Thursday, February 14, 2013

Life and ME..........................

A Quirky Girl Creation

I have been a bit awol lately as I am going through a bad patch at the moment.
I am feeling lost and alone.
It is hard to explain but I  feel I need to try and get it out so I can start making some sense of it all.
I feel anxious all the time, on edge and alone.  I am trying to find where I fit in with all that I do.
An example is:
I belong to the local squash club and believe I have a few friends there - but when I try and organise a game with people no one seems available - but when i stalk look at the booking page I see that they are playing with someone else - but didn't mention that to me as in "oh sorry I already have a booking with so and so".
I am frustrated and confused with it - am I not a likeable person? What is wrong with me? Why don't they want to spend time with me?
All these things run thru my head and I just seem to work my self into a state.
Hubby doesn't get it! so I can't talk to him.

That is just one case - there are others but now I feel like I am complaining!
I think I need to talk to someone to get this all sorted out in my head!
I am also analysing everything people say when it annoys me and why is it annoying me

The mind is racing!
I don't think the hormones are helping matters either - so I am off to the Health Shop to have a chat to them.
I need to get back to appreciating all the little things that are happening in my life that do bring a smile and sense of accomplishment to me and then maybe things will start seeming brighter!
I guess I will have to follow the old mantra:
Fake it till you make it!!!!

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Chris H said...

I have felt like that many, many times during my life mate.
I'm sad you are not happy.
I would play squash with you any day.... IF I KNEW HOW TO PLAY, and if I didn't risk having a heart attack! lol
We should meet up again for a good old natter. lol... 'natter'... makes me sound like I'm 98!