Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 97/31 Soccer on a Sunday

Hubby and I got up this morning and attacked the house - he did bathrooms and I did washing and vaccuming.

We then has a quick bite to eat and headed out to a soccer tournament for 10 years that we had a few kids playing in that we knew.

It was a good afternoon -lots of walking - yah! and I also had a sausage in bread! Don't have them to often now as they are loaded in points! - will need to work that off!!!

Quiet evening relaxing at home!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day 97/30 Weigh Day

Nervously I stepped upon the scales this moring - what will they tell me I wondered - I hoped for a good loss but as we ended up have fish and chips last night I was worried what the salt would do!

Result - 1.4kg LOST!!!!!

Woo hoo I am so pleased!!!

Takes my total for the month to 3kgs lost

Right on Target!

The remainder of the day was spent watching my son play soccer from 10-11am

Then home and blobbing in front of the TV watching the Living channel on SKY TV!

The evening was a dance party for ceroc - it was themed - I went as a bar wench from the western times

Will post a photo later

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 98/29 Finally Friday

At last the end of the week.

Work has been so so lately - but I think it is because I have a week off coming up and co-workers are stressing me a bit with minor hassles!
So I can not wait for next friday to roll around - I will end up with 10 days off altogether counting the weekends - exciting and lots planned!

Food wise today was good

Evening was quiet but good choices - lets hope tomorrows weigh in brings me good things

Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 99/28 Tired Today

Wow less than 100 days to go to champs – exciting –we start practicing our team routines soon – can’t wait!
I am thinking about entering DWAS (Dance with a Stranger) again and wonder about doing battle of the sexes?? (two girls dancing)

Egg and toast this morning for brekkie.
Apple and WW bar for snacks
Small helping of last night’s lasagne with a small side salad for lunch.

Works wise the day was long – I am tired – the last two nights have not been very good sleep wise. The walk home was hard altho I did make it in my normal time so not sure there.
I am thinking of alternating my walking pace with each power pole I pass – fast then normal to mix it up a little,

I am also hoping to get up a little bit earlier each morning and do some sit ups - will start next week,

Quiet night and in bed at 9.30pm!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 100/27 Sneaky Peek

Wow the middle of the week rolls around quickly.
Sneaky peak on the scales this morning shows a downwards movement of 1.1kg so fingers crossed I can hold onto that for Saturday! Or improve on it!!!

Car day today which means sushi day as well – YAH!!!

Busy at work so felt quite brain drained at the end of it!

I managed to keep myself busy before dinner tonight and then after I just mucked around in my craft room deciding what invitation to do for my daughters birthday in July.

I think I have it organised – now onto creating!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 101/26 Dancing Day

I got up this morning feeling a bit better than last night – I decided that I need to walk to work today regardless to help recover some of the damage from last nights little biscuit binge!!!!

Weather was great walking to work – no rain – long may it last!

Ham salad for lunch so all good there.

Weather heading home started to rain just as I was approaching the train station so phew!!!

The other end was ok and I was safely home minutes before a massive down pour!!

The evening was my dancing night - which I really enjoy - I believe I am getting better and I also managed to get a dance with our teacher - Vanroe who is awesome but I get so nervous dancing with him.
He did say tho that I am improving alot and I just need to work on my ladies play a bit more - already new that - but hey all good!
I have a private lesson in a couple of weeks so that will be good and we can go over things a bit more then!

Had my usual yummy Roast Chicken sub on honey oat - altho I point it out at 8.5 points which is a lot for one meal???? - oh well I enjoy it and always make sure I have enough points for it so all good.

Wow nearly under the 100 for days to go to champs - can't wait!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dasy 102/25 Raining Again

Storm warnings were issued for parts of NZ today including Auckland so I decided it was best to take my car in rather than risking the weather on my walk.

Chinese Chicken and Corn Soup was on the menu for lunch today - YUM

The evening I decided to declutter one of our kitchen cupboards - I have been reading a bit about decluttering around the home and thought I would also - starting in the kitchen I think is the best place.
I will then place items not used in a long time or no longer required into three different piles - selling on Trade Me (like Ebay), throwing out and donating to the second hand stores.

It can be quite liberating - I have done a mini version before but have decided to go large this time!

I got changed into some comfortable clothes and took a few moments to look at my legs, thighs to be exact and I was sad!

They are definetly smaller but the looser skin is really showing and they are all lumpy and bumpy.
I turned around to view the back - YUK!!! - the fat around my kness is horrible - I will never be able to wear anything above the knee cap again!

