Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ten on Tuesday..............

1. Yay - I am back walking this week and it feels great

2. Last Week I tried one of my new dresses at dance class and it worked well -lots of room for dancing!

3. Now to get the new underwear and shoes to go with them

4. My lovely BFF brought me some fashion tape to help keep the fabric over my bra over my boobs!

5. My son won his Year cross country last week - third year in a row! - Well Done Mr Moo!

6. My Daughter had a heart to heart with her dad last week over boys and mean girls! - He was nervous!

7. My son is also perfecting his bicycle kick for soccer - he is getting better every day!

8. Tomorrow I have the day off to get my hair done and also my eyes and brows! - Ah a day of pampering!

9. Did I mention I purchased some new jeans??? - The label reads "Slim 16" - Woo Hoo a size 16 - now to get all my other clothes into a 16!

10. I have to start getting organised for Wellington -what I am taking and what I am wearing - oh the decisions!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Ready for the Weekend.........

What will the result be in the morning I wondered to myself today???

I know I will get the result that I deserve based on my effort for the last week!- but I really would like a loss!

I have not been able to excercise this week due to the stromy weather in NZ.

My eating has not been the best!

So what will be will be!

This weekend sees me taking the kids to there cousins birthday party at Chipmunks - I will make sure I take some healthy snacks for me as I know that my will power can be low at those places. - I will follow it up with some yummy subway for lunch!

The evening sees me and a few friends heading off to Finale in Auckland City for a night of entertainment.
It is another Drag Queen Show!
Love it!

I now need to decide am I drinking or not???
I guess the main question to ask myself is what do I want more- a loss next week or a hangover on Sunday!

I think I know the answer to that!

Have a great weekend - I am going to try and work out what is wrong with my posting on the home computer this weekend - fingers crossed I can get it going!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Help Please

Hellow there my lovely online friends who stop by for a quick read!

I hope your day is going well???

I need your help please - I am unable to post from my home computer???

What do I need to check???

I have made sure that the word colour is not white, but apart from that I have no idea!

I can't even add photos from home or edit older posts!

Please help me????

Thanking you in advance for any and all help given.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ten on Tuesday...........

1. My sons end of soccer get together on Saturday went really well - the boys enjoyed themselves and the coach loved the album I made for him!

2. My clothes shopping on Friday with my BFF went really well - I managed to purchased three long dresses for Wellington at Labour weekend and the one for the ball only cost me $29.00 - Gotta love the Chinese Shops!

3. Now to try out the dresses at dance class to make sure I can dance in them!

4. My daughter has just experienced her first heart break! - Poor wee thing - the boy she liked asked her arch enemy out and she was gutted! - So glad I am not 13!

5. Check out  our routine that we did in Hamilton the week before Champs - here is the link - the intro is a bit long where we all walk in but the actual routine starts at about 1.36 and I pop up at different times - the first is around the 2.00 mark- eek!

6. I am definetly going to try this treat!

7. Weigh in this week saw a loss of .200 - I need to refocus if I am going to make my next goal!

8.Our 80's themed dance party on Saturday night was great - altho I didn't end up getting decked out in 80's gear!

9. This Spring weather is bringing me down - the rain is terrible and the last couple of days have brought storm warnings to NZ

10.Oh nearly forgot - took my car in for an oil and filter change as the mechanic had a special of 69.90 - I ended up diving off after paying 386.00 - apparently I had an oil leak and leaking cylinders in the rear brakes! - ARGH!!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mid Week Sneaky Peek!

This mornings sneaky peek saw me down .600 so heading in the right direction!

Another couple of days of great food choices and lots of water, sprinkled with excercise and I should be able to report a nice loss - that is if I can sort my home computer out!

I took my car to the mechanics this morning for a oil and filter change on a special deal of $69.90 - I think walked a quick 15 minute walk to work - to receive a call about an hour later advising me of a few oil leaks and brake fluid leaking in the back wheels - now the bill is just under $400.00 - EEK!!!

And there goes my shopping money for Friday!!!!!!!

Annoyed is a nice way to put it!

So whats a girl to do - well I am going to look thru my house and see what I can sell on Trade Me and hopefully I can recover some of the $400.00.

Altho I am not sure exactly what I have left in the house to sell - might need to really look thru the closets

Oh well life goes on!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ten on Tuesday............................

1. We are doing our Dance routine again this Saturday night at our Franchise Dance Party.

2. I still do not know what I am going to where to the dance party which has an 80’s theme – Ideas please!!

3. The kids prize-giving was last weekend and my daughters Team received there medals for winning there division.

4. I have this Friday off with my BFF shopping for outfits for Wellington

5. I have finally finished the album for my sons soccer coach as a thank you for the hard work he had done this year.

6. I have started up my walking to work again this week – the body is feeling it today!

7. I am borrowing this idea as part of my Christmas d├ęcor – as long as I can find some Turquoise flowers!

8. I am currently working on the end of year Teacher Gifts for the kids teachers – I know I know – GEEK!

9. And as a result of number 7 & 8 I need to get my head around what projects I currently have on the go and finish some before I start another!

