Monday, December 29, 2008

Final offical weigh in for 2008

Hey there - well I have weighed in to day and it showed a gain of 1.7kg!!!
EEK, that is over two weeks - shows ya how easy it can be done!!! not that we didn't know that anyway.
But I am back in charge today - new week, new year.
Speaking of which I am going to weigh in on Wednesday morning as I would like to know the weight I am on the final morning of 2008!!!! as I am not going there again!!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

WW Signature

I have copied my weight watchers "signature" that I have had for 2008 as I am going to update my goals and rewards for 2009

1:117.8 (5kgs)DONE 28/7
2:112.8 (10kgs)DONE 01/9 Swiss Ball
3:110.6 (10%)DONE 29/9 New Outfit
4:107.8 (15kgs)DONE 10/11 New Bras
5:102.8 (20kgs)
6: 99.9 (under 100kg 22.9)
7:98.3 (20%)
GWED: 103
FabForties Goal 25/12 DONE15/12


Friday, December 26, 2008


Well I am back from my holiday and can say that is was ok!!! - I walked 3 of the 6 days we were there - the first day was 1/2 hour - gettting use to the surrounding area and the next two days i did a 5km each morning - about 50mins so was very pleased with my self. THe remainder days didn't allow for a walk being Christmas Day - leaving to come home in am and hubby and 1 child going to the wharf at 6am to fish - I know I could have gone off for a walk in the day time but do not enjoy the heat of the day and then can't be bothered come the evening.
Food wise - well as mentioned it was controlled to a point but there was also food for the kids and hubby that I can not resist so biscuits were consumed!!!
This brings me to the title of this post - WILL POWER!!!!! - I am ok if I can not see the "bad" food but once seen and tasted all resolve goes out the window!!
Why is this - I want this weight loss - but obviously not enough to think twice when eating "the wrong" food - or is it this good and bad/ naughty and nice label I put on it (Lightbulb went off while typing!!!)
I remember Joamy on the WW boards or her blog (can't remember which sorry) saying she doesn't eat anything that she doesn't know the points of!!! - To me this is a good thing but why do I not follow this as well - was it the time away from the computer to help keep me accountable???? - I had printed off a tracker for the 6 days away - and did not use it - WHY????
I shouldn't need a computer to tell me what is right and wrong to eat - I KNOW!!!!
So how to I get this WILLPOWER - can I subscribe to it???? can I catch it???? can I locate it somewhere that I have lost it????
I am not sure but I need to sort it out!!
I do want to lose this weight - I have done so well so far - I am sitting on, at last weigh in, at just under 18kgs - I mean OH MY GOD!!!! that is great and I enjoy the smaller clothes the feeling of skinniness but why oh why can I not keep the momento up???
I have eaten crap today for sure - I think I am on at least 3 lots of chocolate alone!!! - I want to weigh in now and face the music but I will wait until Monday morning as I also want to stop weighing daily!!!
Alot to think about for me over the next couple of days

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New WW Plan

Well the new plan has been launched - I am not overly phased by it but more concerned that being online I don't get a pretty green folder full of information like everyone else!!!
But thats the me wanting the bells and whistles. - I might join a meeting to get it all - maybe when there is no registration fee applicable just the meeting fee?????
Will have a think about that one.
I was reading a thread on the boards today and it was about what the person had learnt in 2008 about themselves or what resolutions they achieved (sorry blonde moment) and it made me think about mine - whilst I don't make resolutions - just lists!!! I have achieved to date a 17.8kg loss WOW I have never done this before and I must remember that I can do this - and I am doing this!!!!
I am feeling a bit blah these last couple of days and have been so close to eating the emotions but haven't!!! - I wonder why I am like this and two things come to mind - the main one being that it has hit home than my parents will never be having christmas with us again(Both passed away) and I need to grieve for what I have lost - a family gathering filled with love - BUT we are starting new traditions with our children and those need to become my new memories.
the other blah feeling is I think is that I have slowed a bit on the excercise front - am I missing those endorphins I wonder????
So when I am away for my holiday I am going to be walking for at least an hour each morning and hopefully again in the evening and ensure that I start to Feel Good again.
Bring on 2009
PS - I have decided that I will not be taking the scales with me on holiday - I need to reduce my weight daily weighing and this will be the start.

Monday, December 15, 2008

I LOST!!!!!

HI there well as it says above I LOST........ 1.3kg!!!! Yay for me - I am so glad about that - the bloated feeling is gone and last weeks gain was TTOTM related so am feeling great.
WE are off on holiday on saturday and I am having discussions with myself whether to take the bathroom scales - how sad is that!!!
I will admit to weighing daily. It helps keep me focused whether doing well so encourages me to continue or if showing a gain it encourages me to pullmy head in and behave!!!
But then I know I will be excercising every day - we are taking our food so I won't be able to eat crap!!!
Will decide on Saturday.

