eating out and being prepared for any occasion!

This is my Year to Shine – I want to see a 7 in 2011 – that’s right by the end of 31.12.2011 I want to stand on the scales and have my weight showing me 79.9 or lower!

I created these bulges – now I will eliminate them!

So I am stepping up and making a change – whose with me!

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Welcome to 2011

What will it have in store for us all????

Well the start of my year will involve lots of crafting and relaxinf - I will chuck a walk in here and there!

Four Days of Holiday Leave - woo hoo