Monday, December 28, 2009

Post Christmas Weigh in

Eek - is all I will say about that!!
The scales sprung to life with a 112.4kg reading
Ok - now to get down to business!!!

I am going to weigh again on Friday - New Years Day to give me my "offical" start weight for the year.
I am also planning on loosing 20kgs by 4 September 2010 which is the next Ceroc dance champs and I have entered into a team event - so want to be looking my best.

20kg based on todays weigh in will make me - 92.4 - Ideally I woul prefer to be under 90kgs by then but will be happy with 92.4.

So how am I going to do this!!!!!!!!!
Well I am toilling with the idea of trying calorie counting as I have done WW for so long that I wonder if I deliberatly cheat/not count.

I am also going to incorporate some swimming into my excercise regime in January - March - along with the morning walks.

I may get back to taking the train as that is a good way to include the walking in my day - I guess I just don't want to walk home in the heat which is putting me off - but hey harden up is what I should say to that!

I am also looking at different rewards for myself that are non-scale related which I haven't done before so that has been interesting to think of.
So I have a few more days to get the plan together and be ready for 01.01.10!

Anyone out there calorie counting??? who can give me som advise???

Talk later

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2 More Sleeps till Santa

WOW - how the time flies at the moment.
Can't belive Christmas is nearly here. - I am all set tho so that is good -
Weigh wise I am ok - sitting on 110.8 this morning which while it is not were i wanted to be I am accepting of this weight.
I am wokring on a new goal for next year - will update over the Christmas break - just working on rewards and time lines.
I am wondering about rtying counting calories for a change from WW - I know WW works and I wonder if I have been doing it for to long????
Will look into it a bit more over the break - but I am starting the new regime on 01.01.10 so I need to know what method of weight loss I am going to do!
I will also re-evaluate my excercise as well as I want to mix it up a bit and incorporate some new things and especially with Summer happening in NZ I want to do a bit of swimming as well.
Ok better get back to work
Have a Merry Christmas everyone and a safe and Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Opps - Missed a few days

Hi there out in blog land.
Well I seemed to have missed a few days worth of blogging - how time flies...........
Well I did manage to work to work for the month of November for four days each week and it was good.
I had to make sure I maintained a good pace to arrive at work on time and arrive at the train station in the evenings.
The end result:
Exactly the same weight at the end of the month as I was at the beginning of the month!!!!!!!!!!
Measurements did go down - will update those later.
I must admit I was disapointed with the scales my eating ws not anything worse that it had been - so who knows.,
I haven't caught the train yet this month - very busy month!with commitments straight after work - but I will reasses the situation in the new year.
Otherwise Merry christmas everyone

Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday - Woo Hoo

Well I didn't get back to update my train trip - sorry
I was tired at the end of the day as I also stacked some firewood for an hour in the evening on Wednesday.
But I got up again and walked in the am with my neighbour and then off to work I went - it was good.
I needed to leave early yesterday to make sure I catched the earlier train and a guy at work told me about a short cut that I didn't know about that cuts out a hill - yah! and about 10 mins so I did that last night to ensure I got to the train on time.
I will use the short cut on the days I walk int he morning with my neighbour and then do the hill on the other days just to help me guage my fitness levels.
We had quiche and some chips for dinner last night and the salt again caused me to retain alot this am!!!!
Oh I also took my measurements last night and will measure again in a month to see how they are reducing!!!!(hopefully)
Better get on with work!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Train Update

Well I thought I would give a quick update on my journey into work.
The walk from home to the station was just over 10 mins but under 15mins - so I can work on reducing that to the 10 mini mark.
The walk form the train station to work was 25 mins and I was walking at a good pace - so that is all good - I made it to work on time but still needed a few minutes to get changed and stuff - so there is a bit of time to improve there as well.
I am going to leave at 4.30 and hope to catch the 5pm train but if not I can then catch the 5.18pm so that is good!
I might be able to leave at 4.25 each day to make sure i catch the 5pm each time.
So will update tonight on the trip home!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Well November is upon us already - Whew where has the year gone????
I went out yesterday and puchased a new back pack for the upcoming expeditions on the train - 12.00 so that was nice and cheap.
I also purchased a nice rain jacket to have at the bottom of it as the weather here has been a bit unpredictable.
I will take a change of clothes for two days into work on Tuesday with me and then I can just wear my work out gear for the walk and get dressed at work.
i willdo my hair tho before leaving but that will stay nice enough with the morning freshness.
I will take a cap to wear for the evenings and change back into the workout gear to walk home.
I have also located some square containers to fit in my back pack for my lunches (I had a round one before)
So all in all I think I am ready
Mondays will be a bit of a heavier load taking trousers and tops in to work but I will see how I go with that.
Weigh in Tomorrow - not sure what that will bring but am hoping for a loss of some sorts to make me feel all good about what I am doing!
I really want to get under 100 for Christmas!!!!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Still Plodding Along

Wow how time flies when the world is missing with ya brain!
I have been ok - up and down since my last post but getting there.
I have decided to catch the train to work for the month of November - 4 days a week - I need to do the company banking on a Friday and it is treat day - I like to buy Sushi on a friday as well.
So starting on Wednesday (Appointments on mon and tues that I can't change) I will walk to the train form home - 10 mins - take a 1/2 hour train trip - walk to work from the train stop = 30 mins and then repeat in the evening.
I am actually looking forward to it!
So am off to buy a back pack today so I can carry my wares

Friday, October 9, 2009

Finally Friday

Well the week has gone slow for me!!!
Not much to recap for Thursday - yummy food choices during the working day but then I fell down AGAIN - ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!
Hubby was busy so I had to organise my own dinner so I thought lets treat oneself to takeout!!!!!
Hmmmm........... decisions - i thought about this all day and was going to have a nice subway sandwich - then I thought NO lets have Canteen Noodle - Chinese - so off I went and got a Honey Chicken with Rice - YUM from memory and it was sort of - the chicken was too sweet for me (unbelievable I know!) and then afterwards I felt yuk. Oh and then the memories came back - oh yeah, last time I had this I felt yuk afterwards!!! - Doh could I not have remembered that before I ate it!!!!
So a quiet restful night was had - feeling sorry for myself!
But onto today!
Jumped on the scales -am down .300 from Monday - not much but in the right direction!!! the chinese wouldn't be helping with the sodium causing fluid retention for me>
No walk as my neighbour has TTOTM really bad (guess that happens when ya pushing 50!!!- hehehe)
I do have dance class tonight so that will be a little bit more movement
Water - 2.5- 3 litres
Breakfast - cereal
Lunch - SUSHI!!!!!!!!!!

Fingers crossed the weekend is a good one!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday Update

Well we decided to add some stairs into our morning walk today - so off we walked to the local train station and went up and down three flights of stairs - I will count them tomorrow to see how many there are
Boy did I feel it afterwards - but it was great to add something new to our routine.

Recap on yesterday - great during the day but feel down in the evening again - waiting for dinner!!!!
I have tracked it all and need to make a few points up but will get there!
I have dancing on Friday night and also Saturday night so that will help!

Walk 40 mins
Water - 3 litres
Breakfast =cereal
Lunch - Tuna salad with cheese
Snacks - nectarine and ww bar

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


No walk this morning - rest day
Water - litres
Breakfast - Egg and Toast - 2.5 points
Tuna salad with Cheese - 3.5 points
Snacks - 2 points

Well yesterday went well - altho I have a few points to make up - my friend and I celebrated the sale of her house with a couple of glasses of bubbles.
ANd then hubby had made the yummiest lasagne so we had a larger serve - oh and topped it off with a 2 point WW ice cream (Berry Mudslide)

But it was nice!

