Monday, January 26, 2009

Weigh In

Well it has been done and it was a beauty!!
1.7kg GAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok - that said it is over and onto the next part.
I am however the same weight as the start of the month so on a positive note I have maintained for the first month of 2009!
Good on me!!!
Todays food went well - and I have even worked out tomorrows up to lunch time.
As hubby is the cook in the family I never have any ideas what I am eating at night so ussually have the salad at lunch to allow for the points in dinner!!!.
I am walking tomorrow with or without my buddy as said before I have to do this for me.
I have a 5km walk in the middle of Feb that I need to improve my time from last year - which I am hoping will be as I am 15+kg lighter and will have better walking shoes on - I think I did it in 58mins will find out and post both when I do it.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


I found this over on a craft blog I read - Blog me Baby - and thought its words were great.
It is from the latest Brad Pitt movie -

Fake it till Ya Make it!!!

Well another day is upon us and I am feeling blah AGAIN!!! - I am sorry to go on about this but it does worry me - I am normally an even keeled person and was so in the weight loss zone!! and then something happened - WHAT you say - I DO NOT KNOW!!!
But I have decided that I need to FAKE IT TILL I MAKE IT - and that means I am telling myself I am happy and I can do this until I know it!!!
I jumped on the scales this morning and it is not pretty - I am nearly up two - three kilos!!! Now I know that I have been off the rails a bit but did not in my wildest dreams think it was by that much!!!
Another thing that didn't really happen last week was my excercsing - as my walking buddy bailed on me a few times - well all the week - and so I didn't go (yet two weeks prior when I knew in advance that she wasn't there for the week I walk by myself everyday!) so starting Tuesday (holiday tomorrow) I am walking in the am -with or without her - I have to do this for myself - I didn't go to my dancing class last week either - which I normally love doing!! so that is another thing to start again!!!!
I will go for a walk tomorrow as well at some point - more than likely the morning and near my home.
I also need to start using my swiss ball I rewarded myself with at the 10kg mark as well as start using the hula hoop I also brought myself.
I also need to get crafting - I think this is playing on my mind as well as I haven't been creating and I enjoy doing that!!!
So POSITIVE is the key to this all and reminding myself why I am doing this.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Well the momento from the last post was LOST!!!
I put on this week - only .200 grams but for some reason I have lost my mojo this week.
Many factors are involved i think:
At work we have aquired a new business and have been informed on Monday that there is excess stafff for all positions and we will know on Friday if we are being made redudant.
While I feel confident I am ok I have lost the plot with my motivation. - I haven't been binging as I would in the past but have been making unhealthy choices with food.
This needs to stop (she says as she types this with an uncomfortable tummy from too much dinner.
I read the other WW blogs and am so proud of them for how well they are doing and wish it was me!!!
I need to sort this head space out!!!
Another thing I have just realised is that the goal I set of being at 103kg or less is now not going to happen and I deep down think oh well bugger it.
Again this needs to stop
Am I putting to much pressure on myself??? I don't think so - oh GOSH sort ya shit out!!!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Woo Hoo Its a loss!!!

Yup - thats right I lost and did it well - 1.9kgs!!!!
I was so happy when I stood on those scales and they registered 105.1kg - I was yeah!!!.
So I am .100 away from the lowest again - that .100 is nothing, I will have it gone and more next week.
TTOTM really played a big part this time and also the reduced fluid intake while away causing fluid retention did not help either.
My walking buddy is back this week - yah we are back to our longer walks which are about another 10mins longer than when I do it by myself as we do a different route whent here is two of us.
So my first goal of 2009 - be 103kgs at the end of January is looking good - just keep up the momentum Lisa.!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

First Weigh in for 2009

Well I have weighed in and it is a .300 gain!!!
So the starting weight for 2009 is 107.00kgs!!!
But I am not too disheartened as TTOTM is due any day and I feel it is part of the gain.
So onwards and downwards

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Weight Watchers 2009 Goals

Hi there
Just thought I hadn't shared my updated goals for 2009 from my Weight watchers signature so here they are:
2009 Goals:
1: 102.8 (20kgs)
2: 99.9 (under 100kg 22.9 LOST)
3: 98.3 (20%)
4: 97.8 (25kgs)
GWEJ: 103
Now to work out some rewards - I have been thinking about:
A bike
Some hand weights (I have seen a set incorporating three different weights and a stand at Stirling Sports for $80.00)
Any other ideas???

Last Day of the Holidays

Well today is my last day of the christmas holidays - back to work tomorrow. I must admit I am looking forward to it - I do enjoy my job but I prefer the routine working gives me. Being at home is hectic on my new lifestyle change (Trying not to use the "D" word).
I have also been feeling down the last couple of days due to:
Bloated feeling due to TTOTM approaching
the weight gain from TTOTM coming and christmas eating
(Money woes!!! - will be sorted after pay day on Monday night hopefully - Monthly pay sucks!!!!)
This lowness really sucks as I am grumpy with it as well -not good for the family!!!!
I must also say I am really nervous about weigh in tomorrow and had even wondered about not recording it!!!!
But I will as it is the only way to stay accountable to it - I know it isn't pretty but will only get better with the routine of work returning.
My morning walking buddy is away next week but I will still walk our route as I enjoy it, so that will help. We clocked out our walk - it is 3.5kms so that is good to know and doing that daily is great to increase fitness and reduce weight!!! - Yah for us!!!!
Anyway back to it

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 Reflection

Hey there and Happy New Year!!
Well I did weigh in yesterday morning as the offical last weigh in for 2008 and I ...........stayed the same!!!! - So 106.7kg was my "closing" weight for 2008!!!!
Ok 2009 Bring it on!!!!!!!!
A Few things that I have achieved in 2008:
Lost 16-17Kgs - YAH!!
Completed four 5km walks improving my time each time!!!
General fitmess has increased with my morning walks.
I am in size 18 clothes now!!!!!
A Few Weight Plans for 2009:
Continue to loose this weight - aiming for 25-30kgs for the year minimum.
Work up to a 10km walk (Hopefully in April)
Use my swiss ball more
Purchase some weights and incorporate them into my routine
I think that is enough for now