Saturday, October 31, 2009

Still Plodding Along

Wow how time flies when the world is missing with ya brain!
I have been ok - up and down since my last post but getting there.
I have decided to catch the train to work for the month of November - 4 days a week - I need to do the company banking on a Friday and it is treat day - I like to buy Sushi on a friday as well.
So starting on Wednesday (Appointments on mon and tues that I can't change) I will walk to the train form home - 10 mins - take a 1/2 hour train trip - walk to work from the train stop = 30 mins and then repeat in the evening.
I am actually looking forward to it!
So am off to buy a back pack today so I can carry my wares

Friday, October 9, 2009

Finally Friday

Well the week has gone slow for me!!!
Not much to recap for Thursday - yummy food choices during the working day but then I fell down AGAIN - ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!
Hubby was busy so I had to organise my own dinner so I thought lets treat oneself to takeout!!!!!
Hmmmm........... decisions - i thought about this all day and was going to have a nice subway sandwich - then I thought NO lets have Canteen Noodle - Chinese - so off I went and got a Honey Chicken with Rice - YUM from memory and it was sort of - the chicken was too sweet for me (unbelievable I know!) and then afterwards I felt yuk. Oh and then the memories came back - oh yeah, last time I had this I felt yuk afterwards!!! - Doh could I not have remembered that before I ate it!!!!
So a quiet restful night was had - feeling sorry for myself!
But onto today!
Jumped on the scales -am down .300 from Monday - not much but in the right direction!!! the chinese wouldn't be helping with the sodium causing fluid retention for me>
No walk as my neighbour has TTOTM really bad (guess that happens when ya pushing 50!!!- hehehe)
I do have dance class tonight so that will be a little bit more movement
Water - 2.5- 3 litres
Breakfast - cereal
Lunch - SUSHI!!!!!!!!!!

Fingers crossed the weekend is a good one!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday Update

Well we decided to add some stairs into our morning walk today - so off we walked to the local train station and went up and down three flights of stairs - I will count them tomorrow to see how many there are
Boy did I feel it afterwards - but it was great to add something new to our routine.

Recap on yesterday - great during the day but feel down in the evening again - waiting for dinner!!!!
I have tracked it all and need to make a few points up but will get there!
I have dancing on Friday night and also Saturday night so that will help!

Walk 40 mins
Water - 3 litres
Breakfast =cereal
Lunch - Tuna salad with cheese
Snacks - nectarine and ww bar

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


No walk this morning - rest day
Water - litres
Breakfast - Egg and Toast - 2.5 points
Tuna salad with Cheese - 3.5 points
Snacks - 2 points

Well yesterday went well - altho I have a few points to make up - my friend and I celebrated the sale of her house with a couple of glasses of bubbles.
ANd then hubby had made the yummiest lasagne so we had a larger serve - oh and topped it off with a 2 point WW ice cream (Berry Mudslide)

But it was nice!

Talk soon

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


So this is what I have so far:

GOAL - To weigh under 100kg on Christmas Day 2009

As of Monday 5 October 2009 I weighed 110.00KG
I therefore have 10.1 kgs minimum to loose before Xmas day
There are 11 mondays from 05.10.09-21.12.09

I will achieve this weight loss by:
- Staying within my points allocation of 21 each day
- If I go over this I MUST make up the points thru excercise or reduction for a few days.
- Walking a minimum of 5 days per week for approx 40 mins
- Drinking 2.5-3 Litres of water daily
- Tracking ALL food on my Weight watchers on line tracker.
- Posting daily on my blog
- Posting daily on the WW boards


Loss Each Week - Purchase a Magazine
Tracking 7 days -
Water -
Excercise - Purchase 1 tutotrial off Inking Idaho for two weeks worth of excercise
Under 105kg - 2 x New Undies
Under 100kg - Get Rechecked for Bra Size and purchase 1 new bra

Will think a bit more of the rewards for the other two and report back


So today - I have:
Scales - 109.4 (.600 down from weigh in)
Walked - 40 mins
Breakfast - 35 g ricebubbles, 14/2 cup milk, 1 tspn Sugar and 1 banana
Snacks - WW bar and 1 Nectarine
Water - 2.5-3 litres
Lunch - Tuna salad with 35 g cheese.