Friday, December 12, 2008

HI There

Well I seem to be easing up a bit and have somehow thought that it is ok to eat whateva!!!! - Whilst not overly bad - my dinner was a bit suspect - Kebab - not sure of points but after the subway for lunch which is 8.5 points - eek!!! (Roast Chicken on honey oat! with cheese)there wasn't a large amount of points left - my big downfall is not having a planned meal - hubby and kids are out so they are having dinner elsewhere - I have been potting around - in and out of the kitchen trying to "entertain" myself and ended up having 2 slices of cheese - WHATS UP WITH THAT?!?!?!?!
I did pop into the supermarket on the way home and got some rice crackers and hummus for snacks tomorrow night at a small gathering I am attending so that is a good thing.
I am also having a smoothie for brekkie in the morning with some LSA (Linseed, Sesame, Almond finely ground up) in it to help the bowels - so if still no good after that a laxative it is - I want to get rid of this bloated feeling - not had it before and don't like it!!!
Thanks for the suggestions.
Ok better go and do something constructive!!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Not sure what to title this so thought ME!!!!
Anyways I am still feeling yuk this week from the weekend mishap on Sunday -while the scales are showing a loss I am feeling blah myself - and think I am constipated!!! - Sorry Bit to much info!!
I am onto prunes today and some kiwi fruit so I am hopoing they kick in cause if not I am off to the chemist for a mild laxative - I need the works working!!!!
Sorry to be gross but hey thats life - any suggestions greatly appreciated and will be tried!! if not to gross!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

101 in 1001 Days

Well I have just finished creating my new blog - 101 things to do in 1001 days - which was really hard to think of things I wanted to include - of course the weight loss was there.
Anyways speaking of weight loss - jumped on the scales this morning and it is registering that I am down the .900 gain so am very glad about that - now to maintain and loose some more. Thank you to those that left me comments - it is so cool to get them and from people on the boards that I like to follow makes it even better. I have been walking int he mornings still which is all good even went for one around my neighbourhood when my friend texted me in the morning to say she wasn't going to make it so feel very proud of myself for still going out and walking -even if it was drizzling very hard.

Monday, December 8, 2008

EEK - Its a gain!!!!

Yup you guessed it - I gained .900 this week!!!
I know TTOTM is approaching but I think the damage was done yesterday at the movies!! - I pigged out on popcorn leaving the movies feeling yuk, then thought, once home, lets eat lots of fruit at home that will get the bowels going!! - NOT!!!! I ended up feeling even yukkier and went to bed with a sore tummy!!!
So my fault!!! - but I know what happened and will be working very hard this week to correct it!!! - I also had the work dinner on Sat night -that went well the meal was lovely and I was good!!! That is the last of my outings so I am in control again with no "planned" outings to derail me!!!.
Oh no walk this am either - my friend wasn't feeling the best - I know I should have gone myself and done a short walk but was tired!!! - I do have my 4 km walk to do tonight after work so that will be good.
Thats enough for now
PS - Sorry about the signature post going astray -will recheck that and re post.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Free Personal signatures - cool!


Friday, December 5, 2008

Random Ramblings

Hey ho - hows it going like????
Well I have just completed all my christmas shopping!!! - I can't believe it - the 5th of December and I am done - have a few to wrap but need children in bed for that!
I spent the day with my Bestie and we completed both of our shopping lists and were very proud of ourselves!!!
What else has happened?????????....................... Oh yeah the cars! - Had to pay 570.00 for mine to get seat belts replaced (front ones) and the bushes????? - what the???? and hubbies cost 225.00 for the muffler, but they are both warranted now so all good for the holiday!!!
I have my work christmas gathering tomorrow night, so will wear my dress again along with the bridget Jones's - which is all about the clothes that I have left for outings - minimal for work as well!!! Oh the joys of weight loss - mind you I was thinking the other day that the sales will start after chrissy as the shops try and start bombarding us with winter clothes??? -so will wait till then to grab a few bargins!!!
Well thats about all the rambling I can think of.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Dance Photos!!!

Here they are - the long awaited Photos of my dance at my 40th Birthday party - they are a bit dark but therewise ok

Pre Party Drinks

The Girls - Hubby needs to learn how to Zoom in!!!

40th Birthday Party

The Birthday cake - lovely and rich chocolate cake!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Hi there - well just a quick update to say at weigh in this morning I lost 1.1kgs!!! - I couldn't believe it - and am so wrapped about it.
The party went well - I looked great and the dance routine when great - altho I have pulled a muscle in my thigh above the knee that is a bit sore!!!
I wore my Bridget Jones undies and it gave the dress a really nice line to it over my tummy so was very happy about that - will load up some photos later in the week - I want to check other peoples photos first ( :( sorry) but Ipromise I will do it.
Well the big day is nearly her - three more big sleeps and I will be turning 40!!! (4th December).
Talk soon