Friday, January 29, 2010


Yup today is a holiday for me!!!!!!!!!!
I decided last year to have today off as I am sick of sitting for hours in the traffic due to long weekend traffic!!!!!!!!!
But now that I am catching the train it shouldn't really matter but hey I still wanted today off!!!.
Today i have been and got my blood tests done - I wanted a check up on things and also to test my cholestoral as hubbys was high so we thought it best if I check mine!
Will know later in the week,
Boy is it a scorcher in Auckland today -whew!!!!!!!!
I have been out and about with a few errands today but am glad to be inside now!!!!!
Might take the kids to the pools later but then every man and his dog will be there - I wonder if I can go to the neighbours pool???? Don't like to impose too much on them!
Long weekend - well we have a 5th birthday party/dinner to go to on Saturday afternoon/evening for my cousins boys, will take lots of water and stay away from nibbles!
Sunday - I am hoping to take the kids into Auckland city and see the street buskers - should be good - might even catch the train in $20.00 for a family pass which I thought was a good price. We will tkae our lunch and snacks to keep us from buying anything.
Monday - quiet but I do have some computer work which I should do tonight/tomorrow morning which will leave Monday free!!!!!!
Oh the choices a girls got to make
Anywho better get moving and wrap these pressies for the twins
Good day and Good Choices

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Car Day!!!

Yah - I am taking my car to work today!!!!!!!!!
I am tired this morning after my dance class last night which was awesome!.
We have new owners and they are great - Naomi and Vanroe - are NZ champs for Ceroc and are the most wonderful, friendly and helpful people i have meet.
Their dancing is amazing and I sit in awe of them each week.
They are so helpful to us all who attend and I can feel my dancing improving.
I am hoping to have a one on one with Vanroe soon so he can help my dancing and then I want to have some lessons with Naomi on bringing the sexy into my dance -which I wonder how that will go!?!?!.
I guess when you are confident in yourself, then the sexy mumma in you will come out!!!!
I will get there!
I will locate some photos and post them so you can see how hot they look!!!!!
Good day and good choices

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Weekly Update

Well the weigh in yesterday was not the best - .200 lost.
But hey a loss is a loss and I will take it and run!!!!!!!!
First week down of walking and another started yesterday.
I have changed my car day to a wednesday - I find that after my dance class on a Tuesday night I am very tired on the Wednesday so will take my car in that day which will also break up the walking week!!!!
Food choices still going good but I need to as always work on my night time snacking !!
I have the solution with crafting now to implement it!!!!
Water all good - the hot weather in Auckland is helping its consumption!
So onwards and downwards
and has Sean would say
Goodbye and good choices!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Weekend Worries

Well the weekend is upon us and with that brings me worry!!!!!!!!!
I do not have the routine of work - I have the food at my finger tips and no scheduled excercise!!!
What is a girl to do????????????
So far this saturday I have:
Got up at 8am and had a banana, yoghurt, milk smoothie
Been to the shop and exchanged a t-shirt for undies
Has a piece of homemade fudge cake
Spent time in my craft room crafting or surfing the net
Watched keeping up with the Kadashians (chloes wedding)
Been to the shop for diet coke, milk and a paper - opps and a creme egg
(can you believe it is not even the end of January and they are starting to put Easter eggs out in the supermarket!!!!!!!!!)
Eaten a hunk of cheese
Back in the craft room to craft some more!!!!
BOring Boring Boring
Altho I must admit the eating has been okish (for me) up to the creme egg!!!!
But as you can see no excercise!!!!!!!!
I think I need to go out tomorrow and pound the pavement - hubby is at golf so I might bribe the kids with a walk and a treat at the end!!!!!!! promise mine will be a good treat!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

MId Week Update

Well I have made it to the mid way point of the week - whew!!!!
I have caught the train now three days in a row and I am feeling it today - altho today I also had to help in the warehouse so was on the concrete floor all day and then a nice strong headwind for the walk home did not help matters at all!!!
So lets reflect:
Excercise - all good
Water - all good up nearly back up to my 3 litres per day
Food - good choices are being made - YAH!!!
Mind - tired!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

More Seanism's

Here is another piece from Seans blog that I thought was great and I wanted to record it here for me as well

Hope you enjoy it as I do:

Forget every rule you thought was iron clad about losing weight.

