Friday, July 29, 2011

89 Day Challenge - Day 5

I was up bright and early this morning and hit the gym!

IT was my first full day doing my new programme!

I did well!

I am off work today to watch the kids as hubby is on a soccer coaching course and had to be on the other side of Auckland by 8am this morning!

I have a few little jobs I need to do but otherwise a nice relaxing day.

Food wise:

Breakfast - banana smoothie
Lunch - Tuna salad
Snacks - fruit
Dinner - unknown

I was amiss again last night with my snacking - oh why oh why oh why do I do it!

Must work on this yet again!

And I want to add my five on Friday as well:

So this week I have been grateful for:

1. The wonderful support of my hubby with my decision to join the gym
2. My two wonderful children who have been very good these school holidays
3. My awesome friend who has 4 boxes of clothes for me to try on first now that she has had lapband surgery.
4. Another wonderful friend who is just the bestest buddy in all aspects of my life!
5. My job for being stress free this week.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

89 Day Challenge - Day 4

I had a sleep in this morning!

The last few early mornings along with the late Tuesday night were taking there toll!

But I am back to it tomorrow morning.

Food wise:

Yesterday went well until I got home and hubby did not have dinner ready as he had gone out and left me to prepare it!
Argh - I was so hungry that I proceeded to "snack" thru the preparation of dinner!

This is one thing that I need to sort out pronto!

Todays Eats Are:
Breakfast - Banana Smoothie
Snacks - Orange and Apple
Lunch - Unknown, but will be a good choice!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

89 Challenge - Day 3

Well Up at the crack of dawn again this morning to get to the gym for 6am as I was getting my programme done today.

It went well, nothing difficult and lots to work with - mainly cardio as I was expecting - need to burn the fat!  There is also a little bit of weights and finishes with some ab work including the Prone Bridge (I think thats what its called)

I am a bit tired this morning aso as Tuesday nights are my late night! But early to bed tonight and I should be good to go again tomorrow morning.

I have Friday off work and am not sure if I will go to the gym that morning yet.

Food wise - last night I had subway for dinner - YUM!
But then I has a little pig out on some chocolate Biscuits at dance class so I definetly need to work on that!

Todays food:
Breakfast - Boiled Egg
Lunch -Sushi - YUM
Snacks - Apples and orange.
Dinner - Unknown

Oh the starting weight is 115.00Kg - EEK!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

89 Day Challenge - Day 2

Well as I said below - I was up at the crack of dawn and off to the gym!

It was interesting - my previous experiences with a gym have been a proper gym setup - now this place is set up for a gym but it is also the Local YMCA so there is a large basketball area and  the two mezzanine areas is where the "gym" is located.

One part is just weights and the other part is cardio with some weight machines - this is the area that I will be using.

It is very small - there was three treadmills, 2 cross trainers and 6 bikes as well as the weigh machines.

When I arrived at 6am there was two other people training and within 10-15 minutes they had finished.

I managed to do 20 minutes on the treadmill - with three stops (i kept hitting the emergency stop button by mistake) and then 5 minutes on the cross trainer and 10 more minutes on the bike.

I then went to have a shower and was the only one there the whole time.

I am getting my programme tomorrow morning so that will be good!

Food Wise:
Breakfast - 1 boiled egg
Lunch - Tuna salad
Snacks - Grapefruit and some chocolates from a co-worker who has just returned from America - yum!

Tonight - I will grab something as I am only home for a short time before leaving for a 6pm appointment, of which I need to repack my bag for tomorrow morning and work.

This is my late night as I have my dance classes - so I hope I can fall asleep easily since I am up again at 5.45am to be at the gym for programme catch up .

89 Day Challenge - Day 1

The other day our Grab A Deal website had a great offer to joing a gym for $89.00 for 89 days and even better was that it was a local gym for me!

So I hummed and ahhed about it, and thought a bit more and decided to give it a go!

I really want to give this a go and 89 days is not too long to commit to a goal and still feel it as being achieveable and a good time frame to set some goals

I would like to loose between 8-10kgs in this time (more would be great). They will do a weight and programme for me on Wednesday so will update then.

So first thing this morning I will be hitting the gym.

I want to try and post daily with this challenge to help keep me accountable and on track!

So technically yesterday the 25th July was day 1 but I was only able to sign up, as I had promised the day to my daughter for her birthday but watch out from now on.

Will update later on to tell you how it all went.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Birthday to My First Born

Today my daughter turned 14!

Oh I am feeling old!

But we had a fab day and enjoyed spending some time together - even if she had to share me with her younger brother!

These are all older photos of her

Happy Birthday Courtney.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ten on Tuesday...........