Talk soon

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


So this is what I have so far:

GOAL - To weigh under 100kg on Christmas Day 2009

As of Monday 5 October 2009 I weighed 110.00KG
I therefore have 10.1 kgs minimum to loose before Xmas day
There are 11 mondays from 05.10.09-21.12.09

I will achieve this weight loss by:
- Staying within my points allocation of 21 each day
- If I go over this I MUST make up the points thru excercise or reduction for a few days.
- Walking a minimum of 5 days per week for approx 40 mins
- Drinking 2.5-3 Litres of water daily
- Tracking ALL food on my Weight watchers on line tracker.
- Posting daily on my blog
- Posting daily on the WW boards


Loss Each Week - Purchase a Magazine
Tracking 7 days -
Water -
Excercise - Purchase 1 tutotrial off Inking Idaho for two weeks worth of excercise
Under 105kg - 2 x New Undies
Under 100kg - Get Rechecked for Bra Size and purchase 1 new bra

Will think a bit more of the rewards for the other two and report back


So today - I have:
Scales - 109.4 (.600 down from weigh in)
Walked - 40 mins
Breakfast - 35 g ricebubbles, 14/2 cup milk, 1 tspn Sugar and 1 banana
Snacks - WW bar and 1 Nectarine
Water - 2.5-3 litres
Lunch - Tuna salad with 35 g cheese.

I will be better today - and tonight I have a friend coming over so no snacking!
I am also trying to get onto christmas presents so will keep myself busy creating!
Talk soon

Day One of the new Journey

Well I did promise to come back later in the day (i think or I wanted to anyway) but it was so frickin cold in Auckland that I did not venture far from the heater and my blanket so will recap today.

I was perfect at work and then got home and no dinner was ready so had a banana so far so good,
Then hubby and I went and did the grocery shopping since the kids are away and he decided that he wanted pork strip thingys for dinner - so far so good - so we get home with the shopping and are putting things away - we left some tortilla wraps out - three went missing in the evening???? - that along with two of the pork strip thingys - YUM - and two slices of wholegrain bread with some butter and I was full!!!

ARGH - why do I do this - I know - I wasn't prepared for dinner not being ready - it throws me and I snack and then snack and then snack!!!!!!!!
So I went to bed at the normal 9.30pm and slept.
Roll on Tuesday

Monday, October 5, 2009


Well today I am back at it -again!!!
Yup I jumped on the scales this morning and they took me to a place i did not want to go - 110.00KG!!!!!!

And exactly the figure as well - but I guess I can't be surprised with the crap I have been eating and the no excercise for about two weeks!

But I am focussed again - I worked out last night that there are 11 mondays till 21.12.09 and I really want to be under 100kgs for Xmas day!!!!

So my goal is basically 1 kilo a week - It will take focus and determination - but I do want this!
So I am writing up tonight a little contract with myself and also some rewards and I will post it here so I am accountable.

Altho really it isn't that hard as long as I follow the programme (Weight Watchers) and excercise and drink my water!!!

So talk soon

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Well I am still alive and kicking altho not kicking weight loss!!!!!!!
I have been in a real funk these last couple of days/weeks and I am not sure why so thought I would come and ramble a bit and see what comes out of this head of mine.

Walking - well this has been pretty much non existent - my walking buddy is having a few issues herself with family life - her 16 year old son has run away from home and she is a bit beside herself - but on a slightly bright note - he does appear to be ok as he added his sister onto bebo the other day but then retracted her (i think he realised that they could see his page by doing that) and she has his cell phone and there have been replies to his bebo page coming thru on that so who knows - but back to me - so she hasn't been sleeping well so we havent been walking at 5.30am as she is tired.

Work - This is busy but shouldn't be a factor in the funk!!!! Month end has just happened but that is nothing new - A few work collegaues are pushing a few of my buttons - but again nothing new????

New bad habit - I have started smoking again!!!!!!!!! - Not full time but enough to be concerned - altho I say I must stop I am craving it! - I Stopped cold turkey about 2-3 years ago and after a year of not smoking I was able to have the odd one and not be bothered by it - meaning wanting to smoke full time - but lately I have been having a few more - so that is something I need to work on - quitting!!!!

Diet - As mentioned this has not been going the best - not sure why - more a can't really be bothered - and it has been like this for most of the year - going up and down the same 4-5kgs - argh!!!!! - Not sure what to do there - I wonder is it because I have no real goal to work towards???? will think some more on this!

Craftyness - My crafts do play a big part of who I am and what I do - I haven't really scrapbooked for a while and the photos are mounting up but find I am not in a creative mood when I want to do it (lost my mojo?)- if that makes sense - I have been going to some card making classes(stampin up) and am enjoying them - I even started on my xmas cards in the weekend but again couldn't think of anything to make - another ARGH!!!!!

Family life - Hubby is very busy with soccer shite at the moment and has been for all of September and will be for most of October - so we are ships passing in the night some times - and with all this on his mind he is not interested in day to day stuff - so I guess I am feeling a bit left out there!!!! - THe kids are good - nothing different there.

Friends - My BFF is going thru some stuff with her ex re the sale of there house and dividing there possesions and he is being a bit of a dick - but again nothing really affecting me.

DancingDance champs was a bit of a let down from the hype up to it.. I haven't really been to dance class for a while either as hubby has been busy and I am swapping class to a Friday night and only got to go there once in September but it was awesome - can't go tomorrow as I am off to Mumma Mia but definetly back again next week.

So all in all I think I am just a bit down and need to just FAKE IT TILL I MAKE IT and maybe that will help lift me out of my mood????

I also need to get back to the Weight Watchers Boards and start posting daily again which will in turn make me use the on line tracker which will make me aware of what i am eating again - so maybe thats the start on the weight loss journey again - track for a week everything - good and bad!?

Thanks for listening

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Well Hello There Stranger!!!!

Ha ha ha ha
I have been a bit down in the dumps last week and had a little binge fest (shall we say) and with weigh in yesterday say a gain of .900!!!!!!!!
Yup so weight now is 108.2!
But hey what is doen is done and I am in a new week - or at least a new day with the little pig out last night!
I am on annual leave this week and just catching up on my things to do around the house and my crafts - mainly my scrapbooking - am so behind on that!!!
But onto today:
No weigh in - slept in
Water 3 lites
Walk - 90 mins 7 points (to the beauticians and back - eyes and brows done)
Breakfast - morning porridge with a small banana 6 points
Lunch - Tuna salad with feta cheese - 3 points
Snacks - 1 bar 3 points and soime fresh veges for snacks.
Dinner - probably chicken chasseur with rice - but will think about that more
So off to scrapbook talk later

Monday, September 7, 2009

Weigh In Day and Weekend Recap

Saturday was lots of fun at the dance champs - I didn't do that well- my first competition and I chocked!!!! - That is I misread some leads from the males and wasn't prepared for a drop but I had fun and saw lots of awesome dancers!
You leave the champs all inspired and wanting to get better and better.
We have also decided to try another class in another part of Auckland which is on a Friday night so that will be fun!
Fathers Day on Sunday saw us spoil hubby with a snack pack of Tim Tam biscuits, honey roasted peanuts, ginger beer and some plunger coffee!!!
He loved it - simple pleasures!
The remainder of the day was very quiet.
Weigh in today was not what I expected:
Loss .100 grams - but a loss is a loss!!!
Onwards for today:
Excercise - 40 mins - 3 points
Water - 3 Litres
Breakfast - Porridge -
Lunch - Chicken salad with Feta cheese
Snacks - kiwi fruti and a banana