Admit to yourself that you don't know it all, because someone who knows it all can't learn effectively. Have you ever heard someone say “you can't change him, he's set in his ways.” Be open to a “new,” simple approach to weight loss that really isn't new at all.

Wipe from your mind the idea that some foods are forbidden.

Do some really deep internal self-counseling to discover your “motivating thoughts.” Why do you want to lose weight and feel great? Develop that list and defend it from your old habits at all cost.

Realize that food is not the enemy, you have been your own worst enemy.

Let go of any blame for your obesity that you have ever placed on someone or something.
Admit that you are the one in charge of you. And since that is true, you're completely responsible for your habits, good and bad.

Stop being the victim. Empower yourself to rise above your circumstances instead of allowing yourself to stay chained to them in a depressing existence.

Here's a BIG one: Be 100% completely HONEST with yourself. Stop telling yourself lies. Lies come in the form of excuses and rationalizations. Be honest about them and you'll start to recognize them every time they pop out of your mouth or brain. Stop rationalizing bad choices.

Defeat excuses at every turn. Stop thinking of all the reasons why you'll never be able to do this, instead think of all the wonderful reasons to do this and never give up.

Don't “let yourself off the hook.” Don't say “I have time to do this later, I'll start next week, or next month, or after the holidays, or after we get past all of the birthdays coming up...right now, let's eat!” Maybe you don't have time. I let myself off the hook for over twenty years. If your transformation is important to you, don't let yourself off the hook.

Understand that every action has a consequence, good or bad. Shoot for the good ones.
When you're alone, that's when you have to police yourself extra. Almost every weight loss attempt in my past has ended with me binging alone. Don't let yourself down like that. Take pride in your resolve.

Make sure to remind yourself that there isn't a food you can't enjoy at one time or another. You may not have the calories for that cheesecake today, but find a way to work it in sometime soon.

Understand that it will get easier. But only if you put forth a consistent positive effort.

I'm sure there are plenty more spread throughout this journey. Go back and read from Day 1.

Remember, I'm not an expert. I'm just a guy who's been through this stuff my entire life. I was over 500 pounds for the majority of my adult life, until 232 days ago. These things I share are simply breakthrough thoughts and principles I've discovered along the way. If you're skeptical, then hide and watch what I do. Trust me, this is only the beginning of this journey for me. If you stopped reading this blog today and then come back in a few months, you will find me below 300 for the first time since age 16. The most important advice I can give anyone is: Don't make it complicated. Keep it simple! Calories in vs. Calories out. Later you can get more advanced if you want. And eat for goodness sakes. You have to provide your metabolism with fuel my friend. You have to eat and exercise

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Another Inspiring Blog

I was just reading another blog I keep up to date on - Sean - The Daily diary of a winning looser you can find him here

And this section of his last post was really inspiring I thought:
Linda, a regular reader, sent me an email with the “one day at a time” message, and it's so true. This journey isn't about 487 days of concentrated effort. I didn't start off on day 1 thinking---Ok, I need to make it this number of days and I'll be over 230 pounds lighter, no---it's just one day. One day of good choices. Not perfect choices, just good choices. Today is the only thing that matters at this moment. If I can get through this day and be proud of my choices, and then put a bunch of these days back to back with each other---then, well---my life will change. That's so important to remember on this journey. I guess that's why this time I never filled out a calendar with goal weights for the entire year. I always did it before when I tried to lose weight. But this time I wasn't and I'm not worried about any other day except my choices today. I'm not saying that writing down goals is bad, it's not. I'm just saying that I always concentrated on the entire journey---forgetting to concentrate on just one day. Instead of looking at the potential results scribbled on a calendar, I've worked on one day at a time---taking those results and the rewards along the way. Yeah...this time is so different from all the rest. That's an understatement

As he mentioned it is all about one day at a time its not about making perfect choices but good choices and this has really hit home for me today!!!
Thanks Sean