1. This week, full of the flu has not been as productive as I would like it to be.
2. The school holidays have started in NZ this week
3. My daughter is away with the outlaws
4. My son is doing a soccer holiday programme with hubby
5. It is very quiet with only one child at home
6. But I am enjoying him and his little ways.
7. My daughter is turning 14 on 25th July and I am feeling old!
8. But finally we can leave the kids at home alone together as 14 is the minimum age for babysitting!
9. Now for hubby and me to start going out together again
10. Or maybe not - as its so much fun with just the girls!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Five on Friday............

Lots to be grateful for as always but here are my top 5 today:

1. I am grateful for a nice warm secure house against this horrible weather in Auckland lately

2. As weird as it sounds I am grateful for this cold I have that is keeping me in my nice warm home and not out in the winter elements.

3. I am grateful for the conversation I had this week with an accountant who is helping me sort out a stressful situation in my life right now.

4. I am grateful for my supportive husband who is pampering me while I am full of the flu.

5. I am grateful for having this extra time at home to potter around and get lots of little things done.

How about you, what are you grateful for today?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Buzz on the Web.................

Here are a few more great links for you all to enjoy:

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Great Tumblr filled with positive pictures and sayings – Definitely worth looking at

I hope you enjoy these as much as I have.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Silly

Source Unknown - Sorry

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Whats the Weigh Day?

Starting Weight: 115.6 – 21.05.11
Last Weeks Weight:111.1
Weigh In this Week:
Loss this week:-.
Total loss so Far:4.5kg

Thoughts on the week that’s been:
This has not been the best week for me – I am feeling quite stressed at the moment and it is reflective in my foods choices and lack of exercise!

NSV:  - Nothing to note this week L

Food wise:  - Not the best choices this week

Exercise Wise:  Well I will confess I have not been on that dreaded exercise bike! – I need to sort this out asap!

Mind Wise: This had been terrible this week but I am hoping that a meeting on Tuesday will alleviate some of the stress for me to be able to concentrate on me and my weight loss journey.

The week ahead: I will be trying my very very hardest to have a great week this week – I do have a 1 year old birthday party tomorrow so that will be interesting  as I love me some party food!
The working week will be controlled as normal – just stay away from the snack box Lisa!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Five on Friday..........

I am grateful for so many things this week but these are the top 5:

1. I am grateful for knowing my friend Alanagh, who is into the same things as me regarding the power of thought, the universe and other ideas!

2. I am grateful for the dancing experience that I am getting while being involved with the teams event.

3. I am grateful that my son is doing very well at school as advised by his teacher at the parent/teacher interviews this week.

4. I am grateful for my determination in pulling myself back on track after a few down days.

5. I am grateful for the purging and simplifing I am doing of my possessions as I am feeling lighter within.

How about you, what are you grateful for this week?

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Goddess Guidebook

Go check out the Goddess Guidebook by clicking on the link above!

She has added a whole lot of great posts...........

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Buzz on the Web............

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Monday, July 4, 2011

Whats the Weigh?

Starting Weight: 115.6 – 21.05.11
Last Weeks Weight:111.8
Weigh In this Week:111.1
Loss this week:-.700
Total loss so Far:4.5kg

Thoughts on the week that’s been:
Well as I guessed TTOTM arrived on Sunday afternoon, so it was good to know that the gain was not food related!
The first part of the week wasn’t overly the best but I managed to reign it in quickly

NSV: Not snacking on Wednesday and Thursday night!

Food wise: Monday saw a little set back with a co-workers birthday morning tea and Tuesday has a few hiccups but the rest of the week was excellent!

Exercise Wise: I walked to work on Thursday and Friday
I have also given myself a talking to regarding the stationery bike I have at home that I borrowed from a friend. (that I find really hard even on the lowest resistance) that I will get on it each day in the month of July and if at the end of July I am still not getting better/enjoying it – then I can return it to its owner!

Mind Wise: I have a few things going on in my life at the moment that I do not have a lot of control over but cause me a lot of stress, I am trying to get it all sorted but it is taking a while and the longer it goes on the more stressed I get –so I really need to sort it out asap!

The week ahead:
Saturday (02.07.11)  is a very busy day and begins in the am right thru to the evening!
But the remainder of the week is just the same old same old.

Friday, July 1, 2011

July Monthly Goals

July's Monthly Goals:

1. Walk on Fridays to work

2. Have fish for dinner once this month
3. Complete 4 scrapbooking pages
4. Load up my Trade me Auctions
5.Continue sorting thru craft Room Wardrobe and throw out stuff not used in over 6 months
6. Purchase a new pair of pants and a new top for winter
7. Loose 2.5 kg this month.
8. Complete one more item off the 43 List