Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Home Made Christmas Gift................

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Inspired by this picture - I decided to make "Ice Cream Sundae Making Kits" for the children that I give gifts to at Christmas.

They are 3 nephews and 1 niece along with 4 boy second cousins and  2 girl second cousins (My cousins kids!)

So thats 10 children that I need to give a christmas gift too and of which I like to "make" them something special each year.  Now two of them are under 1 so they didn't keep a kit as such just part of it.

Past gifts have been:
Family Summer Fun Buckets - Just add water! (water bombs, water guns, etc)
Individual Treasure Boxes for keeping speacial things in
Canvas with name and photo on it

So I had been storing collecting hoarding these tins  below and have wanted to use them for something as I couldn't bring myself to throw them out - I mean look at them - they have to be good for something! (there are more I am ashamed to say but not many more - LOL)

Ok so now that I knew what I wanted to do with them - they needed to be covered:
Thats when little people are brought in to help with the gluing!
Liam holding onto the tin while I apply the glue

Roughed up a bit
Held together waiting for the glue to dry

I also roughed them up a bit with sandpaper to help the glue and paper adhere together.

I  had already measured the tins before gluin and cut some black paper to wrap around the tins, they are slightly longer than the paper I had so I needed to add a little bit onto the end.
Double sided tape used to add the extra.
Once that was done I "banded" them all in different colours along with co-ordinating lids and attached a front label

All banded and waiting for the front label
I also used stickers to write there name on the lids.
Looking pretty

Close up of the label. - I am still on the look out for larger ice cream themed stickers to add to the label as I think therse are too small - not worried if I don't as I am sure the kids don't care.
Now to add the ingredients - This part took a while to decided exactly what I wanted to  put in and as I had already purchased different sized little containers so I needed to be able to use them up.

Pictured is 100's & 1000's, mini M&Ms, Baking jelly beans, Chocolate Hail, and some other sprinkles
I couldn't resist there cellophane bags and filled them up with mini marshmallows!

 Now every ice Cream Sundae needs a special bowl to be enjoyed in don't they:
This size one was for my cousins children and they are in this blue, green and a pink one.

These ones are for my nephews - all blue ones
The all also got a spoon with there name engraved on them
The larger dishes got the longer dessert spoons and the smaller ones just a normal teapsoon.

I then hunted thru my other stored collected hoarded items and located gift bags to put them in individually.

Here they are already and waiting for there label - JUST ADD ICE CREAM!!!!

The two littles are getting dishes and spoons and a little something extra since they are too small for the ice cream sundae toppings. - I hope to upload a photo soon of the extra gift - just finishing them off.

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donna said...

wow what a cool Auntie you are im sure these will be loved by all :)