Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ten on Tuesday...........

1. I had a fantastic loss at weigh in on Saturday - only to sabotage it on Sunday!

2. I will be positng off my christmas card this week - yah!

3. My daughter and I went shopping for her Graduation dinner outfit in the weekend and managed to find something that she is happy to wear

4. My son sent off his Santa letter as well with help from his older sister (it was so cute watching them)

5. I am still struggling a bit in my head with this weight loss journey - but I will sort it out!

6. My 43 things to do before my 43rd birthday list is up now and I am excited to get crossing things off it!

7.We are having a BBQ at our place on my birthday so that will be one thing crossed off the list!

8. My dance workshop went really well, altho I had very sore thighs from the drop for two days

9. I will be updating my monthly goals list for December and reviewing the November goals tomorrow

10. I have finally got my christmas decorations up - will try and post some photos soon.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ten on Tuesday................

1. We are so proud of our daughter, she was one of 6 students selected to sit the Dux exam at her school

2. She was also accepted into the Academic Institute at our local High School for next years schooling

3. We are also proud of our son who got the sportsman of the night award at his summer soccer and also got the Player of the Day award the following night at his Touch game

4. I have completed all my Christmas cards and have them ready to post on the 1st December

5. I have also finished decorating the water bottles, snap boxes that will be going on the table on Christmas Day

6. My week on the Pro-points Plan did not go according to plan so I am going to go back to the old points system until I am under 100 and use the time between now and then to get to know the new pro points plan better

7. Check out this ladies Christmas Decorations – so nice and simple

8. I am still looking for a new bike – altho my husband has now expressed his concerns regarding the training, as he does not want me training on the roads as we have had a string of cyclist deaths in the last couple of weeks in NZ

9. Check out Gala Darlings interview with her friend Twinkie who is making a living in America from crocheting!

10.Life is starting to feel normal for me again - YAH!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Craigs Words of Wisdom on Weight Loss

Go check out Craigs email post for today - on 10 Ways to Kick Start Your Weight Loss

As usual it all makes sense!

I have listed it below as well for an easy reference for me!

1. Lose the Liquid calories. Drink nothing but water for 28 days. Some people consume over a thousand calories a day in fluids. Which makes obesity almost unavoidable. Throw down a fruit and yoghurt smoothie and you may have just added a lazy six hundred calories to your daily total. Keep everything else the same and drop the liquid calories and you might be laughing all the way to the tailor. Or is it seamstress?

2. Record every single thing you put in your mouth. Not fun, not sexy and not a particularly ground-breaking strategy but effective nonetheless. Keeping an accurate record of food intake increases our awareness, accountability and definitely helps us make better decisions. And no, we don’t do it to become obsessed, we do it to be disciplined, structured, organised and successful. And lean, of course.

3. Find a hill. And walk it. Walking hills is a great calorie burner, a great metabolism booster and a great arse and leg shaper. The bigger the steps, the better. The steeper the hill, the better. If you’re unfit, ease into it. If you can’t find a hill, stairs will do nicely.

4. Buy a skipping rope. And use it. Cheap, convenient and effective. And tough. Generally speaking, skipping will burn more calories (expend more energy) than jogging for the same amount of time. Of course, it depends on technique, intensity and a few other variables but suffice it to say that when I skip the weight (and fat) falls off. Again, if you’re a beginner, ease into it.

5. Do new stuff. New exercise stuff, that is. For many people, their exercise regime is Groundhog Day all over again. All over again. All over again. When we do the same type of exercise, for the same amount of time, at the same intensity level (give or take), we end up with the same body. Typically, if nothing changes (with our exercise program), nothing changes (with our body). Do different to create different.

6. Go sugar-less. Sugar is a killer. Not only does it turn many of us into diabetics and give us skanky teeth, it also puts our body in a hormonal state to store fat more easily – via the increased production of insulin. In other words, sugar creates a chemical reaction in our body that makes weight and fat loss less likely. Ironic that something containing zero fat can play such a huge role in the obesity epidemic. Watch those cereals. Most of them are crap. My fave? Natural oats.

7. Add some intensity. When it comes to exercise, many people are simply going through the motions. When they do exercise, they tend to make a two-out-of-ten effort, while hoping for a nine-out-of-ten result. No, you don’t need to be hard-core and, no, you don’t need to punish yourself but you do need to work at a level that necessitates physiological adaptation. Yes, intensity is relative and, yes, you should ease into it if you’re a beginner. But, if you’ve been training for a while, it might be time to get out of first gear.