10. I must remember to update and complete my 101 things to do in 1001 days – I have neglected it! – oh Kazz has put up a list of 101 things to do – check it out there are some great things to do – I might have to re-evaluate some of mine!

Monday, September 13, 2010

WOW - Really...............

Weigh in this week saw my biggest gain yet!

1.5kg! - EEK

Two things have majorly contributed to this:

1. TTOTM started within hours of my morning weigh in!
2. The rice crackers consumed the night before - when will I learn that those little suckers retain water with me like nobodys business

So what does this mean???

Well It means I am sorting my shite out this week - lots of water, lots of healthy yummy food choices and walking to work!

Which I did today! - felt good to be back walking !

On a side note - I can't seem to post from home at the moment when I create a post only the title shows up
Any suggestions to what I have done???

Friday, September 10, 2010

What a Week!...............

This week has been unbelievably busy and tiring for me!

Oh and not the best food choices either - why is that?? - I get tired and busy and all good intentions go out the door!

I have not walked all week, I have only just begun drinking my water yesterday and again last night I ate way to much cheese!

So starting tomorrow (no I won't binge today!) I am back on track!

I WANT to be under 100kg asap!

I WANT to met my goal of loosing another 6 kgs by the end of October and I am only going to do this by following the programme!

I KNOW I can do this!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ten on Tuesday.........

1. Opps I am posting this a day later but work is urber busy lately!

2. Today is the 5th Anniversary of my fathers passing (Miss you Daddy)

3. My mother passed away 7 1/2 years ago (I miss you to Mum!)

4.My daughter is loving having her friend stay with us for 5 weeks while the girls father is in England

5. My sons latest comment to me: (Mum can you carry this? - ME - What am I  a pack horse - Son - Packhorse/Mum = same thing???) - and he is only 8! - So need to sort that out of him!!!

6.Dance champs went really well - and I have come away inspired and ready to track down a man! - to become my regular dance partner that is!

7. I reached my goal of loosing 12kgs by Champs - Yay me!! - Next weight loss goal is to loose 6 kgs by Labour weekend (22 October) which hopefully will have me weighing in at 96.2 (OMG!!!!)

8. Altho Spring has arrived in Auckland so has the spring rain - I have not been able to walk to work this week yet!

9. I am hoping to participate in this local walk for breast cancer.

10. Fathers Day on Sunday was spent..........watching soccer!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Weekend Update

Well I did try and update you all yesterday but for some reason the words below the heading were not showing???

So quickly!

Weigh in on Saturday saw a fantastic loss of 1.8kg!!!

Woo hoo!!!!

Going under 100 is so close!

Champs was also on Saturday and it was amazing watching all the great dancers and being in amongst them all I find it quite inspiring and makes me want to get a whole lot more serious about my dancing!

Long may that feeling last!

We didn't place in the teams event but thats ok - we had fun!

Will try and post some photos later - if I can get posts to work at home!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Thursday, September 2, 2010

An interesting Way to spend an Evening................

We all decided to meet at an establishment for a light dinner before tackling the motorway last night, my initial journey to the  establishment pub was eventful due to me taking a few wrong roads which lead to a traffic jam!
We managed to get out of it quickly and met up with everyone - I enjoyed a small chicken wrap from Nandos (next door to the pub) as I was not prepared to spend up to $20.00 for my meal and the only low point option was not available (Small non scale victory for me!)

We headed off and I was very surprised that the motorway was a smooth run through.

We arrived at our spray tanning place for 7pm, a brief run down of what will happen and we began.

There was 9 of us in total so we got sprayed in car lots, so we weren't all having to hangi around to the end.

My friends convinced me to go the whole hog and get me bum and boobs sprayed and I thought - what the hell - when am I ever going to have a brown bum!

So after the initial shock of standing in a paper G string in front of a lady (whilst trying to suck it in a bit!) it was ok.

I will post some before and after photos of my legs that I have taken and will try and get some others taken as well.

My overall thoughts - it was ok - we don't look like oompa loompas (Deb) and one thing I will remember for next time (Yes there will be another time) is that with my chubby knees there is a slight overhang when standing so now when I sit there are some white marks! so I need to bend a bit and get sprayed

Oh and my curvaceous body doesn't look as bad tanned!!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Spray Tan Day

Yup todays the day I get my first spray tan and can you believe I forgot my camera :(

I am so annoyed with myself - I was packing my bag with all my cotton dark clothes and forgot to put in the camera.

I am hoping some one else will bring one!

Sneak Peak this morning saw me down .700 so fingers crossed I can maintain this and loose a bit more on Saturdays weigh in!