I felt very depressed after that and wondered why am I doing this if I am going to look like that!!!!!

So guess what I did next?..................

YUP ate my emotions!!!!!!!!!

Please any ideas to help ease the lumpy bumpy apperance or skin tightening creams????

Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 103/24 Slothy Sunday

Well today was a very lazy day filled with Carbs!!!

The morning was spent visiting Spotlight and spending money on the kids instead of me!
We then watched my friends soccer game - of which she got player of the day - WOO HOO
Then we went home to have home made toasted sandwiches of which I had three!!!
I then lazed around for the afternoon on the computer or watching TV.

I then had two small bread rolls for dinner!


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 104/23 Weekend At Last

Thought I would do a running post today alto it is middle of the afternoon now so how about a recap on the day so far?

This morning weigh in................

A disappointing 1kg GAIN!!!!!!!!

Now I know it is because of TTOTM arriving late last night and I need to remind myself of this so onwards we go.

My son ended up having a friendly today for soccer as the normal scheduled games had been cancelled due to the wet weather.
I arose late and then rushed around and only grabbed a bread roll for lunch - big mistake.
I had water up to getting home at 11.30 when we made our own subway rolls (ham, cheese, carrots, tomato and mayo) YUM

The afternoon was spent busy with washing,and creating.

A quiet evening followed with a nice warm fire and watching TV

Day 105/22 Wet Wet Wet

Friday 21st May

Yup its still wet today.

I decided to still catch the train this morning and the rain walking to the train was ok- a little heacy but ok - once I reached the station to get off to go to work it was alot lighter.

Thru out the day it alternated between heavy and light rainfall - all the while i am waiting to see what it will be like for the walk home at 4.30pm...................

Boiled egg and tuna salad where on the menu today.

I was trying to keep my points low as I was caching up with friends later in the evening at Lone Star.

The weather improved dramatically by hometime so a nice walk back.
Dinner was awesome - I had fish and salad.
I also met up with an old school friend who is working there as the manager which was so cool - we are going to catch up soon.

Overall I good day but not lookign forward to tomorrow weigh in with TTOTM bloat happening - oh well will take what it says and remember it is fluid!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 106/21 I DID IT

Yup you read right I DID IT – no night time snacking that is!

I was very proud of myself for this little achievement, - now I know I can do it, I just need to repeat it!!!

I had a different breakfast this morning – 1 boiled egg with a slice of toast – lets see how I go with this type of breakfast!

It was foggy this morning on the way to work – winters slowly settling in here in NZ.
The air was cool and crisp.

The day progressed smoothly workwise and the weather slowly detoriated – by the time I was needing to walk home – the rain had arrived – slow but steady – so I had a wet walk home!

I arrived home to hubby and half the dinner ready – I needed to complete the rest – which I did with a few nibbles – ARGH – will I ever learn!

The remainder was spent alone and I crafted while watching tv by the fire!

What will tomorrow bring?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 107/20 Mid Week Sneak Weigh

This mornings sneak peek saw me stay the same – which I am very happy with as I am due any day now!

It was also a co-workers birthday today – and as normal we had a Boston Mud cake from the cheesecake shop for morning tea!

I had a slither of a piece and it was yummy.

Lunch was yummy sushi – I am feeling quite full from the sushi now (shrinking tummy I hope) so will change it around a bit and reduce what I get – yah smaller meals is a good sign things are heading in the right direction
Plus it will mean more money stays in my wallet!

Quiet afternoon at work and feeling full and sleepy so definitely will be reducing the lunch time sushi!

The evening was spent in my craft room creating – ah bliss!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 108/19 Late Dinner Disaster - Nearly

Well with all my resolve yesterday to do well I go and blow it a little when I got home last night as hubby had mis-timed dinner and we would be eating about an hour later,

EEK – I then proceeded to have a little snack (1 point of peanuts) and then another little snack (6 rice crackers – 1 point approx) and then I decided to make my lunch for the next day and had a small slice of cheese (again about 1 point worth).
I quickly realised what I was doing and marched out of the kitchen /lounge and plodded around in my room.

Dinner finally arrived and I spent the remainder of the night – blobbing in front of the telly.

This mornings walk was good – my new phones radio is awesome .