Friday, September 4, 2009

Finally Friday

Well last night was not good!
Dinner wasn't ready as hubby was out so I had to prepare and cook it - eek!!! So what did I do in between - SNACK!!!!
Cheese - Argh!!!!
But I will keep working on that!!!
On today:
Scales - 106.3 (1.10 down from weigh in)
Excercise - 40 mins 3 points
Water - 3 Litres
Breakfast - Toast and Egg and Banana - 4 points
Lunch - Yummy sushi - 4 points
Snacks - 1 apple and 1 WW bar - 2 points
Total so far 10 points

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happy Friday Eve

Well the week is going very fast for me. - Here we are at Thursday already!
Went to a card making class last night so thought that the no snacking in the evening would be successful! - Um that was a no!!! - she supplied a cuppa and some biscuits - some yummy apricot and chocolate chip biscuits - yum!! Oh and I decided to have one or two and then later on they call me over and I had another - those rotters!!!!
So what did I learn - I still can not resist sweets! - I can't stop at just one!!! - So the challenge for me is to either abstain or learn to have one - I think the abstaining might be the better option for me for now!
Enough said on with today:
Scales - 106.1 (1.3 down since weigh in)
Excercise - walk this am - 40 mins 3 points
Water - 3 litres
Breakfast - 1 toast, 1 egg and a banana 4 points
Lunch - salald with cheese and tuna - 4 points
Snacks - 1 apple - glass of milk 2points
Total used 10 points so far

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Well no walk this morning as it is the rest day
But I did get up at 5.30 to weigh myself and the scales smiled brightly!
Scales - 105.9 (1.5 down from weigh in)
Water - 3 litres
Breakfast - toast, egg and banana 4Points
Lunch - Tuna salad with cheese - 3.5 points
Snacks - 1 apple and cup of milk 2 points
Total used so far 9.5
Dinner - shepherds pie - not sure of the points but will work it out
Snacks after dinner - oh the biscuits at dance class will definetly take me over
There goes the excercise points!

Had my dance class last night which is going well and I have the dance champs on Saturday - which I am nervous about but it will be lots of fun
I will try and get someone to take some photos so I can post them here.
See ya

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


The walk this morning was great - we pushed ourselves a little bit harder coming up the hill and it was good.
No snacking last night -which was also good!
Busy work day ahead so:
Scales: 106.9 (.500 down from weigh in)
Excercise: - 40 minues 3 points
Water: - 3Litres
Breakfast - 1 slice of toast, egg and banana - 4 points
Lunch: - Salad with cheese and tuna - 4 points
Snacks: - Small apple .5 point, glass of milk 1.5 points
Total used so far: 10 points.
Dinner - chicken, rice and veges 6 points
After dinner snacks - 2 biscuits 3 points
Total used 19
Talk later

Monday, August 31, 2009

Weigh in Day

Well this day surely rolls around fast doesn't it.
I am very happy to report........... I STAYED THE SAME!!!!
WHEW is all I can say
TTOTM and the weekend were killers for me but I am back on track.
Exercise 40 minute morning walk - 3 points
Water - 3 litres
Breakfast - 1 egg and 2 slices of toast 4.5pts
Lunch - Soup and toast 6points
Snacks - 1 apple - 1.5 points - rice crackers 1 point
Dinner - Sausage and 1 potato and veges 7 points
Total used 20 points
So all in all a good day
Have managed to keep myself busy this evening in the craft room so no snacking!!!!
Hubby has been out and got the veges so a yummy salad for lunch tomorrow.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekend Catchup

Well our computer decided to throw a hissy fit and we have been with out it for a few days - but all good now!!
Quick catch up - Friday I stayed at work the day but didn't feel the best
Saturday - Not the best food day but not the badest!
Sunday - so far this morning I have been ok!
For some reason on Friday I went off the rails slightly and thought I could have a bit to eat here and a bit to eat there that was not "on the programme" so to speak.
Not sure where that come from as I recall thinking to myself once I got TTOTM that right three good weeks before the bloating starts -we can do it!!!!
Ah how the old habits creep in and the mindset of "bugger this the scales are not playing nicely why even bother" hit me!!!!
But why bother!?!
What do I want???
Why do I get up at 5.30am four days a week for???
What is it I am really wanting????
I need to rethink all this and decide what is it I want for me for my life! Do I really want to loose weight or am I doing it because I have to/need to!!!

I have created a vision board that is on the wall beside my bedroom that I try to look at everyday and it has pictures of things I want - nice clothes on a smaller body - the number 14 as the clothes sizing I am aiming for - it has knee high boots (Fat claves at the moment do not allow knee high boots)
I sitll have to add a few more items to it but I need to get honest with myself what is it I am wanting from this weight loss!!!!
I will sit down and think again about this and see if I can get my head in the right space again.
Talk later

Friday, August 28, 2009

Finally Friday

I am Tired!!!!
Today especially - it was a struggle to walk this morning and my lovely TTOTM has arrived with a vengence!!!
I just about didn't make it to work this morning but I am here - how long I will last is another story.
So not much to report - I have only had a banana this morning as I am not feel crash hot
So just a short post and I will catch up in the weekend.
Oh the joys of womanhood - NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thinking Thursday

Well up again early this morning for my walk - altho while I am ponding the streets I am thinking - I am not enjoying this today - maybe I should stop - but then the other voice is like - you need to do this - we can do this - Argh the voices!!!
So I am feeling better for the walk and the excercise is done for the day!
Excercies - 40 mnins - 3 points
Water - 3 litres
Breakfast - 1 banana, 2 slices of Toast and glass of milk 6.5points
Lunch - Ham sald with cheese - 4.5 points
Snacks - Apple and rice crakcers - 2.5 points
Total so far - 13.5

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Worn out Wednesday

Well I am sore and tired from my dance class last night - we did lots of spinning so the balls of my feet are tender today!!!
No walk this morning
Weigh in 106.5 (.900 down from weigh in)
Water 3litres
Breakfast - egg and toast 4.5 points
Lunch - Ham salad with cheese - 4.5 points
Snacks - Apple 1 pit - Glass of Milk 1.5 - Banana 1 point
Total used 12.5 points

Not much to report for today - busy at work so better get onto starting the day.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Trying Tuesday

I am still in awe of our bodies - and amazed at the changes that a few days can make in my weigh - On sat morning I weighed in at 105.8 and today it is 107.1. Now I know that I have not been 100% good with the salty food but I have not been 100% bad either yet the body is weighing 1.3 more - weird but then as mentioned TTOTM is nearly here and some people have been known to retain up to 2kgs - WOW!!! So keeping that in mind I will keep being good and my efforts will be rewarded. I follow Vic Wilsons blog ( and she has a saying/mantra - BE COMMITTED, DO WHAT IT TAKES, HAVE WHAT YOU WANT and I think it is a good one and will try to remember it myself.
But today:
Weigh 107.1 (Down .3 from Monday Weigh in)
Excercise - 40 mins - 3 points
Water - 3 litres
Breakfast - 1 Boiled egg and 2 slices of toast - 4.5points
Lunch - Tuna salad with cheese - 4.5 points
Snacks - Apple 1 point and a glass of milk 2.5
Total up to now:12.5
Dinner was rice and veges with some beef casserole
I did have a small piece of cheese before heading out to dance class but it was within my points
All points used today!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekly Weigh In

