Thursday, April 26, 2012


Reading: The Fifty Shades Trilogy by EL James – I have joined the masses, reading what has been labeled as “Mummy Porn” .

Having just finished the first one = 50 Shades of Grey – It definitely draws you in and makes you want to get started on the second one. I won’t give away any story line today –but has anyone else read it?

Watching: Currently loving my trashy reality shows (don’t judge me) and am loving Guliana and Bill – Oh so happy they just confirmed a pregnancy thru surrogacy, I also enjoy the NCIS shows along with Criminal minds and must also admit – loving me some Glee at the moment.

Working on: I am still working on my will power with food! – Oh the battles we have and I am currently loosing most of the battles!

Thinking About: All the craft projects I have on the go – I must sort out my priorities!

Anticipating: - Parent/Teacher interviews in two weeks for Courtney – I hope she is doing well.

Listening to: Bruno Mars – I love the variety on his album!

Eating: Yummy Tuna salads for lunch – but will need to start thinking about something a bit warmer for when winter hits!

Wishing: I was going to the Waikato Ceroc Champs in Two weeks but alas no dance partner so no dancing for me!

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