A normal working day was had with a yummy salad with left over meat from last nights roast!
Work wise it was a bit slower so I created my list of things to do in June when I have a week off work (YAH)
As the geek in me is a list maker – I proceeded to break down the week and list what I would do each day.
This lead me into creating further list for different things in my life like:
Weight loss
Trade me Auctions (like ebay)
Craft Related
Finance Related
Christmas Related
And general – is didn’t go in any other list!

Yes you read right – there is a Christmas related one – I am thinking about Christmas already – But I will save that for another day.

Anyone else is a list maker????

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 109/18 Back into the Routine of the Working Week!

My backpack this morning was weighted down a lot more than normal – the kids soccer club are selling chocolates so I have brought them in to sell to the guys in the warehouse – gets them out of the house!

So far so good – I have not eaten any at work and had 1 or 2 pieces when hubby opened them at home.

I really want a good result again this week and I am going to get it thru exercising and great food choices – I worry though that with TTOTM approaching it is going to derail me if I have a gain – so I need to remind myself of this!!!!

But I will be strong – that is it really, me being strong, not giving into urges - I DO have will power – I am in control!!!.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Days 111&110/16&17

Yup you read right below a fantastic loss of 1.6KG

Couldn't believe myself - I was so happy that my hard work paid off!!!

Now onto the weekend - Sat started with us leaving the house at 8am to go to soccer with my son - I went prepared - water and a small diet coke for later along with a WW bar and two small apples.

We got saturated at his soccer but that was ok - I then headed off to spend 6 hours scrapbooking.
I had the water and coke and made good choices at lunch altho I had one bread roll to many (3 in total) - we then had some scones for afternoon tea - so far so good.
Then when I got to my friends house we decided to have half a bottle of bubbles each and corn thins with hummus- that is the packet of corn thins and the container of hummus between us!

Sunday again we were up and out early - bad mistake = had to stop at the backery to get some brunch - I did get a ham bap (good choice) but also got an apple slice!
I felt way to full after those!!!
We watched a soccer game of my friends (I sat down the whole time) - we then came home and I have sat down since - oh I did go and get the fruit and veges for the week.

So to recap fluids from sat morning to now:
1 750 ml bottle of water
1 x 600 ml coke
1 cup of a soft drink
1/2 bottle of wine
1.5 litre of coke
1 cup of tea
1 x 600 mls coke
1 x 420ml coke!

Houston we have a problem!....................

Too much diet coke and definetly not enough water!!!!!!!!!!!
WHY did I do this!!!!?????
Plan for the remainder of the day - WATER WATER WATER oh and MOVEMENT!!!!!

So another week of hard work is ahead if I want another good loss next Saturday! - I am also heading into TTOTM which can be a gain week!!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Weigh in Day

Just want to record the weigh in before the weekend starts


Yup lost 1.6

Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 112/15 Happy 3 Year Work Anniversary

Yup I have been in my current job for 3 years now – WOW that’s nearly a record I think – will look at my CV and see.

Was tired this morning as my son woke up at about 2pm with growing pains so had to spend some time helping him settle back down!

Train/walk to work this morning and I was tired – so tired that the skinny arse (SA) lady passed me early and with leggings on – boy are her legs thin!!!!

I have been busy playing with my new phone today in my breaks – its so cool LOVE IT!!!!

Have a busy weekend planned so will do a recap on Sunday for both days over the weekend

Day 113/14 Plain old Thursday

Not much happening in my little life today

Walked/trained to work this morning – yah!
Nice and sunny

Yummy tuna salad for lunch
Homemade hamburgers for dinner – Yum.

Got a new Mobile phone tonight but wasn’t allowed to play with it till it was charged fully which is in the morning!

Quiet night vegging in front of the telly.

Just the normal boring old suburban life!!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 114/13 Rain Rain Go Away

Yup it’s raining today –lucky it’s my car day!!!

Sneaked a weigh in this am and it is down to 113.4 not bad as I am starting the lead up to TTOTM gain – which derails me!!! – So need to work on that!

I had 2 weetbix for breakfast this morning for a change and might start shaking up my breakfast - alternating with weetbix, smoothie, and eggs with toast, to see if that helps with the weight loss.

I also need to find another lunch meal to alternate my salads with as well – now it is winter I might do a Chinese chicken and corn soup that I like with a couple of slices of toast??? – will point it out and see.

This evening I was in the craft room getting ready for the scrapbook day – I need to get card making things ready as we are going to do that in the evening (staying at my friends after the scrapbooking day!)