Well the verdict is in and I ain't happy!!!
Weigh in was 107.4 a gain of .500 which in the big picture is not bad considering that TTOTM is around the corner and my two dinner meals in the weekend where high in salt.
I guess when you daily weigh and see the scales going down and then to have a gain it does demoralise you - and I know what you are all saying - DON"T WEIGH DAILY THEN!!!
and I know, I know but hey what can a girl do!!! (Hehehe)
Seriously I am still focused and determined to get there, this is a small bump in my journey and I know why it has happened so accept and move on!!!
So today:
Excercise - 40 minute walk - 3 points
Water - 3 litres
Breakfast - 1 egg 1.5 points (felt like a change)
Lunch - soup and toast 6pts
Snacks - Veges - 0 points
Total so far 7.5 points -
Low I know but I am going to the supermarket at lunchtime so will stock up on snack supplies.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Soccer Saturday

Well another Saturday is upon us and we are off to the kids soccer - lucky both are playing on there home grounds so we all walk up there - about a 15min walk so that is good.
Last night - well what can I say - something happened and I had a little munch of some mini donuts - the kids had found a $20.00 bill on the way to school with hubby so got to spend it after school and brought FOOD!!!! bad FOOD into the house - ARGH!!! overall I was good I think it was 3 mini donuts over the whole night (does that make it better than in one sitting???- NOT)
So this morning I was awake at 5.30 as you do when you DON'T have to be - so I jumped up and weighed myself and it was:
Weight 105.8 (1.1 from last weigh in)
Woo hoo still going down - this has given me a determination to be good today - lots of water and try and get another walk in somewhere!
So the plan for today:
Water - 3 litres
Excercise - 40 minutes - broken down (3 points)
Breakfast - Porridge 6 points

Well better get onto starting the day

Friday, August 21, 2009

Two Day Update

Well - I arrived at work yesterday later than normal thanks to the lovely Auckland Traffic so was unable to create my day on here and then when I got home last night I started reading a book -bad move - nothing else gets done.
So yesterdays update - during the day was all good but no walk and then after dinner I gave in to some cheese!!! - Argh the bain of my life!!!
So today:
Walk - 40 minutes - 3pts earnt
Breakfast - Porridge - 6pts
Lunch - Thinking of subway so that is about 6-8pts need to calculate that one better before deciding as I might have sushi which is lower in points
Sushi Won - 6 points used - and it was yum!!!!
Snacks - Apple
Water - 3 litres
Dinner - Roast potatoes, pork and veges Unknown Points!!!

Weigh in 106.00 (.900 down from weigh in day)
The last two days weighs have shown lighter but I was also weighing 1/2 hour later than normal so above is more a true indication of where I am at - I am also heading towards that lovely time so will expect a small loss that will not be a true reflection of the hard work, which I need to remember so I don't get put out by what the scales say.
Anyway better get onto the day

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Working it Wednesday

Well another day is upon us with all that it brings!!! - I had a great dance class last night and am feeling a bit more confident with my dancing as I am getting in control of my weigh loss journey.
I relasised as I was driving to dance that while I have increased my dairy I had let my fruit intake drop so am including a banana in my breakfast - I need to get onto getting the lower pointed milk to help bring that allocation down.But it is a nice hearty start to the day!

Scales - 105.6 (down 1.3 since last weigh in and .6 to my lowest recorded weight!!!)
Water 3 litres
Breakfast - porridge with small banana 7pts
Lunch - Ham salad - 3.5 pts
Snacks - apple/orange 1 .5 pts

No excercise as rest day

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

Well another day is done and dusted and what have I learnt????
I need to keep busy in the evenings so I don't snack
I am capable of not snacking
Now onto today:
No walk this am - my walking partner did not turn up - not sure why but way to dark for me to walk by myself but I have dance class tonight so that is good.

Scales = 106.7 (.2 down from weigh in)
Water - 3 litres
B- Porridge - 6 points
L - Tuna salad with cheese - 4 points
S - Apple .5pt
Total used 10.5

Dinner -
sausage - 4pts
1 cup cooked rice - 3.5
0 veges

Total used to day 18

Need to go and find a snack????

Another good day - and am looking at starting a nice vege garden for my summer salad ingredients better get onto it soon I think!
Off to dance class soon so

Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekly Weigh In

A quick recap on the weekend - food choices - great excercise - mainly incidental - alcohol consuemed - opps maybe a bit to much!!! seriously - I did have a few wines with friends on saturday but danced the night away to help combat it!!! Sunday was spent at my sons soccer tournament - lots of walking with good food choices.
Result -
Weigh in 106.9 - Yup I lost 2.1kgs -
am so proud of myself for sticking to the program, drinking my water and not snacking and I got the result I deserve.
Now to continue with it for another week,!

Excercise - 36 min walk - 3 points
Breakfast - porridge - 6points
Snacks - 1pt - Small apple and small kiwifruit
Lunch - Tuna salad with cheese 4points
Water - 3 litres

Only 11 points used so far today as we were low on "snack" items but should be all good for the rest of the week to get the points up during the day.

Dinner - Ham steaks 2.5points
Veges - 0
Potato - 4 points
Cheese Sauce - 3.5 points - Need it to help eat the cabbage (YUK)

SO total all used today 21 points
Have been good tonight again (saintly glow above head) and have not snacked - am keeping myself away from the kitchen and in my craft room crusing the web.


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Not so Sunny Saturday

Yesterday went really well - I did not snack!!!!! - Which some of you may know is a big thing for me especially since I was home for the day with the kids - I did go over by 1 point but that was thru dinner so I am not worried about that as there is some excercise points to counter that.
Today is soccer day so a little walk is ahead in the rain! and then a quiet day until tonight! - I am out with the girls so will be using some of my excercise points on a couple of glasses of wine and behaving!!! - I want the loss on Monday
Scales - I don't get to weigh most weekends as I wake up later.

Breakfast - Porridge - 6pts

Not sure what the rest of the day will bring but will be very careful!


Friday, August 14, 2009

Fun Friday

Well an exciting start to my morning - my walking buddy arrived to met me at my drive way (she is two driveways away) and she saw someone tryng to break into our car so she yelled for me and I jumped outside, but they had gone - we decided not to walk this morning as she said they looked at her and with a bright jacket on we were worried they might recognise us so we gave it a miss and she will wear a different jacket next week.
I am also not going to work today - the kids have a teachers only day and hubby has some work to do so I took the day off - yah me!!!
I have lots planned to do in my craft room and sorting of stuff to decide if I will sell any on trademe and later on today I will take the kids for a walk to get some yummy sushi for lunch.
So today:
Scales - 107.2 (still 1.8 down from weigh in)
Breakfast will be porride - 6pts
Snacks - apple and kiwifruit - 2pts
Lunch - Sushi 5.5pts - YUMMY
Water 2 litres so far
No walk tho as it has turned yukky in Auckland so took the car up instead!

Today will be interesting for me to stay on track but I feel (at the moment) all good about it - the main thing will be remembering the water but if I have the drink bottle with me at all times should be ok.

Thanks for the lovely comments Lyn and Kimmy - I think I am in the "Zone" as you mentioned Kimmy the weekend will tell.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Well another successful day under my belt yesterday - was so proud of myself for not snacking!!!
Today the scales showed 107.2 (1.8 down from weigh in)
Walk this morning 3pts
B- Porridge like yesterday - total 6 pts
Snacks - Apple and kiwi fruit - 1 point each
Lunch - chicken salad today again (yum) 6.5 points
Water 3 litres
Leaves me with 6.5 for dinner
Dinner - was wraps so:
2 Tortilla Wraps - 3pts
0 point salad items
cheese - 1.5pts
1 thin ham steak - 1pt
Egg 1.5pts
This came to 7pts

Taking me .5point over for the day

I have also been doing some swiss ball excercises after my walk in the morning and will try and increase those.