Well I am about to embark on a walk up to the local town and back - I have not worn my sneakers for at least 6 weeks - Wow that is a while.
I need to get back into the walking slowly over these two days before I start again on Monday - Have I mentioned that I am starting walking again on Monday?????
yeah sorry thought I had - I am not sure who I am preparing???? me or me????
Last night I organised my craft stuff a bit more and sorted out some time lines for completing my "projects" so that I have something to focus on in the evenings instead of EATING!!!!
I am also going to go and check what television programes I really want to watch which realistically is only about 2 or 3 and these are all at 8.30pm starts for an hour so I am in bed at my ususal 9.30pm! - Boring I know but I do have a late night on a Tuesday with dance class so thats living on the edge!!!
I find that I need to be in bed at 9.30pm if I am getting up at 5.30am the following morning which will be happening starting Feb as my walking buddy and I are going to go to the local pools in the am for a change - can't wait!
Anyways enough delaying the walk - here I go..................

Friday, January 15, 2010

Last Week Day of the Holidays

Well it is Friday and the last day of my holidays (altho there is still the weekends).
And what a scorcher of a day it is - It is making me nervous about committing to the walking to the train/work which I begin next week - oh well - suck it up is what I shall say to that!.
I am getting organised for my excursions for next week - have got my bag ready again to start taking and have packed a hat and towel as well - Wonder about the sunscreen - more for the afternoon and the 1/2 hourish I will be in the sun from 4.30pm - hmmm ........ is it still burning then????
I think deep down I am really looking forward to the walk and the down time on the train to think and empty out my brain onto paper. I am also going to get more productive in my craft room in the evenings as well - so that I am not eating after dinner and also completing crafts that I need to do!
Can't remember if I have mentioned it but I am entering a dance comp in September and would like to be at 90kg if not under by then - it will mean dedication from me and I believe it is achievable - I want to think of rewards for non scale victories as I think this will help motivate me as well.
Will update later.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Inspirational Post

I follow the blog of an awesome lady in New York City - Bitch cakes.
Her post from 10 January is awsome you should go and check it out here
This post really hit home and it is something to think about if you are finding it hard to start over again like me - also good to read if you are on a weight loss journey.
Plus I love her style - it is something I would love to dress like but do not have the confidence or the knowledge of where to go to recreate her look!!!
Go check her out she is awesome

Saturday, January 9, 2010

9 January Already

Wow the year is starting off fast for me already - I can't belive it is the 9th feels like it should be the 2nd still!
But life has been busy at home and work so I guess thats what happens when you just go with the flow!
Speaking of life - it is slowly getting there - I have so much in my mind that I want to sort out in my life but am not getting it out and into action:
Argh the list goes on!
But I will get there - I am on annual leave now until the 18th so will try and get some things sorted!
Diet - I was trying the calorie counting thing but can't figure it out yet (doh!) so will try and spend some time on that!
Excercise - is all set for the week I am back at work as mentioned I am going to start taking the train again four days a week until the end of March and reevaluate then!
I am also going to go swimming in the mornings with my neighbour for Feb and MArch as a change to our walking and then reevaluate again!
The additional "down time" on the train each day will be good to gather my thoughts and priorities!
OrganisedThis is more in my life/home situation - having everything in a home and keeping it there - I am alot better than I use to be and do not hoard as much - just a few tweeks and I think it will be good! Also I want to load up Trade me auctions for a set time limit and then if not sold - out they go!
Craft - this is an ongoing dilema for me - not enough time to do all my crafts - scrapbooking, card making, are the main two at the moment oh and getting ready for christmas (yes I know it is early but thats me)- I just need to work out an evening plan and stick to it!!!!
Work - what can you say there - I need to get more assertive with my debtors and get my ledger looking a lot cleaner!!!!It will happen!
Anyway I think that is enough ramble for now

Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 4 of the New Year

Just a quick update - the year has not started well- have felt a bit low and have eaten majorly wrong!
WIll be sitting down to sort out my shite and get ont his weight loss road!!!