Monday, November 28, 2011

Where I am At!

Well lately life has been a bit too much for me to focus on my weight loss journey, so I have been just going thru the motions of surviving and if surviving is eating what eva then that is what I was doing.


Last week something changed in the head space and I had a great week food wise.

I am trying a hot lemon drink before all meals and also having fruit for breakfast and morning snacks.

This helped me loose 2.2kgs last week - woohoo!

This has really given me a good start for the journey and I am feeling back in control!

I have also been having lots of salads for dinner and not snacking in the evenings.

Now to get the enthusiasm to walk to work four days a week again.

I am also enjoying the Woman in Squash course and am seriously thinking about joining for the remainder of there year which will cost about $60.00 for 3 three months so not to bad as I will also get a racquet with the joining up.

I really want to get down at least another 5 kilos by 14 January as we are having family photos for my grandmothers 90th birthday, which is in about 7 weeks so I think that is totally doable!

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Chris H said...

Well done chick.
I hope you enjoy the squash.