Friday, November 30, 2012

30 Days That Fill Your Cup............

30 Days is enough days to crowd out old habits that don’t serve you and to make new truths for yourself. It will be a simple in the practice self-care, self-love, and to experience acceptance and compassion for self and others.

Fill Your Cup is a 30 day practice. Each day you will receive one loving email to your inbox. Each email will invite you to DO something for yourself as well as a practice to just BE.

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Friday, November 23, 2012


WOO HOO I did it

I have managed to declutter another 100 items from my home!!!

So that is a total of 200 items consciously from my home!

I am amazed at how much stuff I have gotten rid of and have not made that big a dent in our household items!

I am hoping with my plan to try and declutter 365 things next year I will notice a difference.

1. Wooden CD Tower given to Hospice Shop
2. WW Eating out Guide given to Hospice Shop

3. Cadoo Game given to Hospice Shop
4. Round Mirror - to Hospice Shop
5. Glass Jar to Hospice Shop
6. Old Bathroom Scales to the Hospice Shop
7. Craft paper given to Hospice Shop
8-10 Three old frames of my parents thrown
11. Old computer discs thrown
12. Old Folder thrown
13. Old Towel Thrown
14-15 2 Pairs of Jeans sold on Trade Me
16-17. 2 photo Albums given to Rochelle
18. Book sold on Trade me
19.Old tin used for gift exchange
20. CD sold on Trade me
21-25. 5 Items thrown in inorganic collection
26-28 3 Items used in gift exchange
29. Old pair of shoes thrown
30-32 Three trays donated to Garage Sale
33 An old bikes of Liams donated to Garage sale
34. Book donated to Garage Sale
35-36. Bowl and Platter donated to Garage Sale
37. Old but New Coconut drink container donated to Garage Sale
38. Set of wine glass charms donated to Garage Sale.
39-42 4 Items of clothing donated to Garage Sale
43. Crop o dile sold on trade me
44-47. Eylets sets sold with crop o dile on trade me
48. Hanger donated to garage sale
49-50. Stampin Up heat gun and embossing powder sold on Trade Me.
51-57. 7 pairs of shoes put into the inorganic collection
58. Old bag in inorganic
59. Old Frypan in the inorganic
60-80.Cleared out old clothes of Liams - thrown and placed in clothing bin.
81-88.Used 8 tins to craft up nephews and cousins kids Christmas gift.
89-90 2 Pairs of Courtneys shoes donated to clothing bin
91-92. 2 Old sheets thrown out
93. My old back pack thrown out
94. Favourite Dress Thrown out that was wearing thin :(
95. Pair of shoes thrown
96. Old sunglasses thrown as broken
97. Bag strap thrown as not required
98-100. Threw out 2 pairs of old shoes and some jeans on hubbys!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Home Made Christmas Gift................

Pinned Image
Inspired by this picture - I decided to make "Ice Cream Sundae Making Kits" for the children that I give gifts to at Christmas.

They are 3 nephews and 1 niece along with 4 boy second cousins and  2 girl second cousins (My cousins kids!)

So thats 10 children that I need to give a christmas gift too and of which I like to "make" them something special each year.  Now two of them are under 1 so they didn't keep a kit as such just part of it.

Past gifts have been:
Family Summer Fun Buckets - Just add water! (water bombs, water guns, etc)
Individual Treasure Boxes for keeping speacial things in
Canvas with name and photo on it

So I had been storing collecting hoarding these tins  below and have wanted to use them for something as I couldn't bring myself to throw them out - I mean look at them - they have to be good for something! (there are more I am ashamed to say but not many more - LOL)

Ok so now that I knew what I wanted to do with them - they needed to be covered:
Thats when little people are brought in to help with the gluing!
Liam holding onto the tin while I apply the glue

Roughed up a bit
Held together waiting for the glue to dry

I also roughed them up a bit with sandpaper to help the glue and paper adhere together.

