Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The List Updated!!!!

WOW - I haven't updated this list since July and with just over a month to my birthday (yah me!) I thought I better see where I am at. comments in Red:

Bit of a boring read probably but more for my records!

44 Things to do before Turning 44!
1. Lose 12 kgs this year - (10/12) Start 118kg
Ekk this is a lost cause at the moment as I am back to only 2 kilos lighter than a year ago!!!

2. Attend 2 walking events Not important now

3. Visit a Naturopath
I haven't visited a Naturopath as such but I did go to the health food shop and got some supplements so I will call this  partially done!

4. Get a manicure-
Done 03.02.12

5. Get a pedicure
Done 03.02.12

6. Have a facial
NOPE  - bummer and not likely to be achieved in time either

7. Purchase an expensive perfume
NOPE - and another not likely to be achieved - in fact I haven't purchsed any perfume at all!

8. Purchase Goddess Leonie Circle Subscription ($99 USD)
Purchased 02.07.12

9. Listen to and complete the E-courses of Goddess Leonie’s
I am about to commence my first course on this one, I will transfer this over to the new list and see how many more I can complete

10. Purchase Gala Darlings Radical Self Love Boot camp ($100 USD)
Purchased 02.02.12 for USD$50.00 - SO VERY HAPPY NOW!

11. Begin the Process of Radical Self Love
Began 03.02.12

12. Purchase a new CD Not important now

13. Visit the Dentist
A BIG FAT NO!!!! But needs to be done!!!

14. Complete one week without saying anything mean about someone else each month
First month - not good! Second Month - Good! Third Month - Good! 4th Month - Good! 5th Month - Good!6th Month - Good! HAve deemed this one not important anymore as I am no longer as angry at work!

15. Go to Caluzzi Bar with Friends
A fanatastic night in September was enjoyed at Caluzzi with great friends!!

16. Go to one theatre event
Didn't make it - funds got a bit tight!

17. Attend an auction house auction
It didn't happen but still would like to attend one - maybe next year.

18. Go to at least three different markets (Farmers or Craft)
1.Attended Clevedon Farmers Market 29.01.12 - okay-bit expensive.
2.Attended Pukekohe Farmes Market 25.02.12 - Great market lot of goodies
 Didn't get to number three but will still try and attend a different market this summer!

19. Go to the movies at least 5 times either solo or with someone
OH how sad am I didn't go at all in the last 11 months!!!

20. Attend a community/night class (belly Dancing?)
NOPE!!!! Nothing caught my eye!

21. Try a new alcoholic cocktail
I tried three new ones at Caluzzi!

22. Get Courtney’s Album completed up to end of 2010 at least
still needs to be done! - but won't be completed within the month

23. Get Liam’s Album completed up to end of 2010 at least
still needs to be done! - but won't be completed within the month

24. Complete Heritage Album
still needs to be done! - but won't be completed within the month

25. Ensure all old photos are in my album
still needs to be done! - but won't be completed within the month

26. Have a weekend away with Angela scrapbooking
At her house with no children 7/8th January

27. Hand make 2012 Christmas cards
still needs to be done! - Should be done as I like to post our my Christmas cards on the 1st of December!

28. Complete Courtneys X-stitch for Angela
still needs to be done! - but won't be completed within the month

29. Finish Sewing on Guide Blanket
still needs to be done! - but won't be completed within the month

30. Attend a local concert
30.01.12 Hello Sailor At Papakura

31. Have a BBQ at our place - NOPE!!!!

32. Have three different sets of friends over for dinner
1. Juliet and kids over for dinner in February
NOPE Didn't happen but we went to other peoples placed quite a bit!

33. Travel somewhere in NZ – not soccer related!
Kapiti Dance Champs 16/17 March

34. See an outdoor movie - NOPE!!!

35. Take the kids up the sky tower ($50.00 for3, $61 for Family Pass-4)
Done 31.01.12

36. Take Nana out at least 3 times
1. High Tea with Cousins and Nana 11.02.12
2. Drive to Pukekohe for Shopping 10.03.12
3. Lunch with Blakes Ladies and Nana 10.06.12

37. Organise and action at least 3 family outings
1. 24.12.11 Stardome Observatory
2. 29.02.12 All Whites versus Jamaica at Mt Smart Stadium
Crickey just could find another to do - altho we did all go away with Liams soccer team to Taupo so partial count!

38. Got to at least 6 other Ceroc franchise classes.
1. Pakuranga Class 9/1/12 $15.00
Another sad sack I am - no other Ceroc classes attended!

39. Attend at least 2 other Ceroc franchise workshops
Ladies Workshop in Lorne Street 04.02.12 $30.00
Styling Workshop in Onehunga 19.02.12 $30.00

40. Declutter 100 Items – Can be sold, thrown, given away (100/100)
Achieved 04.06.12

41. Get our Wills up to date - Not yet done!!!!

42. Remove overdraft - NOPE!!!!

43. Reduce spending on Visa
Janaury - success! February - not as good! March - not good! April - so so!May -opps! June got payment from club so visa now back to managble level!
Rest of the year wasn't the best! - will try again in the new year!

44. Increase repayments to PSIS Overdraft
DONE 04.01.12 Increased from 50 to 100 per month

Updated 31.10.12

So thats it - now to compile the new list - lets hope I achieve more next year!

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