Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Another Update

Oh my goodness - apologies for the time delay between posts - but unfortuantely I have been letting my workload interfere in my life!!!!
But I am slowly clawing my way back - work has not eased as such but I am coping better with it - this "recession" is certainly making things more difficult for our customers and with me being in Accounts Receivable and having to chase people for money it can be a bit of a downer being the baddie - something I do not cope with well - part of the must have everyone liking me phobia I have!!!
Anyways weight wise has been ok - I am up surprise surprise.
Feet update - have been to the podiatrist and have new inner soles which he altered slightly so now have to get my feet use to the new shape - so they are still cramping - hoping that will go soon.
Haven't walked in the morning for about two weeks so willbe looking forward to getting back to that even oif it has been very cold here in NZ.
What else was there to tell you???
Oh does anyone visit the blog - She is in America and reports back on her meetings along with her insights and such - I personally find her interesting and lately a few things are hitting home so that had been good - go check her out and see what you think.
Anyway better continue with my to do list
Oh forgot to say I completed the mothers day walk in 44 mins - woo hoo 10 mins quicker than last year- so proud.