8. Prepare all your meals. All of them. No take-away. No restaurant meals. No snacks from Seven-Eleven. Nothing in a wrapper. So simple and obvious that I shouldn’t have to suggest it but most people still won’t do it.

9. Find Two Minutes. Two minutes every hour you’re awake, that is. Did you know that if you can find a measly two minutes to do some moderate exercise every waking hour, you’re gonna add four hours (ish) of exercise to your weekly regime? Four hours! Your hourly instalment could come in the form of stair-walking, step-ups on a box, sit-ups, exercise bike, skipping, body-weight squats or a bazillion other simple and practical calorie-burning options. Two minutes isn’t even long enough to crack a sweat but add all those micro-workouts together and you’ll be enjoying a leaner, meaner you. I know many people who have dropped weight this way. If you must miss an instalment or two (for practical reasons), simply make up for it later in the day. You may even have to stretch yourself to a six-minute workout!

10. Exercise during the ads. Fact 1: Night time television typically contains somewhere around fifteen minutes of advertisements per hour. Fact 2: The average Aussie watches around three hours of TV per day. Fact 3: If Mr Average’s entire exercise program consisted of nothing but getting his heart rate up during the ads, he would be exercising for 5.25 hours per week! And losing his gut at a rapid rate.

The Last Bit
Naturally, the above list is not an exhaustive one but, rather, a few suggestions that have proven to be effective for many of the people I’ve worked with over the years. If you feel so inclined, you might want to start with one or two and build from there. Attempting all ten (suggestions) simultaneously would be a recipe for failure.

Motivational Monday

Click on this linke to 100 Wise Ways to feel better fast

I hop eyou enjoy them like I did

Friday, November 19, 2010

Finally Friday

This has been a long week for me and the weight struggles have been evident!

I know for sure that tomorrows weigh in will show a large gain and I really don't want to acknowledge it!

I have also decided to keep going on the old points plan and the Wendie Plan version until I get to under 100 and also work on getting to know the Pro-Points Plan in the mean time - changing over to the new plan really thru me this week so for my own sanity I need to got back to what I know and learn more about new plan.

I have also got onto some other struggles and am feeling the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter!

I am hoping to purhcase my new bike next week as well and then I need to get some new walking shoes!

So for now things are slowly getting better in my little world!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Monthly Goal Update

Being the middle of the month I thought it was best to check how I was going on my monthly goals:

1. Loose at least 4 kg - (.6/4) - This is going slowly - time to move it up a gear!

2. Drink at least 2 litres of water each weekend

(First weekend Update Not quite the 2 litres but more than normal!)

(Second Weekend Update - alot better - managed 2 litres WooHoo)

3. Load up the remainding items in the wardrobe onto Trade Me - opps haven't got onto this yet - must do it soon!

4. Make 4 Cards this Month - Another thing not yet accomplished - but I have ideas and I will definetly get them done by the end of the month!

5. Look for and if possible purchase my new bike

(I have been to a couple of bike stores and have my sights set on one!)

6. Finalise Christmas Decorations and place settings

(I have started organising these so that is getting the ball rolling on this one!)

Overall I am feeling happy with my progress on my month goals - would prefer the weight to be lower but am happy to not be gaining - I am trying to get my head around the new pro-points system for Weight Watchers but I am sure once I have that sorted, things will start moving along nicely

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ten on Tuesday.............

1. The cocktail Party in the weekend was awesome – lots of lovely ladies to talk to, lots of yummy nibbles to eat and lots of fabulous cocktails to drink!

2. BUT the cocktail party was so good that the scales on Monday morning were screaming at me to get off!!!

3. But the new Pro-points plan has started so that will help me get back to focussing on my weight loss journey

4. On Saturday I managed to get all of my 8 year old sons Santa presents – Whew am so glad that part is over

5. Now to try and think what to get my 13 year old daughter who only wants money to buy clothes with, but I have told her that she doesn’t just get money while her brother still believes cause Santa does not give cash! (as I tell him!)

6. I also managed to look in a couple of bike shops over the weekend and I think I have found the bike I will purchase – I can’t get over the price of them – eek!

7. Preparations for my Christmas decorating is coming along very nicely – I am just waiting for some coloured cardstock from my Stampin Up lady and then I can finish off the Christmas cards and belly banding the bottles and snap boxes – I will post pictures later

8. I have also nearly finished making the magnetic noticeboards for my nephews and cousins kids – photos to follow on those as well

9. Work life has settled down and things are running a lot smoother – thank goodness

10. Hubby and I have spoken about the savings and all is good in the world again!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Motivating Monday.......

