Thursday, March 29, 2012

Things I love....................

How To Have A Fabulous, Luxurious Retreat At Home -- & Produce Your Best Work Ever -- Without Spending A Dime!

Relaxing time at home to recuperate, Great Chats with my BFF, Time with family, Tuna Sushi, Booking in for Sushi Making Courses, Playing Squash, Eating well, Sunny Blue Skies, Rustling of the leaves in the wind, Snuggles with the cat, Completing tasks on the to do list.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Controlling Your Controllables - By Craig Harper

Your genetics? Not optional.
How you manage those genetics? Optional.

Your chronological age? Not optional.
Your biological age? Optional.

How you treat your body at your age? Optional.
What you did last week? Not optional (it’s done).

What you do today? Optional.
What you do tomorrow? Optional.

Other people’s behaviour? Not optional (for you).
How you let their behaviour affect you? Optional.

Crap things happening to good people? Not optional.
How you react to those things? Optional.

You dying? Not optional.
What you do between now and then? Optional.

Another great post by Mr Harper to start the week off well!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Extra Day...................

Today Liam and I were meant to be in Howick for his Cricket Rep Game!
But this lovely rainy weather put a stop to that!
It was cancelled at 7.30am this morning!
But typical Auckland weather this year - it is now sunny!

To say Liam was gutted is an understatement!
He cried! - It was so sad
He really wanted to play today and was looking forward to me being there!

So instead he gets to spend some time with his friends playing back yard cricket.
The smile is back!


I finally get some computer time to load up some Trademe Auctions!
Woo hoo
Show me the money!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Things I Love...............

In amongst all my busyness I want to remember what I am loving at the moment..............

Weekends away dancing in Wellington, Drinking Moet Champagne, Time with great friends, Being back home with my loving family, Rest days, Trashy mags, Decluttering my office, Completing work projects, Pink, Playing squash, Time with children

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Busy Busy Busy..........

Just so busy right now................


Will be back for air soon!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Things I love........................

beautiful flowers

 Polka Dots, Great Blogs, Fine China Tea Cups, High Tea, Family Time, Alanagh, OPI nail polish, productive work days, Radical Self Love, Son with a hair cut!, Cuddles from children, Loving husbands, Trips to Wellington for Dance Competitions, Shopping with daughter, Kittens, Chicken Wraps, Favourite Uncles.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Liam

My Baby has turned 10!

Here are 10 Fun Facts about Liam:

He is about 5 years old here

1. He is sporty - he loves football and cricket

He is about 4 here

2. He lost his first two teeth when he fell out of the pram before he was one!

3. He loves his teddy bears
4. He loves his mummy!
5. He is cheeky!
6. He is quick witted!

7. He mumbles!
8. He lost three grandparents before he turned 5
Click to view original file
9. He has only broken his arm. (Whew)

10. He loves to read Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Discovering Your Dance


I signed up for the daily emails form Discovering your Dance - which are proving to be lots of fun!

Here is a snippet from her blog:

Is your life in the midst of a major transition (divorce/breakup, empty nest, etc.) & you feel like you're losing yourself in the shuffle? Do you wish your joy and passion were alive again?

Welcome to the dance floor. I'm
here to help you remember those boogie moves you thought you put away and to revitalize your soul. Life coaching is about digging deep into yourself and relocating that wonder you misplaced. I will dance through this transition with you and help you to find your self again

So if you are looking to reconnect with yourself - go check them out!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Weekly Weigh In................

Last Week 109.2

This Week : 108.9

Lost: .300 - WOO HOO!!!!

Total lost Now 9.4kg!

Well - once again I was back peddling to correct a bad start to the week!

I need to be more disciplined this week as I am weighing in on Friday morning as I am off to Wellington for 3 days/2 nights at a Dance Competition.

Saturday 03.03.12 (109.2 at 7.30am)
Plus 1 - 22 Points
Breakfast - 1 egg 1.5 points
Snack - 2 tomatoes 0 points
Lunch - crackers, cheese
Dinner - Chicken and salad
Total Today:22 points
Excercise: Dancer Party - lots of dancing and sweating!

