Friday, November 23, 2012


WOO HOO I did it

I have managed to declutter another 100 items from my home!!!

So that is a total of 200 items consciously from my home!

I am amazed at how much stuff I have gotten rid of and have not made that big a dent in our household items!

I am hoping with my plan to try and declutter 365 things next year I will notice a difference.

1. Wooden CD Tower given to Hospice Shop
2. WW Eating out Guide given to Hospice Shop

3. Cadoo Game given to Hospice Shop
4. Round Mirror - to Hospice Shop
5. Glass Jar to Hospice Shop
6. Old Bathroom Scales to the Hospice Shop
7. Craft paper given to Hospice Shop
8-10 Three old frames of my parents thrown
11. Old computer discs thrown
12. Old Folder thrown
13. Old Towel Thrown
14-15 2 Pairs of Jeans sold on Trade Me
16-17. 2 photo Albums given to Rochelle
18. Book sold on Trade me
19.Old tin used for gift exchange
20. CD sold on Trade me
21-25. 5 Items thrown in inorganic collection
26-28 3 Items used in gift exchange
29. Old pair of shoes thrown
30-32 Three trays donated to Garage Sale
33 An old bikes of Liams donated to Garage sale
34. Book donated to Garage Sale
35-36. Bowl and Platter donated to Garage Sale
37. Old but New Coconut drink container donated to Garage Sale
38. Set of wine glass charms donated to Garage Sale.
39-42 4 Items of clothing donated to Garage Sale
43. Crop o dile sold on trade me
44-47. Eylets sets sold with crop o dile on trade me
48. Hanger donated to garage sale
49-50. Stampin Up heat gun and embossing powder sold on Trade Me.
51-57. 7 pairs of shoes put into the inorganic collection
58. Old bag in inorganic
59. Old Frypan in the inorganic
60-80.Cleared out old clothes of Liams - thrown and placed in clothing bin.
81-88.Used 8 tins to craft up nephews and cousins kids Christmas gift.
89-90 2 Pairs of Courtneys shoes donated to clothing bin
91-92. 2 Old sheets thrown out
93. My old back pack thrown out
94. Favourite Dress Thrown out that was wearing thin :(
95. Pair of shoes thrown
96. Old sunglasses thrown as broken
97. Bag strap thrown as not required
98-100. Threw out 2 pairs of old shoes and some jeans on hubbys!


Chris H said...
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Chris H said...

Good god, you kept track of everything you dispatched out of your house!
That is not just decluttering, it's saying bye bye properly!
That probably takes dedication to the decluttering!

I declutter in a way... I find a better place for it in the house!

Tidy. Thats me!

Kelly H said...

WOW - very impressive. I need to follow suit.

I've had about eight trash bags of ill-fitting clothes "attempting" to hide behind my guest bed for four months...


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