Sunday, May 3, 2009


Well I am still alive and kicking - work gets busy for me towards the end of the month so I get a bit mentally drained and just blob when at home.
I have still been walking 4 mornings a week and we have worked out the ks for it and it is 4kms for the route that we follow so that is great.
I work up a sweat as well which is even better cause I know I am working hard.
I have also been out and purchased some new walking shoes - $160.00 NZD later and am finding that my feet are cramping within the first 1km of our walk - I am off to the podiatrist tomorrow morning to talk to him about it and get him to check my inner soles I purchased from him last year to make sure that they are all ok.
I have 5km walk on Mothers day up and around Cornwall Park in Auckland so I would like to know that they are ok for that - my time last year was 54 mins so as long as I improve on that I will be happy.
Food choices for the last week or so - are so so - again stress equals crap food for me and I need to get this sorted!!!It doesn't help with the snack box right near my desk so I see it every time I get up - not sure where else we can put it but will look around the office and see
Well thats it from me for now - promise to come back tomorrow and post my weigh in and podiatrist visit