Thursday, November 24, 2011

The List Updated............

Here is my new list of things to do before turning 44

1. Lose 12 kgs this year 

2. Attend 2 walking events 

3. Visit a Naturopath

4. Get a manicure

5. Get a pedicure

6. Have a facial

7. Purchase an expensive perfume

8. Purchase Goddess Leonie Circle Subscription ($99 AUD)

9. Listen to and complete the E-courses of Goddess Leonie’s

10. Purchase Gala Darlings Radical Self Love Boot camp ($100 USD)

11. Begin the Process of Radical Self Love

12. Purchase a new CD

13. Visit the Dentist

14. Complete one week without saying anything mean about someone else each month  - This is more to try and stop bitching about those at work who pee me off!

15. Go to Caluzzi Bar with Friends

16. Go to one theatre event

17. Attend an auction house auction

18. Go to at least three different markets (Farmers or Craft) 

19. Go to the movies at least 5 times either solo or with someone

20. Attend a community/night class (belly Dancing?)

21. Try a new alcoholic cocktail

22. Get Courtney’s Album completed up to end of 2010 at least

23. Get Liam’s Album completed up to end of 2010 at least

24. Complete Heritage Album

25. Ensure all old photos are in my album

26. Have a weekend away with Angela scrapbooking

27. Hand make 2012 Christmas cards

28. Complete Courtneys X-stitch for Angela

29. Finish Sewing on Guide Blanket

30. Attend a local concert

31. Have a BBQ at our place

32. Have three different sets of friends over for dinner

33. Travel somewhere in NZ – not soccer related!

34. See an outdoor movie

35. Take the kids up the sky tower ($50.00 for3, $61 for Family Pass-4)

36. Take Nana out at least 3 times

37. Organise and action at least 3 family outings

38. Got to at least 6 other Ceroc franchise classes.

39. Attend at least 2 other Ceroc franchise workshops

40. Declutter 100 Items – Can be sold, thrown, given away

41. Get our Wills up to date

42. Remove overdraft

43. Reduce spending on Visa

44. Increase repayments to PSIS Loan

Well I think all are achieveable and I am excited to see how many I get accomplished over the next 12 months.

1 comment:

Chris H said...

I only have one thing on my list for next year: Pay off Visa! lol
Your list looks like more fun.