And it was good geting ready - one less stress and I only had one biscuit with my cup of tea and ended up going to bed at 9pm - nothing decent to watch on telly!

Lets hope it is fine tomorrow so I can walk to work!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day 115/12 Answering the Why Question

I think it annoys me because of the breakdown in our friendship last year due to a few nasty ways she had spoken to me for no apparent reason, so I am not wanting to hear about anything in her life!.

I guess her success was annoying me as I was stagnating/gaining slowly and couldn’t get back into my 2008 groove!

There was a lot of praise going her way – which she deserved – But I guess if you tell everyone you are on the journey, then they are going to praise and encourage you along the way.

Maybe I wanted that love and praise as some areas in my life are feeling unloved and lonely! – maybe I need to tell everyone what I am doing, not assume that just because I am eating well and exercising that they will recognise it as a weight loss journey cause since I was going thru those motions the weight was going upwards not downwards – so they wouldn’t know then would they?

Oh the saying – What you eat in private you wear in public is so true as while I was going thru the good motions of exercise and eating healthily in front of people – alone I consumed too much of the wrong foods!!!!

I need to ponder this breakthrough a little bit more I think………….

But there was no way I was or am using her as an incentive

I need to do this for myself and I will succeed, it is not a race with someone to get to the finish line first – we both have different lives – she is an older single mom who lives alone – I have a family and husband at home that I need to take into account with my eating and exercising options.

My incentive needs to be for me, my health and fab clothes of course!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 116/11 Incentive or Not??

I have a person who is a regular in my life - and back in July 2008 she made a comment that I couldn’t loose 10 kg in time for my 40th birthday in the December of the same year.
I proved her wrong and lost 18kgs!!!
(Then last year I managed to put on 10 of those – eek)

Then in February while a few of us were at a charity walk, she passed a comment about using her as an incentive and I was thinking – I don’t think so (bit of history there with other issues and her not so nice comments to me on other things)

Now this lady was about 20 kgs from where she would like to be and has successfully lost 10 kgs in just over 16 weeks of the 20kg, and she has gone on and on about this journey and it has pissed me off for some reason – when she starts I just want to yell – “would you shut up about it already!”

So my question to myself is WHY – Why does it bother me so?? Why is her enthusiasm annoying me in this journey?? Why has the incentive of her loosing not inspired me to get off my butt and do it to – just to shut her up????

And I have no answer to this question…………………..

Thoughts to ponder more!

Day 117/10 Monday Madness

Another normal Monday filled with mad co-workers (in a good way)

Managed to stay ahead of the skinny arse lady today again this morning – I like these little victories!

I was faltering today – the urge of the snack box was strong this afternoon,

BUT I resisted and am so proud of myself for doing so!!!

Walk home was good and the evening was spent productively in my craft room getting ready for a 6 hour scrap on Saturday.

Food choice and water consumption –excellent

I am still working on the counting calorie side so might start working out both to see how it goes.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 118/9 Mothers DAY!!!!

Happy Mothers Day!!!

I got up this morning at 7.30 and just pottered around until 9am when I headed off to my Zumba class with my darling daughter - we had fun and I always feel energised afterwards.

When I got home hubby made me chicken bacon, egg and crumpets - YUM

It was a great day spent with my family - at the Allwhites game - which they won!

We had subway for lunch as well -another YUM.

Got home on the late side as we dicided to do the grovery shopping as well before heading home.

Just had chicken and rolls for dinner. - Into bed nice and early

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Day 119/8 Weigh In Day

Well up an adam this morning - I am lucky that I do not have to rush around with children to get them to soccer - the place they stayed at for the sleep over are soccer people as well so they are taking them to the games - woo hoo - I will just met them there.

But enough of the chit chat - today is weigh day!!

Drum roll please.......................


Yup a lost of 1kg - WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!

So the day progress well - I took some carrots, tomatos and capsicums for snacks this morning as we wouldn't be back to lunchtime!
Kids soccer went well and my daughter got player of the day - YAH!

The remainder of the day was spend mucking around the house. I was very good food wise as well!

Dinner was nachos tho - so not sure of the allocation of them.

Quiet night with hubby!

Day 120/7 Friday at Last

Well as promised to myself I decided to time my walk this morning:

Station to top of the hill road - 4.41
Top to bottom of hill road 14.09 (9.68)
Stop at lights 14.09-15.07 (.98 sec)
Lights to Work 15.07-21.52 (6.45)

So not a bad effort again if I say so myself!