Today I have another inspiring post from Mr Craig Harper on our need for Approval.


“Some people spend their lives chasing acceptance and approval but all they find is misery.”

Does that sound familiar? Have you done a little too much chasing over the years? Is it time for you to let go of the destructive habit of seeking the acceptance, approval and even permission of others? Perhaps you’re good enough all by yourself? Perhaps you should stop giving away your power? Perhaps in the letting go you’ll find the only acceptance you need: self-acceptance.

Try this:

“I approve of me.”

Liberating, huh?

An interesting phenomenon about us often-insecure creatures becomes apparent when someone is liked by ninety-nine people and disliked by one. Guess which ‘group’ will have the biggest impact on that person’s mental and emotional states? Is it the one detractor or the ninety-nine fans?

You know the answer.

Why? Because (1) on some level we have an unhealthy and unrealistic desire for universal approval and acceptance (that crap will wear you out) and (2) we have an uncanny knack of finding a needle of negativity in a haystack of hope. And then, we focus all of our misplaced attention on that teeny-tiny needle. We ignore the considerable good while finding the bad. Dumb plan. And a poor investment of our emotions.

Of all the human drivers, the desire to be wanted, loved and, of course, liked is near the top of the list. And while that desire is completely understandable – normal even – it becomes a problem when the want becomes a desperate, unhealthy and irrational need.

Here’s the scoop: not everyone will like you and that’s okay.

For your own health, it needs to be okay. When it’s not, you have an issue. Get comfortable with the concept and your head will be a much healthier place to visit. Perhaps there are people who enjoy universal approval and have zero detractors but I’m yet to meet one. And I won’t hold my breath.

Some suggestions:

1. Don’t compromise yourself in order to be liked. You might be liked by others but you’ll be loathed by yourself. Don’t work at being popular, work at being you. It’s a lot easier and requires a lot less energy and acting.

2. Identify your core values – the things that are most important to you – and live a life in alignment with those values. That way you are being your authentic self rather than trying to satisfy somebody else’s needs, expectations, values, demands and rules. When your decisions and behaviours are a reflection of your core life values, you will be living a life of authenticity and the ‘need’ to be liked will be a non-issue.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Confession Time!

I need to off load my brain to you all and confess.................

I AM STRUGGLING........................

I go thru the motions each day but I am not as foccussed as I have been previously! - I am good during my working day but loose it at night and eat and eat - Yesterday alone I ate over the day 3 chocolate bars!!!

I just can't seem to find the drive to get this weight loss journey back on track!

I do know after previous "life coaching" that I am someone who needs to have all the areas of my life in order for my life to roll along smoothly - these include work, health, family and me time.

Work - has been stressing me lately and I am on edge all the time there -
Health - while I am still walking to work, the eating is nowhere near good enough to be loosing weight
Family - This is probably one place that is good - and that is thanks to my hubby, altho he has been busy with commitments lately, that I am left alone with the kids at night - just me and the fridge!
Me time - well this is no existent! - I have not scrapbooked for months and months and the last lot of creating was for my sons soccer coaches end of year thank you, which wasn't very challenging creative wise!

And now to throw another worry into my mix - MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yup I have been spending a little bit more than I should and from our savings account without hubbys knowledge - ARGH!!!

And I don't want to tell him so I am needing to go to the bank and get an overdraft on my personal account to pay for it !

Why do I do this to myself!!!!!!!

So how do I get my groove back? How do I make all those areas of my life happy again? How? How? How?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ten on Tuesday (Opps a Day Late!)

1. Happy Birthday to My Lovely Husband who will be turning 46 tomorrow!(opps that would be today now!)

2. There is just under 1 calendar month to my birthday – yah me!

3. I surprised hubby by booking him in for a round of golf at St Andrews Golf Course ……in Hamilton with a good friend on Sunday just gone – He loved it!

4. I am attending a cocktail party this weekend – free cocktails all for the price of 1 bottle of bubbles and a plate of sweets to share!

5. My Daughters Jump Jam team won the local competition at our towns local fireworks display – they were so good!

6. My son has been asking for quite a while now to get “flames” cut into his hair? – I keep putting him off!

7. My local community course got cancelled – I guess not many ladies want to get Hot and Spicy in High Heels like I did!

8. Xmas planning is coming along great – will take some photos and post them up so you can see all my craftiness!

9. Weight loss is coming along slowly – but it is going down so that is all good

10. I haven’t been able to look for a bike yet – hopefully this weekend

Monday, November 8, 2010

Motivating Monday................