I  had already measured the tins before gluin and cut some black paper to wrap around the tins, they are slightly longer than the paper I had so I needed to add a little bit onto the end.
Double sided tape used to add the extra.
Once that was done I "banded" them all in different colours along with co-ordinating lids and attached a front label

All banded and waiting for the front label
I also used stickers to write there name on the lids.
Looking pretty

Close up of the label. - I am still on the look out for larger ice cream themed stickers to add to the label as I think therse are too small - not worried if I don't as I am sure the kids don't care.
Now to add the ingredients - This part took a while to decided exactly what I wanted to  put in and as I had already purchased different sized little containers so I needed to be able to use them up.

Pictured is 100's & 1000's, mini M&Ms, Baking jelly beans, Chocolate Hail, and some other sprinkles
I couldn't resist there cellophane bags and filled them up with mini marshmallows!

 Now every ice Cream Sundae needs a special bowl to be enjoyed in don't they:
This size one was for my cousins children and they are in this blue, green and a pink one.

These ones are for my nephews - all blue ones
The all also got a spoon with there name engraved on them
The larger dishes got the longer dessert spoons and the smaller ones just a normal teapsoon.

I then hunted thru my other stored collected hoarded items and located gift bags to put them in individually.

Here they are already and waiting for there label - JUST ADD ICE CREAM!!!!

The two littles are getting dishes and spoons and a little something extra since they are too small for the ice cream sundae toppings. - I hope to upload a photo soon of the extra gift - just finishing them off.

Monday, November 19, 2012


Pinched from Chris's blog  (thanks Chris)
WOW Doesnt' this look Yummy
Just like Chris said
I think I am going to try to recreate this too!!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The New LIST!!!

With my birthday only a few weeks away - I have finally compiled my list of 45 Things to do before Turning 45! Lets hope I complete more than last year.

Some I have rolled over from last year that I still need to complete or want to try and complete this year.

1. Complete 52 Scrapbook pages

2. Attend at least one theatre event

3. Go to the movies at least 3 times

4. Make 2013 Christmas Cards

5. Progress to E Grade at Squash

6. Declutter 365 items -  sell, throw, give away

7. Get a hot stone massage

8. Get a Mehndi/Henna Tattoo

9. Leave a note inside a book 12 times

10. Finish the Goddess Leonie e-courses

11. Complete a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle

12. Learn to eat with chopsticks

13. Try 3 new pieces of fruit

14. Complete 29 Days of Gift Giving

15. Try 3 new vegetables

16. Complete sewing on the badges onto guide blanket

17. Visit a Naturopath

18. Celebrate our 20th Wedding Anniversary

19. Go to Erotica (August-ish)

20. Got to Girls Day out

21. Get book of me up to date

22. Get Courtney’s Album completed up to end of 2011

23. Get Liam’s Album completed up to end of 2011

24. Visit SPCA

25. Ride a Segway

26. Give away 10.00 per month

27. Put change in an expired parking meter

28. Visit a photo booth and get photos done

29. Donate Blood

30. Go to Big Gay Out day in Auckland with Angela (February 2013)

31. Use own bags at shopping at least once a month for a year

32. Get Sewing machine serviced

33. Learn how to hem my own trousers

34. Organise and action 4 family outings

35. Get Wills up to date

36. Go to four different markets

37. Loose 12 kilos

38. Organise a clothing/accessory swap.

39. Complete the Radical Self Love Course

40. Travel somewhere in NZ not soccer related

41. Complete Angela’s Cross Stitch

42. Have a facial

43. Have 2 sets of friends over for dinner

44. Attend 2 other Ceroc classes

45. Remove Overdraft

Friday, November 16, 2012

New Perfume......

Hubby just got back from four days in Fiji for a soccer tournament and surprised me with this!

How thoughtful of him.

(Another item crossed off "The List")

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Inspirational Words.....

Always room for inspiration! And clearing out folders in my computer!

Friday, November 2, 2012

I WON!!!!


OH My Gosh

I won something!!!

I entered into the draw over on Crashnotes for Noras 12 Tags of Christmas Course ...........

and I won!!!

Woo hoo - can't wait for Monday for it to start!!!

Any one else joined up????

Thursday, November 1, 2012

14 Day Kindness Challenge.......

Join the 14-Day Kindness Challenge in November now!!
Random Acts of Kindness

Check out this cool challenge! - I'm joining in - are you????