Back later

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Another Great Day

Well yesterday was really good - firstly thanks heaps to Carlton for her advise re the menu plan - thank you it is appreciated and I have included more dairy today and will try to use more points leading up to the end of the work day - as hubby is the cook at home I never know what we are going to have so never know how many points to save.
So today:
Weight this morning 107.2 (down 1.8)
I know I shouldn't weigh daily but I do!!! - I only register my monday weigh in for the offical result.
Excercise - Rest day in am- may go for a little walk after work will see how it goes
Water - 3 litres

B - Rolled oats 3pts
1 cup milk 2.5 - This is NZ Lite Blue - but I will get a Lighter one in the shopping to help bring down the point value
2 tsps brown sugar .5

Lunch- chicken 3
cheese 2.5
salad veges and a balsamic dressing - .5pts

Snacks - 1 apple and 2 small kiwifruit - 1 point each
So up till the end of the work day it is 14pts - leaving me 7 for dinner.

Dinner - 1 1/2 potatoes 2pts
0 point veges
1/2 sausage - 3 points
This leaves me 2 points for the day
Will have a think about what I will use those for


Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Well yesterday went really well
I managed to drink 3 litres of water and not snack!!! - Woo hoo
Got my hair cut and coloured last night so am feeling all pretty again (hehe)
Scales this morning 108.3 down .700
Walk - 35 mins 3pts
B- 1 Egg 1.5pts
MT - Apple 1.5pts
L - Tuna salad with cheese 4.5pts
AT - 2 Kiwifruit 1pts
8 almonds - 1pt
Dinner -
1 Cup cooked pasta 2.5
1 Serve of chicken 3 points
Cheese sauce 1.5pts
Total points for the day - 16.5 - oops - was rushing around in evening before dance class

Water - 3 Litres

Heres to another great day

Monday, August 10, 2009

A new Beginning!!!

Well I am back again and feeling a bit more inspired today - I am going to try and blog daily to talk about my day and what happending and how I am feeling and such to see if it will help me get more motivation - I follow Vic Wilson from the WW boards and she is doing well with her daily recordings so thought I would give it a go and seeing as I am a daily wiegher as well it might help me see the fluctuations and work out the best food for my body!
So today:

Weigh in 109.00 - EEK
Total points allowed for the day is 21

Have been for a 36 min walk this morning - 3pts earnt

Breakie - 1 egg 1.5pts
MT - 1 medium apple - 1.5pts
Lunch - Salad with ww Tuna and 27 grms of cheese 5pts
AT - 2 kiwifruit 1pt
Dinner - Homemade hamburgers - 8pts
Home made chips = calculated to 5pts

Total for the day 21pts!!!

Water - 3 litres

So why the change of mindset - Who knows!!! - I just want to get healthy and have some nice clothes - I went shopping yesterday for a dress for the dance champs I am in on 5 September and got disappointed with the lack of nice dresses in the "plus size" group (but I did find one at Ezibuy/Sara) so I am going to sort my shite out and start loosing again.
Enough for now

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Hello out ther in blog land.- I am trying to get myself motivated this week and am about to write up a claender for the month of August with the things I want to achieve in both fitness and weight reduction wise - I am going to trck my excercise - add in the swiss ball after my walks in the morning as I am leaving way to early for work so need to delay and leave later so I am closer to my start time rather than arriving 40 mins too early.
I will also record the water intake and the point allocation whether I stuck to the points or went over/under.
Ok off to do that now
Talk soon

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Made it Back

HI there - well I finally made it back and I am not a happy camper!
I have been doing so well lately and then these last three days I have pigged out!!!
What is with that????
Cheese had been my downfall this time and I get so angry with myself - I want this - but obviously I don't want it bad enough!!!!
I have been reading some motivation tips off the Craig Harper site and have printed them out but left them at work today so will get them for the weekend and sort my shite out!!!
Thats enough for now

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I'm Back

Heyt here out in blog land - I made it back - my posts are a bit far and few between - I have been working hard (at work) and still managing to walk four mornings each week but food choices have been a slack - more in the snacking regiont hatn any where else. So what have I been up to:
I am off to Mumma Mia show on 02.10.09 with my bestie and we have a little challenge on with each other - I have to get to under 100 (about 9kgs at the start of the challenge) and she had 5kgs to loose - the reward is if you have reached your target and the other person hasn't then they have to buy you dinner that night!!! And since money is tight for both of us at the moment we don't want to be paying the other persons dinner - I have also given myself another incentive - if I achieve this goal I am "allowed" to buy a souvenir t-shirt as a reminder of a great night and the great achievment.
So the beginning of the challenge so both of us gain for two weeks but we are both back on track with planning so I am hoping for a loss this week!
I have also joined a thread on the boards for loosing 15kgs by Christmas - so that is another good challenge.
Other than that not much more to report
Will check in next week after my weigh in to see how I am going

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Another Update

Oh my goodness - apologies for the time delay between posts - but unfortuantely I have been letting my workload interfere in my life!!!!
But I am slowly clawing my way back - work has not eased as such but I am coping better with it - this "recession" is certainly making things more difficult for our customers and with me being in Accounts Receivable and having to chase people for money it can be a bit of a downer being the baddie - something I do not cope with well - part of the must have everyone liking me phobia I have!!!
Anyways weight wise has been ok - I am up surprise surprise.
Feet update - have been to the podiatrist and have new inner soles which he altered slightly so now have to get my feet use to the new shape - so they are still cramping - hoping that will go soon.
Haven't walked in the morning for about two weeks so willbe looking forward to getting back to that even oif it has been very cold here in NZ.
What else was there to tell you???
Oh does anyone visit the blog - She is in America and reports back on her meetings along with her insights and such - I personally find her interesting and lately a few things are hitting home so that had been good - go check her out and see what you think.
Anyway better continue with my to do list
Oh forgot to say I completed the mothers day walk in 44 mins - woo hoo 10 mins quicker than last year- so proud.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Well I am still alive and kicking - work gets busy for me towards the end of the month so I get a bit mentally drained and just blob when at home.
I have still been walking 4 mornings a week and we have worked out the ks for it and it is 4kms for the route that we follow so that is great.
I work up a sweat as well which is even better cause I know I am working hard.
I have also been out and purchased some new walking shoes - $160.00 NZD later and am finding that my feet are cramping within the first 1km of our walk - I am off to the podiatrist tomorrow morning to talk to him about it and get him to check my inner soles I purchased from him last year to make sure that they are all ok.
I have 5km walk on Mothers day up and around Cornwall Park in Auckland so I would like to know that they are ok for that - my time last year was 54 mins so as long as I improve on that I will be happy.
Food choices for the last week or so - are so so - again stress equals crap food for me and I need to get this sorted!!!It doesn't help with the snack box right near my desk so I see it every time I get up - not sure where else we can put it but will look around the office and see
Well thats it from me for now - promise to come back tomorrow and post my weigh in and podiatrist visit

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Hey there bloggers!!!
I am back - boy is my job hectic at the moment and getting busier by the day.
I have discovered that I am an emotional eater and when placed under stress - I EAT!!!!!
So to combat this I am bringing work home in the evenings - not much - but the little jobs that need to be done but are time consuming at work - so that I can concentrate more on the meatier jobs with in my role.
It is getting a lot busier as we are really tightening the reigns with accounts so I need to be making sure all invoices and credits are being processed in a timely manner so the customers can't not pay them each month!!!
But enough of the boring stuff - altho it is related to the weight gain!!!!
So with that all said and done I am going to make sure I follow a few guidelines next week:
1. Track
2. Drink my Water
3. Post on the WW boards every day
4. Excercise each day

With regards to the excercise - fingers crossed my morning walking buddy is all rearing to go again next week (a few recent emotional issues for her but all sorted now)
I will also have dance class on Tuesdays which I was missing due to draining days at work!, and I am also going to get using my swiss ball - three nights a week to start with and then eventually increase it to 5 nights.
Why not 5 to start with you ask - well I have been trying to commit to that for a while now and don't so I thought start small and build up to it!!!

