Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday - Woo Hoo

Well I didn't get back to update my train trip - sorry
I was tired at the end of the day as I also stacked some firewood for an hour in the evening on Wednesday.
But I got up again and walked in the am with my neighbour and then off to work I went - it was good.
I needed to leave early yesterday to make sure I catched the earlier train and a guy at work told me about a short cut that I didn't know about that cuts out a hill - yah! and about 10 mins so I did that last night to ensure I got to the train on time.
I will use the short cut on the days I walk int he morning with my neighbour and then do the hill on the other days just to help me guage my fitness levels.
We had quiche and some chips for dinner last night and the salt again caused me to retain alot this am!!!!
Oh I also took my measurements last night and will measure again in a month to see how they are reducing!!!!(hopefully)
Better get on with work!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Train Update

Well I thought I would give a quick update on my journey into work.
The walk from home to the station was just over 10 mins but under 15mins - so I can work on reducing that to the 10 mini mark.
The walk form the train station to work was 25 mins and I was walking at a good pace - so that is all good - I made it to work on time but still needed a few minutes to get changed and stuff - so there is a bit of time to improve there as well.
I am going to leave at 4.30 and hope to catch the 5pm train but if not I can then catch the 5.18pm so that is good!
I might be able to leave at 4.25 each day to make sure i catch the 5pm each time.
So will update tonight on the trip home!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Well November is upon us already - Whew where has the year gone????
I went out yesterday and puchased a new back pack for the upcoming expeditions on the train - 12.00 so that was nice and cheap.
I also purchased a nice rain jacket to have at the bottom of it as the weather here has been a bit unpredictable.
I will take a change of clothes for two days into work on Tuesday with me and then I can just wear my work out gear for the walk and get dressed at work.
i willdo my hair tho before leaving but that will stay nice enough with the morning freshness.
I will take a cap to wear for the evenings and change back into the workout gear to walk home.
I have also located some square containers to fit in my back pack for my lunches (I had a round one before)
So all in all I think I am ready
Mondays will be a bit of a heavier load taking trousers and tops in to work but I will see how I go with that.
Weigh in Tomorrow - not sure what that will bring but am hoping for a loss of some sorts to make me feel all good about what I am doing!
I really want to get under 100 for Christmas!!!!