Morning began as usual altho I am feeling tired - Gettign to bed at 9.30 is the key for me.

Busy day which is good as the day goes faster.

The walk home was good and a nice surprise upon reaching the house - both kids were having a sleepover!!!

So just hubby and me - we decided to go out for dinner - and use the $20.00 voucher he had for the Pizza box which we had not been to before,

We got a beef lasagne and a small hawaiian pizza to share - both where very yummy.

Then a very quiet night in the lounge.

Foods points:
Breakfast smoothie 6.5
Lunch and snacks 3.5
Dinner unknown but I am sure it will take me to my allocation

Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 121/6 Brr!!!!!!!! Winters Here!!!!!!!!!

Well the winter is starting to settle in now – it was brisk walking to work this morning – my arms where like icicles - I still only wear my t shirt as I get to hot with the walking to wear long sleeve – so icy arms it is!!!!

The morning flew by at work with lots achieved.

Lunch today was supposed to be a Yummy Tuna salad with Cheese – BUT I went and forgot the Tuna! - DOH
Now whilst this little container of tuna is only 1 point it just makes all the difference to the salad – now I am no where near a supermarket to go and purchase another or even to get another protein substitute.
I was annoyed at this little oversight – I thought I had double checked my back pack before leaving!!
Oh well – a point to use later in the day or a point to help make up the peanuts eaten last night – time will only tell.

I decided to time my evening walk tonight to give me an idea of how I am going:

Start – Lights 6.36minutes
Lights wait – opps muck up
Bottom of the Hill Road to Top 9.85 minutes
Top to Station – 4.82

Total time 21.03 – not bad at all!

I will time tomorrow morning as well to give me a guide for the mornings as well.

Evening was quiet and all intentions of going to my craft room were there but alas I was tired and cold and vegged in front of the telly instead
I did have some peanuts but counted out 25 for 1 point!

Breakfast Smoothie 6.5
Lunch and snacks 4
Dinner 15 pts – Sausages are a bad choice!!!!!
Water intake – 3 litres

Total points for the day 25.5 – eek!!!!

Oh well will do better tomorrow!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 122/5 Run of the Mill Day

A normal non descript day for me today. – I got up at my usual 6am very tired as I got home a bit later last night from Dance Class and then took a while to fall asleep.
It is also getting colder in the evening here in NZ so it took a while to warm up as well – time for electric blankets and fires I think!

I decided to have a quick check on the scales this morning to see what was happening and a nice surprise was waiting for me:

Weigh in 113.5 down 1.1

Whew going in the right direction – now to keep it up and I will be rewarded on the scales.

I take my car in on a Wednesday so I can have yummy sushi for lunch and it did not disappoint me today – YAH!

So points for the day so far are:

Breakfast – 6.5
Lunch and snacks 6.5
Diner – Wraps = 8.00

The evening was spent being non productive – Hubby had lighted our first fire for the winter and I just enjoyed its warmth. – munching on peanuts!!!!!!!!
Argh – what was that all about????

And I am over on my allowance – another ARGH!!!!

Need to work on the night time munchies – AGAIN

At least it wasn’t cheese!!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 123/4 Day off Work - Nearly

The day began with my morning smoothie and a glimmer of hope for having the day off work.
My son had the beginnings of a bad cough/cold/flu last night and was complaining of a very sore throat – we sent him off to bed with Pamol, warm clothes and warm blankets to try and sweat it out of him!

This morning he was up before me watching the soccer on TV and feeling a bit better. The barky cough was there and when asked if he wanted to stay at home or go to school he advised that he was keen to go to school as it was sports day and he wanted to see what sports they are playing – typical boy can’t miss out on sports!!!

So I packed up my lunch into my back pack and was on my way.
I left a little early, so I could purchase my new ticket for the next ten trips. I noticed that it is starting to get a little bit darker now in the mornings – eek!
Altho the walk is not to far from home – just over 10 minutes I think once it is dark when I am leaving that I will drive my car to the train station and leave it there – it will cost $2.00 per day in a secure area so I think it is worth it rather than me freaking out each time walking to the train in the morning and home which will become dark as well!

The walk at the other end to work was a bit strained today for some reason – it is these mornings that I struggle with – questioning why am I doing all this – ARGH!!!

Didn’t help that the stick thin girl who walks down the same street as me – that I was ahead of off the train – managed to catch up, over take and then get a comfortable distance ahead of me!!!- Must admit wasn’t thinking nice things whilst viewing her arse ahead of me!!!!

