Saturday, April 7, 2012

Resetting Goals and Rewards

I have been struggling the last couple of weeks with my weight loss journey. I guess you get that when you loose focus and let life get in the way too much!
I realised that my initial goal was to loose for the trip to Wellington, of which I did. I lost 9kg, and for that I am proud.

What I am not proud about is how I then let myself go so to speak! I lost my focus, allowed bad habits to creap in! Ate easter eggs (big down fall!), stopped walking to work and stopped achieving things at home which lead me to being bored which leads to eating!!!

So I sat myself down and had a chat! And guess what - we both don't want to put the weight back on - we both want to continue loosing weight and along with another wake up call from my recent blood test that showed my blood sugar was a bit high (sitting on 5 I think) and then being handed the diabetic literature!

I guess it freaked me out a bit - and not in a good way (binged!) BUT that is going to change.

I have to redo my bloods in three months which is in June - lets make it the end!

So my goal for that blood test is to be weighing under 100kg!

Which makes 12 Saturday weigh ins (from when I sat and worked out my plan!)

My weight on that day was 111.7kg!

Today is the first weigh in with a weight of 110.5kg which gives me a 1.2kg loss  - yah! So that leaves me 10.6 to loose in 11 more weigh in  days!

How will I achieve this:

 - Begin walking to work again 4 days a week
 - Playing squash at least twice a week
 - Incorporate some other form of excercise into the weekend
 - Control my food choices.
 - Remind myself why I want this!

My rewards will be:
A Facial!

A day off from work to go to the movies
With a small icecream and popcorn!

There will also be some mini rewards along the way to keep me motivated but I haven't finalised them yet - finances dependent!

But watch this space for updates!


Anonymous said...

Hey Pinky - I weighed in at 112kg's this Saturday. Would you mind if I joined you and I also aimed to be under 100 in that time frame? We could do it as a challenge together and then hopefully make it together!! Let me know what you think, other bloggers could join and they don't have to be under 100 they could just set their own goals and we could call it the Pinky challenge? Let me know your thoughts and we could both post something on our blogs. Bec

Pinky said...

Thanks for the encouragement Bec - Would love to do this with you - not sure who would want to join a challenge?

Anonymous said...

Best of luck with your goals! You have the motivation to do it :)