Saturday, April 14, 2012

Just for Me..................

Asics Ayami Jensei

Well ain't these the prettest thing ya ever did see!

After feeling very tired and sore walking yesterday I decided that new sneakers were needed.

I have had my current ones for nearly 18 months and I was starting to feel every stone I stood on - not good!

So this morning after my weigh in which was 110.9kg - up .400 (love how I have hidden it in this post due to the slight gain!) I decided I needed some new walking shoes stat!

I jumped onto the computer and checked out Rebel Sports and Stirling Sports and saw those beauties above!

We headed off to Rebel Sports in Manukau and they fit perfectly. I even walked around for a while in them in the store and decided why not!

So I am about to take them on there first outing - eek - hope they are ok!

1 comment:

Chris H said...

Well they are just so YOU Pinky! lol
How did they go?