Thursday, March 14, 2013


Inspired by something I had recently read but can't remember where or what - I often wonder .......
If I had a year to live what would I do???
Would I reconnect with old friends, right my wrongs, go on a misson of spiritual enligtenment????
or would I................
Laugh more
Worry less
Spend quality time with my husband
Spend one on one quality time with my children
Tell them all how much I love them
Encourage them to follow there dreams
Accept the unknown
Don't worry about the what ifs
Accept people as they are
Tell it like it is and be true to my feelings
Spend time creating wonderful family memories
Capture these memories in my scrapbook albums
Create more
Keep only what I truly love and cherish.
Surrond myself with positive people who love me for me, who accept me as I am and don't want to change me.
Why wait for a year to live to have the life I deserve all the time!
The above is what I need to be stirving for each and every
day that I am alive so I can be

1 comment:

Chris H said...

I am trying to do all of that now.
Love the list.