Saturday, February 21, 2009

5KM Walk Update!!!

Well I had the Clevedon SUB Stride or Ride walk this morning, of which I was hesitant to go as I had a bad tummy this morning and wasn't sure I would be able to finish!
But since I had pleaded with my friend to do it with me I had to turn up!
Well the weather in Auckland was dodgy yesterday and wasn't looking too good this am but it was on.
So off I headed and it went well altho my daughters MP3 player didn't work for me so it was a quiet walk (My friend is alot taller than me so her stride is longer so off she went)
My friend finished 8th overall for the 5km walk so that was awesome!!
And I finished:
18th!!!! Yes that is right in the top 20 I couldn't believe it and I also improved my time from last year by 10minutes!!!! WOO HOO TO ME!!! (Final time was 48mins!!!)So as a treat for doing so well I purchased a Sarah Ulmber top as pictured above (she is the main person behind the SUB series)!!!
I am so proud of myself for this achievement it is the best re-motivation I can get at the moment!!!


Words of Wisdom!!

Well I received in my inbox one day one of Craig Harpers inspirational blog entries and this one struck a cord with me. It was the one title: Weight-Loss;Abbreivated Guide (for those who also receive them).
What exactly struck a chord I am not sure but it is one of those posts that I connected with.
He mentioned about what you can and can't change and how alot of people invest there time into the can't change ones.
What you can change was:
1. Your body age (biological age)
2. How you use your genetics
3. Your day to day behaviours
4. Your diet
5. Your lifestyle
6. Your excercise program
Now he mentions the biggest challenges are diet and head stuff. (So true!)
He then went on to say to step back, get some perspective and take an un-emotional honest, look at your diet, excercise, mind and lifestyle and see where and how you can change it!!!!
He also summarised with:
A:In has to be less than out for weight loss!!!
B:Make excercise a daily not negotiable behaviour as apposed to "a when I have time I will" excercise
C:It is hard because we make it hard
D:Keep a food and excercise diary
E:It is all about what you do when people aren't looking (What you eat in private you wear in public)

There were some other items mentioned but these hit home to me!!!

I was also reading Joannes blog (Joamy from WW boards)about the same time and she mentioned about her recent visit to the gym and listening to Joyce Meyer and how you don't need a wishbone just get a backbone - stop wishing you were like some one else and wishing it was you - go out there and make it happen!!!
Then Joannes next entry was another hitting home one for me about motivation and how it does leave you but you have to carry on and just do it anyway!!! (there was more to it - so go read Joannes blog for the full inspiring version!!!)

Thanks Joanne - you ARE inspiring for me!!! Keep up the great work!

All up I realised thru these entries that I have been going with the flow and half doing it and wondering why I wasn't loosing or in my case loose and then gain the same two kilos for the last 7 weeks!!!!!

So today I am sitting down and doing the no-emotion, honest, no bullshit look at what I am doing with my self!!!!

Will return with the outcome

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Reward Update

Well I have finally decided on my rewards for my next goals. They are:
20kg - Full Facial
Under 100kg - New Ipod or MP3 player
20% - Set of hand weights

I have also allowed the 20kg and 20% rewards to be switched if the hand weights are on special at the time I reach my 20kg - They are currently $80.00ish in Stirling Sports, a set of three weights 5kg/3kg/1kg and a stand for them

I am glad that is done as I really wanted to get them decided so I can focus on something again.

Well the week so far has been crap - work is getting to me - and I am not handling the stress of the workload very well.
So my aim tomorrow is to just try and take a big drink of water, go for a short walk around the office to "calm" and destress before reaching for the chocolate or chips!!!
I am also going to focus on my job and get that under control and then help the other departments - I have been helping them first and then making myself behind - DOH!!!!
Ok back to it

Monday, February 9, 2009

Weigh in

Well weigh in this morning gave me a .100 loss - WHEW is all I say!
TTOTM also started late yesterday so next weeks LOSS will be good (fingers crossed)
I have eaten well today and also excercised this morning!!!
It is getting alot darker now at 6am, it will lighten for a bit when daylight savings hits and then back to black!!!
Oh well lucky I have my walking buddy back.
Work has eased a little biddy bit today - I have decided also not to let work get in my ways of weight loss!!!!
Still need to set my rewards for the next lot of weight goals!!! Also found a 5km walk to do in May so that is another to add to my list.
Anyway not much more to ramble about.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Weigh In

I forgot to post my last weigh in on 02.02.09 - eek!
Well it was a loss of .600 good iI hear you saying and yes I agree, Altho a little annoyed as earlier in the week it got up to nearly 2kg lost (yes daily weigher!!!)
So I took it and celebrated it and allw as good.
As for the days that followed the weigh in OMG what can I say the merge at work has started and it is chaos!!!
I DO NOT handle stress well and have been eating not the best!!!
I haven't even weighed in - in the mornings this week so have no idea where I am at so Monday willbe interesting - not expecting much so will be very very happy with a stay the same or even a little loss!!!
TTOTM is just around the corner so that won't help the results.
We will see on the day aye!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

5km Fun Walks

Well I found the times of the walks I did in 2008, so I will record them here so I can see how I go on the next ones this year:
Clevedon Sub and Stride: 58mins
Mauku Walk: 54mins
Mothers Day Walk in Cornwall Park: 51mins

Ok so there they are - now I am competing in the Clevedon one again on the 21st Feb so will post about that then.
I am not doing the Mauku one - I found that one quite hard with the hills involved on my asthma!!!.
At this point I am hoping to enter in the Anelene one in Devonport at the end of March - just checking with Hubby about a few things first.
I am looking for some others but I will definetly do the Auckland 1/4 Marathon this year in November - just need to save up for it as we will stay in the city the night before so need monies for the accomodation and the dinner out the night before.