As you can see from my post below - I still can not post from home - argh! - I just don't know what is the problem and who to ask for help as I don't want friends knowing about this blog - so maybe a stranger is the way to go???

Work has been very draining and busy for me of late and has been testing my motivation and determination on this weigh loss journey.

Has it been winning - well to be honest - there have been a few weak moments but surprisingly not at work - I am very good with my eating whilst at work, so I am proud of myself for that!

Its those darn evenings that I need to sort out!

But I will ge there  - Weigh in on Saturday saw another .600 gone so now only 3.1 to loose this month to be under the 100Kg!

I can do this  - no to remain focussed and achieve it!

So here is a link to Craig Harpers recent post about When the Motivation Subsides - Hope you enjoy it

If you are wanting to sign up to receive Craigs emails then go to his website - http://www.craigharper.com.au/ and there is a sign in section on the right hand side to sign up for the emails

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

ten1. I am still recalling little titbits from the trip to Wellington and smiling to myself! – It was a great weekend!

2. I have set my new weight loss goal to be under the 100 at the end of November!

3. Now that we are heading into November – my Christmas preparations are well underway!

4. I have put my 43 things to do before turning 43 List up – it is one of the Pages listed under the Header above

5. I have also created another page with my Current Month Goals to help keep me focused on things

6. I am hoping to start a course at the local community hall called Hot and Spicy Heels – hoping to get some tips that I can use in my dancing

7. My BFF is moving house soon so I am helping her out with the moving and cleaning of the old house

8. I am also trying to install a new evening schedule for myself to help me achieve some of my craft goals and take me away from the telly!

9. My Daughter has made her schools Jump Jam team and they are going to be displaying there routine at the local fireworks display on 5th November

10. My Son is still not enjoying his touch games and feels like no one is sharing the ball with him

Monday, November 1, 2010

No Frills Personal Development

I have copied in some words of wisdom from the infamous Craig Harper - I receive his daily emails and find them very useful in my journey.

Here is his -  No Frills Personal Development post from a couple of weeks ago (I have been keeping it in my inbox at work but decided to post it here so I can find it easily!)

So, here it is team: my no frills, twelve-step, personal development philosophy for people who hate self-help stuff and cheesy motivational types. In order to avoid boredom, confusion and distraction, I’ve kept it simple and succinct.

Step 1. Don’t talk shit. Shit-talkers are notorious under do-ers, under-achievers and under-performers. They’re also pains in the arse.

Step 2. Don’t wait for shit to ‘work out’. Idiots wait for things to work out. Rather than hoping things will happen, make them happen.

Step 3. Lose the shit attitude. Attitude is a choice. Better attitude equals better decisions, behaviours and outcomes.

Step 4. Don’t eat shit. Being unhealthy on a physical level means you won’t function optimally on any level: mentally, emotionally, professionally or socially. Eat shit and you’ll look, feel and function like shit.

Step 5. Give a shit about others. Being a self-centred dick ain’t a recipe for success.

Step 6. Don’t make shit harder than it needs to be. Life’s challenging enough without you complicating the simple. Suck it up Princess.

Step 7. Do shit early in the day. Being productive early puts you in a better place (mentally, emotionally and creatively) for the rest of the day.

Step 8. Let go of your shit beliefs. It’s time to lose those self-limiting, disempowering beliefs. They’ve run your life for long enough. You’re good enough, talented enough and, yes, you deserve happiness.

Step 9. Shit happens and life’s not fair - deal with it. More often than not success or failure will be determined by the way you react to the situations, circumstances and events (good and bad, foreseen or not) of your world. Better reactions equal better results.

Step 10. Don’t focus on (or obsess about) shit you can’t change. Wasting your time, talent and emotional energy on things that are beyond your control is a recipe for frustration, misery and stagnation. Invest your energy in the things you can control.

Step 11. Don’t avoid shit. Putting your head in the sand just shows the world your arse. And none of us want that. Lasting change begins with awareness and acknowledgement. Step up and do what’s necessary.

Step 12. Don’t over-think shit. Analysis paralysis is a painful, pointless and unnecessary condition. To think is good. To obsess is bad. Stop obsessing.

I hope you enjoyed it and I didn't offend anyone - apologies if I did

Here is a link to Craigs great site for more motivational information!