Ok I think that is enough for now
I promise to blog a bit more regularly from now on!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Just a quick Hello

Hi there - sorry I have been awol again!!!! Work has a lot to answer for in my life lately as it is playing with my head in a big way - I am still going up and down with those two darn kilos and pissing myself off along the way.
But enough about that

I will post another day when I am in a better frame of mind but until then
talk later

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Hi there - sorry I have been awol for the week but back at work and busy again!
Last week was a funny week as on Wednesday morning I rolled my ankle at the start of my early morning walk - ouch.
So I have had to rest that for a few days - it is much better today, so I will attempt a small walk this evening.
Anyway weight in this week (yesterday) resulted in a major kick in the pants for me!!!
A gain of 1.7kgs EEK - but it was what I needed!!!
So as of yesterday I have changed my diet around and am having a bowl of cereal in the morning instead of my egg and then a snadwich at lunch instead of my salad and lots of veges to snack on as well.
And the scales have been nice to me this morning showing a loss already - YAH!
off to work so will post again tomorrow to help keep me focused
Have a great day

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A quiet Sunday

Hey there - well it is Sunday afternoon here in NZ and I am tired.
I have been walking around for most of the day at a local event and my legs and feet are tired - I only had jandals on so no support.
Well last week on Wednesday morning I set out for my ususal morning walk at 5.45am and less than 100 steps into it I rolled my ankle!!!!
OUCH!!!!! so I have been hobbling around since, it is getting better and I am hoping by Tuesday morning I will be good for the morning walks again.
Food choices for the week, well lets wait for the scales to tell me i think!!!.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Day Five

Well the last day is here of my annual leave and hubby is home tonight!!!
This morning my friend came over to spend the school day at my place so we walked my kids to school.
Then sat down and "tried" to do some scrapbooking but did other things instead like rearrange my craft/office and utilise a shelving unit I was trying to sell on Trade me (That I don't need to now!!)
We also had yummy sushi for lunch.
She has just left as her kids finish 1/2 hour earlier than mine and she has a 20 minute drive to get home.
So I am sitting here thinking about all that the week had brought.
I managed to accomplish all bar two things on my TO DO list.
Scrapbooking and finish a piece of jewellery that I was making.
I have excercised alot
I have eaten so so
I have not been able to join the gym :{
But overall I think it was a great week.
Hubby and I are off to the CityLife Hotel tomorrow night (We had won a voucher in a raffle) so that will be nice and will have dinner out!!!.
Have a great day

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I've Been Tagged!!

Woo hoo how cool..........
Heather ( has tagged me along with six others. So I thought lets give this a go.........
Here are the rules:

1. List these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog.
3. Tell 7 unspectacular quirks about you.
4. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
5.Link the person who tagged you.
6.Leave a comment for each blogger.

It could be nice if you post a personal photo with this post.

7 Facts About ME:
1. I lost both my parents with in 2 1/2 years of each other.
2. I knew my hubby for 3 months before living together.
3. I have had two c sections (I let them in, but not out)
4. I surf the net alot looking for craft ideas.
5. I LOVE scrapbooking
6. I am a christmas geek and have my tree and table in matching colours these have included: Electric blue and hot pink, red and white, purple and silver to name a few.
7. I love the colour PINK!!!!

7 Unspectacular Quirks about ME:
1. I am a hoarder of little containers (incase I can craft something with it)
2. I am a list maker
3. In 1986 I won a squash tournament
4. I dislike housework
5. After 18 years with a soccer playing partner/husband I still do not understand off side.
6. I love stationery shops.
7. I use to make teddy bears but haven't made one for over 12 years.

I am not sure how to link people so will put in there blog address.
They are:
Nicky -
Sarah -
karen - the
Kimmy -
Bec -
MissMegan -
Joanne -

Ok off to leave a comment.
As for the photo I uploaded one a couple of posts ago that is only a day or two old.

Day Four

Well a bit late posting but never mind here at last.
The day has been funny - I jumped on the scales this morning just to see whats up and low and behold it says I am up .600gms!!!! WTF!!!
Well this threw me for the day and I ended up taking the kids to school in the car.
Then went back to watch my son's swimming sports, headed up town to get some sushi for lunch and check out printer prices as we need a new one for the computer.
Located a computer and came home, chatted to a friend on the phone for a while.
Went to the supermarket to get dinner - brought dinner - american hotdogs along with some more diet coke, 1 big bikkie icecream and one marshmallow egg.
Drove to the school to pick up the kids -ate the ice cream and egg and am now at home trying to get the printer to work but apparently it can't read the disc!!!!!
The gentleman at the store that I brought it from wasn't much help on the phone - once I understood what he was saying!!! I now need to find someone who might know what I need to do to get it working or have to return for another model????
So all up the bad result on the scales this morning sent me spiralling downward with no excercise and lots of sugar!!!!
Oh and I still have to do the housework but can't be bothered!!!!.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Day Three

Well another day is upon us and the feet and body are feeling ok.
I have already walked the kids to school and had brekkie.
I am meeting a friend for a quick catch up and then onto the gym to join:
1 egg and 2 toast with marg 5pts
Nectarine 1pt
McDonalds Seared Snack Wrap ???points
rice crackers and hommus 2pts

To and from school 30mins
To and from catch up 40mins
I purchased some Cocoa Butter lotion yesterday as well and am going to start applying that to see if it helps the elasticity of the skin???
I have noticed on my thighs with the weight loss that they are looking quite loose and saggy - yuk!!!
But will see if it makes a difference or else I am only ever wearing knee length skirts and shorts for the remainder of my life (unless I can win some money for surgery!!!!)
Well the gym wasn't quite ready as with there new shift they apparently do not have the right cable to run the treadmill?????
So will give it a week and then see if they are ready and if not I might have to look at another gym
Talk later

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day Two

Well the feet are not sore this morning so that is good.
It is my babys 7th birthday today so a test of my will power this afternoon with his little party!!
I am off to visit a friend this morning who has just had her first baby and then walk to the beautician for my lash and brow tint and then home so all up I think about 4km today - I need to find a sight to calculate it!!!
Food today:
1 Egg and 2 molenberg toast with marg 5pts
I am also having one of the little bottles of activate with the probiotics and such so will see if that makes any difference.
Lunch will be roast chicken subway which I believe is 8pts!!!!
Back from my walk which was good I need to get a pedometer I think altho by the time I get it the week will be over!!!!
Lunch was yummy!!!
Now to get ready for this birthday party!!!!
Well the party went well - I did have a few lollies but nothing to bad.
We then had fish and chips for dinner which I had a piece of fish and a few chips
So I am over for the day but under with the excercise points earnt so all good.
Another big walk planned tomorrow - about 6km round trip and the walk to and from school twice so that is about 3.5 round trip each so 13km for me tomorrow!!! whew
Have a great evening

Monday, March 9, 2009

New Haircut

Sorry not sure how to rotate it around to view.
Well here is the new haircut.
I am not 100% sure about it yet - with the band of dark at the base of the hair but I do like the blond on top.
Off to get the brows and lashes done tomorrow.