The evening walk was a struggle and I was sure I was gonna miss the train – but I sucked it up and made it in time – Whew!!!

Dance class was on the books for the evening –Yah – and I ended up having subway for dinner – YUM!!!!

So points wise I came in at:
Breakfast: 6.5
Lunch and snacks: 5
Dinner 8.5 points

Exercise – 5 points without dance class included

Not a bad days effort

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 124/3 The Weekday Work Routine

Today is Monday and back to the normal workday routines!!!!

I am glad – I like the weekends for the non work aspect but it is also my worse time for going off track – another reason why I changed my weigh in day from a Monday to a Saturday! – Gives me at least 5 good work days to get back into a good routine.

The time lines of breaks is always a good thing for me, but so hard to duplicate at home for some reason!!! – This is something I need to work on!!!

The day started off well with the normal Morning smoothie and along with the yummy Tuna salad I had prepared last night I was good to go.

Snacks for the day included:
2 small/medium kiwifruit
4 small feijoa
1 small apple
1 small orange.

Along with it being the beginning of the month my day was busy!!! I have managed to drink at least 1.5mls of water along with 2 mugs of hot water – it was cold,

Walk/train this morning was nice and brisk and the walk home was threatening rain but stayed away!

A quiet night was had but I did have some peanut brownie biscuits after my dinner of rice, veges and a small helping of beef casserole.

I wonder if there was not enough protein to keep me statisfied????

So that said my points went over slightly - but I am ok with that as with the excercise I am doing it is still within my points allocations.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 125/2 Preparation is the key!!!!

Today was going to be a busy day with my sons soccer tournament beginning from 8.30 am and finishing around 3pm.

So last night I prepared a yummy salad for me along with fruit as snacks and 15 rice crackers.
I also filled up additional water bottles for me and had already purchased 1 small bottle of diet coke for me to enjoy with my lunch.

My son had sandwiches made and also some snacks including a chocolate muffin and a treat of a chocolate bar.

I did this so I would not be tempted to buy from the sausage sizzle people and waste my points for the day!

And guess what it WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I felt so proud of my self for sticking to my guns and felt awesome all afternoon.

For the evening meal I made up homemade hamburgers and we also purchases some hot chips – and yes I did have a few but not the usual amount I normally would have so another small victory I say!!!!

Breakfast smoothie 6.5points
Lunch and snacks 5 points
Dinner 9.5 points
Water – 2 Litres
Exercise – lots of incidental walking around the soccer pitches

Total points- 21 points

All in all I felt great with the choices made and also with my preparation work to ensure I had good food choices and took away all temptation!!!
GO ME!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

DD Roads to Champs Day 126/1

Well the day has begun on this journey of mine!

I had prepared my first post yesteday and only needed to fill in the gaps of weight and measurements and thought I was so clever - giving it thought and time.
BUT I left it at work - ekk!!!
Lucky I have my own printer so it is sitting there waiting for me for monday!
So from memory:

Today is the beginning of this journey to the Champs!
I am hoping that with daily blogging I can work thru my issues with weight loss and come out victorious!

So Beginning weight is; 114.6kg

The weekly weigh in day will be Saturday at 7am!
I may hop on the scales on other mornings and record what is happening but Saturdays weight is the offical weight!

Bust - across the chest with new gray bra on - 121cm
Waist - across the belly button - 119 cm
Arse - across the bigggest part!!! = 135cm

These measurements will be taken monthly - on the 1st of each month!

So since I can't remember any of my other pearls of wisdom - I will begin the day!
Now I will also work out which is the best time to post for me - either documenting the night of the day or the day after the day (hope that makes sense)

For today it will be updated later!

This morning began with:

2 weetbix
1/2 cup lite blue milk
1 tspn of sugar 4 points

Daughters soccer game on the other side of Auckland went well - I took with me a bottle of water (750mls) and 2 small apples for a snack - we should be finished at noon but I will try to get us to come home to eat. (taking others so not sure)
We then came home and had Mcdonalds for lunch, I had one of the WW approved meals of nuggets so another 6 points used

Sitting on 10 out of 21 points used as at 4.30pm

The remainder of the day was spent cleaning the house so lots of incidental excercise and working up a sweat!!!
I then prepared mince on rice whihc everyone enjoyed - YAH!!!

Finishing the day using all my points perfectly!!!

Now to planning tomorrow