I will be better today - and tonight I have a friend coming over so no snacking!
I am also trying to get onto christmas presents so will keep myself busy creating!
Talk soon

Day One of the new Journey

Well I did promise to come back later in the day (i think or I wanted to anyway) but it was so frickin cold in Auckland that I did not venture far from the heater and my blanket so will recap today.

I was perfect at work and then got home and no dinner was ready so had a banana so far so good,
Then hubby and I went and did the grocery shopping since the kids are away and he decided that he wanted pork strip thingys for dinner - so far so good - so we get home with the shopping and are putting things away - we left some tortilla wraps out - three went missing in the evening???? - that along with two of the pork strip thingys - YUM - and two slices of wholegrain bread with some butter and I was full!!!

ARGH - why do I do this - I know - I wasn't prepared for dinner not being ready - it throws me and I snack and then snack and then snack!!!!!!!!
So I went to bed at the normal 9.30pm and slept.
Roll on Tuesday

Monday, October 5, 2009


Well today I am back at it -again!!!
Yup I jumped on the scales this morning and they took me to a place i did not want to go - 110.00KG!!!!!!

And exactly the figure as well - but I guess I can't be surprised with the crap I have been eating and the no excercise for about two weeks!

But I am focussed again - I worked out last night that there are 11 mondays till 21.12.09 and I really want to be under 100kgs for Xmas day!!!!

So my goal is basically 1 kilo a week - It will take focus and determination - but I do want this!
So I am writing up tonight a little contract with myself and also some rewards and I will post it here so I am accountable.

Altho really it isn't that hard as long as I follow the programme (Weight Watchers) and excercise and drink my water!!!

So talk soon

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Well I am still alive and kicking altho not kicking weight loss!!!!!!!
I have been in a real funk these last couple of days/weeks and I am not sure why so thought I would come and ramble a bit and see what comes out of this head of mine.

Walking - well this has been pretty much non existent - my walking buddy is having a few issues herself with family life - her 16 year old son has run away from home and she is a bit beside herself - but on a slightly bright note - he does appear to be ok as he added his sister onto bebo the other day but then retracted her (i think he realised that they could see his page by doing that) and she has his cell phone and there have been replies to his bebo page coming thru on that so who knows - but back to me - so she hasn't been sleeping well so we havent been walking at 5.30am as she is tired.

Work - This is busy but shouldn't be a factor in the funk!!!! Month end has just happened but that is nothing new - A few work collegaues are pushing a few of my buttons - but again nothing new????

New bad habit - I have started smoking again!!!!!!!!! - Not full time but enough to be concerned - altho I say I must stop I am craving it! - I Stopped cold turkey about 2-3 years ago and after a year of not smoking I was able to have the odd one and not be bothered by it - meaning wanting to smoke full time - but lately I have been having a few more - so that is something I need to work on - quitting!!!!

Diet - As mentioned this has not been going the best - not sure why - more a can't really be bothered - and it has been like this for most of the year - going up and down the same 4-5kgs - argh!!!!! - Not sure what to do there - I wonder is it because I have no real goal to work towards???? will think some more on this!

Craftyness - My crafts do play a big part of who I am and what I do - I haven't really scrapbooked for a while and the photos are mounting up but find I am not in a creative mood when I want to do it (lost my mojo?)- if that makes sense - I have been going to some card making classes(stampin up) and am enjoying them - I even started on my xmas cards in the weekend but again couldn't think of anything to make - another ARGH!!!!!

Family life - Hubby is very busy with soccer shite at the moment and has been for all of September and will be for most of October - so we are ships passing in the night some times - and with all this on his mind he is not interested in day to day stuff - so I guess I am feeling a bit left out there!!!! - THe kids are good - nothing different there.

Friends - My BFF is going thru some stuff with her ex re the sale of there house and dividing there possesions and he is being a bit of a dick - but again nothing really affecting me.

DancingDance champs was a bit of a let down from the hype up to it.. I haven't really been to dance class for a while either as hubby has been busy and I am swapping class to a Friday night and only got to go there once in September but it was awesome - can't go tomorrow as I am off to Mumma Mia but definetly back again next week.

So all in all I think I am just a bit down and need to just FAKE IT TILL I MAKE IT and maybe that will help lift me out of my mood????

I also need to get back to the Weight Watchers Boards and start posting daily again which will in turn make me use the on line tracker which will make me aware of what i am eating again - so maybe thats the start on the weight loss journey again - track for a week everything - good and bad!?

Thanks for listening