Thursday, July 30, 2009

Made it Back

HI there - well I finally made it back and I am not a happy camper!
I have been doing so well lately and then these last three days I have pigged out!!!
What is with that????
Cheese had been my downfall this time and I get so angry with myself - I want this - but obviously I don't want it bad enough!!!!
I have been reading some motivation tips off the Craig Harper site and have printed them out but left them at work today so will get them for the weekend and sort my shite out!!!
Thats enough for now

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I'm Back

Heyt here out in blog land - I made it back - my posts are a bit far and few between - I have been working hard (at work) and still managing to walk four mornings each week but food choices have been a slack - more in the snacking regiont hatn any where else. So what have I been up to:
I am off to Mumma Mia show on 02.10.09 with my bestie and we have a little challenge on with each other - I have to get to under 100 (about 9kgs at the start of the challenge) and she had 5kgs to loose - the reward is if you have reached your target and the other person hasn't then they have to buy you dinner that night!!! And since money is tight for both of us at the moment we don't want to be paying the other persons dinner - I have also given myself another incentive - if I achieve this goal I am "allowed" to buy a souvenir t-shirt as a reminder of a great night and the great achievment.
So the beginning of the challenge so both of us gain for two weeks but we are both back on track with planning so I am hoping for a loss this week!
I have also joined a thread on the boards for loosing 15kgs by Christmas - so that is another good challenge.
Other than that not much more to report
Will check in next week after my weigh in to see how I am going