Sunday 4.03.12 (110. at 7.30am)
Minus 2 - 19 Points
Breakfast - 1 egg 1.5 points
Snack - 1 cup of fruit 2 points
Lunch - Ham roll 5 points,
Dinner OPPS!
Total Today:

Monday 5.03.12 ( 109.5 at 6am)
Minus 4 - 17 Points
Breakfast - 1 egg 1.5 points
Snack - 1Nectarine 1 point
Lunch - Tuna salad with Cheese 3 points
Snack -
Dinner -
Total today:
Excercise: Walk to and From train/work & 40 minute game of squash

Tuesday 06.03.12( 109.7 at 6.00am)
Happy Anniversary Hubby - 19 Years today
Minus 4 - 17 Points
Breakfast - 1 egg 1.5 points,
Bad eating day - bit of a binge happened - not sure why!
Recovery mode for the next three days!
Total today: Way to much!
Excercise: Walk to and from Work/Train

Wednesday 07.03.12 ( 110.2 at 6.10am)
Mius 4 - 17 Points
Breakfast: 1 egg 1.5 points
Snack - 1 Nectarine 1 point
Lunch - Sushi 6 points
Snack - 1 orange .5 point
Dinner - 2 wraps 5 points, cheese 2 points Rice 1 point
Total Today: 17 points

Thursday 08.3.12 ( 109.6 at 6am)
Minus 4 - 17 Points
Breakfast -1egg 1.5 pts
Snack - 1 nectarine 1 point & 1 hot chocolate 2 points
Lunch- Tuna Salad with Cheese 3 points
Snack - 1 orange 1 point
Dinner - Chicken Wrap 10 points
Total Today: 18.5 points
Excercise:2 x 15 minute games of Squash, walk to and from work

Friday 9.03.12 (109.3 at 6am)
Minus 4 - 17 points
Breakfast - 1 egg 1.5 points
Snack - 1 nectarine 1 point
Lunch - Tuna salad with Cheese 3 points
Snack - 1 orange 1 point
Dinner - Salad with cheese 2 points, potato 1.5, meat 4
Total Today -
Excercise: Walk to and from Work

Friday, March 9, 2012

Things I Love Thursday.........

 Dance Parties, Horoscropes, Fun dance practices, Watching son playing cricket, Red Heads!, Thunderstorms, Completing birthday invites, 19 years married, cool morning air, Clickety clack of the train on its tracks, catching up on recorded shows, relaxing evenings, Fun at dance class, chocolate, Productive work days, Free train rides, Success for son at cricket trials.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The List - 3 Month Update

I have done an updat eon my List of things to do before turning 44 at the three month mark

Not too bad I think:

10 Completed
9 More started

Lets hope there are more to add to the completed list in another three months

44 Things to do before Turning 44!

1. Lose 12 kgs this year - (9/12) Start 118kg

2. Attend 2 walking events

3. Visit a Naturopath

4. Get a manicure-
Done 03.02.12

5. Get a pedicure
Done 03.02.12

6. Have a facial

7. Purchase an expensive perfume

8. Purchase Goddess Leonie Circle Subscription ($99 USD)

9. Listen to and complete the E-courses of Goddess Leonie’s

10. Purchase Gala Darlings Radical Self Love Boot camp ($100 USD)
Purchased 02.02.12 for USD$50.00 - SO VERY HAPPY NOW!

11. Begin the Process of Radical Self Love
Began 03.02.12

12. Purchase a new CD

13. Visit the Dentist

14. Complete one week without saying anything mean about someone else each month
First month - not good! Second Month - Good! Third Month - Good!

15. Go to Caluzzi Bar with Friends

16. Go to one theatre event

17. Attend an auction house auction

18. Go to at least three different markets (Farmers or Craft)
1.Attended Clevedon Farmers Market 29.01.12 - okay-bit expensive.
2.Attended Pukekohe Farmes Market 25.02.12 - Great market lot of goodies

19. Go to the movies at least 5 times either solo or with someone

20. Attend a community/night class (belly Dancing?)

21. Try a new alcoholic cocktail

22. Get Courtney’s Album completed up to end of 2010 at least

23. Get Liam’s Album completed up to end of 2010 at least

24. Complete Heritage Album

25. Ensure all old photos are in my album

26. Have a weekend away with Angela scrapbooking
At her house with no children 7/8th January

27. Hand make 2012 Christmas cards

28. Complete Courtneys X-stitch for Angela

29. Finish Sewing on Guide Blanket
30. Attend a local concert
30.01.12 Hello Sailor At Papakura

31. Have a BBQ at our place

32. Have three different sets of friends over for dinner
1. Juliet and kids over for dinner in February

33. Travel somewhere in NZ – not soccer related!
Kapiti Dance Champs 16/17 March

34. See an outdoor movie

35. Take the kids up the sky tower ($50.00 for3, $61 for Family Pass-4)
Done 31.01.12

36. Take Nana out at least 3 times
1. High Tea with Cousins and Nana 11.03.12

37. Organise and action at least 3 family outings
1. 24.12.11 Stardome Observatory
2. 29.02.12 All Whites versus Jamaica at Mt Smart Stadium