Wedding Anniversary Flowers

Oh look at these lovely flowers my husband sent to me for out 16th Wedding anniversary on Friday 6th March.
So unexpected.

The Week Begins

Well I thought since I am on annual leave this week why not document all that I am doing, excercising and eating to see how I go - sorry it might be a bit boring!!!
So todays weigh in showed a small gain of .200 so that take me to 107.1kg!
I am ok with that as TTOTM is due any day now and that is ususally a gain week.
On the weekend I drew up on an A3 piece of paper 6 columns representing the days I am off and then the last coloumn was listed all the things I want to achieve before the end of the week.
I have written in commitments I have for the week including walking the kids to and from school and also any other walks I have planned.
THe good news is so far I have nearly finished half of the items on my list - this was helped by me turning off the computer as I waste so much time on it surfing the net!!!
So onto today
I am off soon to walk the kids to school then walk to town and drop off some library books, get some sushi for my lunch then walk to the local pools as DD has her swimming sports today but I need to leave at 11am to walk to the hairdressers for my cut and colour - yah.
Then walk home and relax before walking to school and bring the kids home again.
Ok food wise so far today:
1 Boiled Egg 1.5pts
2 Molenberg bread toasted 4pts(with marg)
1 Nectarine .5pts
12 pieces of Sushi 6 pts - Yum but very very filling!
Tip top Jelly Tip icecream 2.5pts
Large banana 2.5pts
Potato and beef schnitzel 5.5pts
cheese with above 2pts
veges 0
Total for the day is 24.5pts
2.5 litres of water so far
6km of walking as well!!! which earnt me 10 points for 3 hours of walking
So all in all a good start to the week - I have sore feet but I feel good.
Onto tomorrow.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

LIfestyle Look!

Well over the last week or so I have been thinking about why I am wanting to loose weight, what I am doing about loosing the weight and that includes the eating!!!
So I came to the conculsion that I want to loose weight because:
I want to wear smaller sized clothes
I want to wear nicer clothes
I want to be healthier
I want to feel more confident
I want healthy choices to be a natural thing to make.
What I am going to do to loose the weight:
I will eat within my points allocation each and every day
I will drink at least 2 litres of water a day
I will track everything that I eat on the online WW tracker
I will do some form of excercise everyday.
My Excercise Choices:
This usually would be an 1/2 hour walk in the morning with my friend, but unfortuantely she has become slack so I need to look at other options (Morning excercise is the best option for me and my family as it is very busy after work)
So on this note I am going to talk to my walking buddy and see if she is interested in joining the gym???
It opens at 5.30am so I could get there then and do up to an hours work out each day.
I will also begin using my swiss ball in the evening - I have a set of excercises that I do, so I will make the time to do those.
I am swimming on a Friday afternoon/evening.
I have my Ceroc dancing on a Tuesday night
If I join the gym I will also select one evening class to attend as well to add to the excercise regime!
So all that said lets begin this journey

Saturday, February 21, 2009

5KM Walk Update!!!

Well I had the Clevedon SUB Stride or Ride walk this morning, of which I was hesitant to go as I had a bad tummy this morning and wasn't sure I would be able to finish!
But since I had pleaded with my friend to do it with me I had to turn up!
Well the weather in Auckland was dodgy yesterday and wasn't looking too good this am but it was on.
So off I headed and it went well altho my daughters MP3 player didn't work for me so it was a quiet walk (My friend is alot taller than me so her stride is longer so off she went)
My friend finished 8th overall for the 5km walk so that was awesome!!
And I finished:
18th!!!! Yes that is right in the top 20 I couldn't believe it and I also improved my time from last year by 10minutes!!!! WOO HOO TO ME!!! (Final time was 48mins!!!)So as a treat for doing so well I purchased a Sarah Ulmber top as pictured above (she is the main person behind the SUB series)!!!
I am so proud of myself for this achievement it is the best re-motivation I can get at the moment!!!


Words of Wisdom!!

Well I received in my inbox one day one of Craig Harpers inspirational blog entries and this one struck a cord with me. It was the one title: Weight-Loss;Abbreivated Guide (for those who also receive them).
What exactly struck a chord I am not sure but it is one of those posts that I connected with.
He mentioned about what you can and can't change and how alot of people invest there time into the can't change ones.
What you can change was:
1. Your body age (biological age)
2. How you use your genetics
3. Your day to day behaviours
4. Your diet
5. Your lifestyle
6. Your excercise program
Now he mentions the biggest challenges are diet and head stuff. (So true!)
He then went on to say to step back, get some perspective and take an un-emotional honest, look at your diet, excercise, mind and lifestyle and see where and how you can change it!!!!
He also summarised with:
A:In has to be less than out for weight loss!!!
B:Make excercise a daily not negotiable behaviour as apposed to "a when I have time I will" excercise
C:It is hard because we make it hard
D:Keep a food and excercise diary
E:It is all about what you do when people aren't looking (What you eat in private you wear in public)

There were some other items mentioned but these hit home to me!!!

I was also reading Joannes blog (Joamy from WW boards)about the same time and she mentioned about her recent visit to the gym and listening to Joyce Meyer and how you don't need a wishbone just get a backbone - stop wishing you were like some one else and wishing it was you - go out there and make it happen!!!
Then Joannes next entry was another hitting home one for me about motivation and how it does leave you but you have to carry on and just do it anyway!!! (there was more to it - so go read Joannes blog for the full inspiring version!!!)

Thanks Joanne - you ARE inspiring for me!!! Keep up the great work!

All up I realised thru these entries that I have been going with the flow and half doing it and wondering why I wasn't loosing or in my case loose and then gain the same two kilos for the last 7 weeks!!!!!

So today I am sitting down and doing the no-emotion, honest, no bullshit look at what I am doing with my self!!!!

Will return with the outcome

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Reward Update

Well I have finally decided on my rewards for my next goals. They are:
20kg - Full Facial
Under 100kg - New Ipod or MP3 player
20% - Set of hand weights

I have also allowed the 20kg and 20% rewards to be switched if the hand weights are on special at the time I reach my 20kg - They are currently $80.00ish in Stirling Sports, a set of three weights 5kg/3kg/1kg and a stand for them

I am glad that is done as I really wanted to get them decided so I can focus on something again.