38. Got to at least 6 other Ceroc franchise classes.
1. Pakuranga Class 9/1/12 $15.00

39. Attend at least 2 other Ceroc franchise workshops
Ladies Workshop in Lorne Street 04.02.12 $30.00
Styling Workshop in Onehunga 19.02.12 $30.00

40. Declutter 100 Items – Can be sold, thrown, given away (61/100)

41. Get our Wills up to date

42. Remove overdraft

43. Reduce spending on Visa
December  -hmmm, Janaury - success! February - not as good!

44. Increase repayments to PSIS Overdraft
DONE 04.01.12 Increased from 50 to 100 per month

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I recently discovered this great blog - Mark and Angel Hack Life

There posts are designed in List form and include some great topics like:

12 Stressful things to stop tolerating

27 Healthy habits of Happiness

50 Questions that will free your mind

60 Ways to make life simple again.

So go check them out!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


A reminder from the lovely Goddess Leonie for us all

Saturday, March 3, 2012

February Photo Challenge -Last Update

Day 28 Money
A selection of our currency!
I never have anything larger than a $20.00 in my purse!

Day 29 - Something you are listening to
This Crow Cheering on The All Whites as they played against Jamaica

Weekly Weight in

Last Week 109.3
This Week : 109.2
Lost: .100 - WOO HOO!!!!
Total lost Now  9.1kg!

Just a small loss this week - but a loss is a loss!

Lots of back peddling again - but I vow to myself to be good this week!

Food Journal
Saturday 26.02.12 (109.3 at 7am)
Plus 10 - 31 Points

Sunday 27.02.12
Minus 2 - 19 Points

Monday 2.02.12 (110.7 at 6.45am)
Minus 4 - 17 Points
Breakfast - 1 egg 1.5 points
Snack - Peach 1 point
Lunch - Tuna salad with Cheese 3 points
Snack - Nectarine .5 points, 2 small plums .5 point
Dinner - Chicken Sausages 6, Salad 0, Cheese 2, Potato 1.5
Total today: 16 points
Excercise: 40 minute game of squash

Tuesday 28.02.12( 110.1 at 6.00am)
Minus 4 - 17 Points
Breakfast - 1 egg 1.5 points,
Snack - Nectarine .5 point
Lunch - Tuna Salad with Cheese 3 points
Snack - Peach 1 point and 2 plums .5
Dinner - Roast Chicken Subway 6.5 points & 1 cookies 4 points YUM!
Total today: 17 Points! Spot on!
Excercise: Walk to and From Work and Dance Class

Wednesday 29.02.12 ( 109.7 at 6.05am)
Normal Allocation - 21 Points
Breakfast: 1 egg 1.5 points
Snack - 1 peach 1 point
Lunch - Tuna salad with Cheese 3 points
Snack - 1 Nectarine and 2 plums 1 point
Dinner - Roast Chicken Subway & Cookie 10.5 points
Total Today: 17 points
Excercise:Walk to work 20 minutes, walk to stadium and back 20 minutes

Thursday 01.3.12 ( 109.3 at 7.40am)
Minus 1 - 20 Points
Breakfast -1egg 1.5 pts
Snack - 1 peach 1 point
Lunch -Sushi 6 points
Snack - 1 nectarine and 1 plum 1 point
Dinner - Chicken Wrap with Cheese and some chips
Total Today: 20 points
Excercise: 3 x 15 minute games of Squash

Friday 2.03.12 ( 109.5 at 6.30am)
Minus 4 - 17 points
Breakfast - 1 egg 1.5 points
Snack - 1 nectarine .5 point
Lunch - Tuna salad with Cheese 3 points
Snack - 1 nectarine .5 point
Dinner - Chicken Susages 6 Rice, veges, chees
Total Today -
Excercise: None

Friday, March 2, 2012

Things I Love Thursday.............

A little bit late but hey watch ya gonna do!

Things I am loving at the moment and are putting a smile on the dial!


Ordering Cupcakes for Liams Birthday - Cricket themed, Unexpected friend requests on Facebook, Pininterest, Roast Chicken Subway, Amazing cloud formations, Warm Rain, Casual Friday at work - rocking the jeans!, Friends - they are the best, Cloudless cool mornings to walk to work, Car passing its warrent - whew!, Breast screening, Fun dance classes, Yummy salads, Cuddles with my son, Squash games, Subway Cookies, Happy children, Happy husbands, Sushi, Great test results, PAYDAY!