Well the week so far has been crap - work is getting to me - and I am not handling the stress of the workload very well.
So my aim tomorrow is to just try and take a big drink of water, go for a short walk around the office to "calm" and destress before reaching for the chocolate or chips!!!
I am also going to focus on my job and get that under control and then help the other departments - I have been helping them first and then making myself behind - DOH!!!!
Ok back to it

Monday, February 9, 2009

Weigh in

Well weigh in this morning gave me a .100 loss - WHEW is all I say!
TTOTM also started late yesterday so next weeks LOSS will be good (fingers crossed)
I have eaten well today and also excercised this morning!!!
It is getting alot darker now at 6am, it will lighten for a bit when daylight savings hits and then back to black!!!
Oh well lucky I have my walking buddy back.
Work has eased a little biddy bit today - I have decided also not to let work get in my ways of weight loss!!!!
Still need to set my rewards for the next lot of weight goals!!! Also found a 5km walk to do in May so that is another to add to my list.
Anyway not much more to ramble about.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Weigh In

I forgot to post my last weigh in on 02.02.09 - eek!
Well it was a loss of .600 good iI hear you saying and yes I agree, Altho a little annoyed as earlier in the week it got up to nearly 2kg lost (yes daily weigher!!!)
So I took it and celebrated it and allw as good.
As for the days that followed the weigh in OMG what can I say the merge at work has started and it is chaos!!!
I DO NOT handle stress well and have been eating not the best!!!
I haven't even weighed in - in the mornings this week so have no idea where I am at so Monday willbe interesting - not expecting much so will be very very happy with a stay the same or even a little loss!!!
TTOTM is just around the corner so that won't help the results.
We will see on the day aye!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

5km Fun Walks

Well I found the times of the walks I did in 2008, so I will record them here so I can see how I go on the next ones this year:
Clevedon Sub and Stride: 58mins
Mauku Walk: 54mins
Mothers Day Walk in Cornwall Park: 51mins

Ok so there they are - now I am competing in the Clevedon one again on the 21st Feb so will post about that then.
I am not doing the Mauku one - I found that one quite hard with the hills involved on my asthma!!!.
At this point I am hoping to enter in the Anelene one in Devonport at the end of March - just checking with Hubby about a few things first.
I am looking for some others but I will definetly do the Auckland 1/4 Marathon this year in November - just need to save up for it as we will stay in the city the night before so need monies for the accomodation and the dinner out the night before.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Weigh In

Well it has been done and it was a beauty!!
1.7kg GAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok - that said it is over and onto the next part.
I am however the same weight as the start of the month so on a positive note I have maintained for the first month of 2009!
Good on me!!!
Todays food went well - and I have even worked out tomorrows up to lunch time.
As hubby is the cook in the family I never have any ideas what I am eating at night so ussually have the salad at lunch to allow for the points in dinner!!!.
I am walking tomorrow with or without my buddy as said before I have to do this for me.
I have a 5km walk in the middle of Feb that I need to improve my time from last year - which I am hoping will be as I am 15+kg lighter and will have better walking shoes on - I think I did it in 58mins will find out and post both when I do it.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


I found this over on a craft blog I read - Blog me Baby - and thought its words were great.
It is from the latest Brad Pitt movie -

Fake it till Ya Make it!!!

Well another day is upon us and I am feeling blah AGAIN!!! - I am sorry to go on about this but it does worry me - I am normally an even keeled person and was so in the weight loss zone!! and then something happened - WHAT you say - I DO NOT KNOW!!!
But I have decided that I need to FAKE IT TILL I MAKE IT - and that means I am telling myself I am happy and I can do this until I know it!!!
I jumped on the scales this morning and it is not pretty - I am nearly up two - three kilos!!! Now I know that I have been off the rails a bit but did not in my wildest dreams think it was by that much!!!
Another thing that didn't really happen last week was my excercsing - as my walking buddy bailed on me a few times - well all the week - and so I didn't go (yet two weeks prior when I knew in advance that she wasn't there for the week I walk by myself everyday!) so starting Tuesday (holiday tomorrow) I am walking in the am -with or without her - I have to do this for myself - I didn't go to my dancing class last week either - which I normally love doing!! so that is another thing to start again!!!!
I will go for a walk tomorrow as well at some point - more than likely the morning and near my home.
I also need to start using my swiss ball I rewarded myself with at the 10kg mark as well as start using the hula hoop I also brought myself.
I also need to get crafting - I think this is playing on my mind as well as I haven't been creating and I enjoy doing that!!!
So POSITIVE is the key to this all and reminding myself why I am doing this.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Well the momento from the last post was LOST!!!
I put on this week - only .200 grams but for some reason I have lost my mojo this week.
Many factors are involved i think:
At work we have aquired a new business and have been informed on Monday that there is excess stafff for all positions and we will know on Friday if we are being made redudant.
While I feel confident I am ok I have lost the plot with my motivation. - I haven't been binging as I would in the past but have been making unhealthy choices with food.
This needs to stop (she says as she types this with an uncomfortable tummy from too much dinner.
I read the other WW blogs and am so proud of them for how well they are doing and wish it was me!!!
I need to sort this head space out!!!
Another thing I have just realised is that the goal I set of being at 103kg or less is now not going to happen and I deep down think oh well bugger it.
Again this needs to stop
Am I putting to much pressure on myself??? I don't think so - oh GOSH sort ya shit out!!!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Woo Hoo Its a loss!!!

Yup - thats right I lost and did it well - 1.9kgs!!!!
I was so happy when I stood on those scales and they registered 105.1kg - I was yeah!!!.
So I am .100 away from the lowest again - that .100 is nothing, I will have it gone and more next week.
TTOTM really played a big part this time and also the reduced fluid intake while away causing fluid retention did not help either.
My walking buddy is back this week - yah we are back to our longer walks which are about another 10mins longer than when I do it by myself as we do a different route whent here is two of us.
So my first goal of 2009 - be 103kgs at the end of January is looking good - just keep up the momentum Lisa.!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

First Weigh in for 2009

Well I have weighed in and it is a .300 gain!!!
So the starting weight for 2009 is 107.00kgs!!!
But I am not too disheartened as TTOTM is due any day and I feel it is part of the gain.
So onwards and downwards

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Weight Watchers 2009 Goals

Hi there
Just thought I hadn't shared my updated goals for 2009 from my Weight watchers signature so here they are:
2009 Goals:
1: 102.8 (20kgs)
2: 99.9 (under 100kg 22.9 LOST)
3: 98.3 (20%)
4: 97.8 (25kgs)
GWEJ: 103
Now to work out some rewards - I have been thinking about:
A bike
Some hand weights (I have seen a set incorporating three different weights and a stand at Stirling Sports for $80.00)
Any other ideas???

Last Day of the Holidays

Well today is my last day of the christmas holidays - back to work tomorrow. I must admit I am looking forward to it - I do enjoy my job but I prefer the routine working gives me. Being at home is hectic on my new lifestyle change (Trying not to use the "D" word).
I have also been feeling down the last couple of days due to:
Bloated feeling due to TTOTM approaching
the weight gain from TTOTM coming and christmas eating
(Money woes!!! - will be sorted after pay day on Monday night hopefully - Monthly pay sucks!!!!)
This lowness really sucks as I am grumpy with it as well -not good for the family!!!!
I must also say I am really nervous about weigh in tomorrow and had even wondered about not recording it!!!!
But I will as it is the only way to stay accountable to it - I know it isn't pretty but will only get better with the routine of work returning.
My morning walking buddy is away next week but I will still walk our route as I enjoy it, so that will help. We clocked out our walk - it is 3.5kms so that is good to know and doing that daily is great to increase fitness and reduce weight!!! - Yah for us!!!!
Anyway back to it

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 Reflection

Hey there and Happy New Year!!
Well I did weigh in yesterday morning as the offical last weigh in for 2008 and I ...........stayed the same!!!! - So 106.7kg was my "closing" weight for 2008!!!!
Ok 2009 Bring it on!!!!!!!!
A Few things that I have achieved in 2008:
Lost 16-17Kgs - YAH!!
Completed four 5km walks improving my time each time!!!
General fitmess has increased with my morning walks.
I am in size 18 clothes now!!!!!
A Few Weight Plans for 2009:
Continue to loose this weight - aiming for 25-30kgs for the year minimum.
Work up to a 10km walk (Hopefully in April)
Use my swiss ball more
Purchase some weights and incorporate them into my routine
I think that is enough for now