Saturday, February 7, 2009

Weigh In

I forgot to post my last weigh in on 02.02.09 - eek!
Well it was a loss of .600 good iI hear you saying and yes I agree, Altho a little annoyed as earlier in the week it got up to nearly 2kg lost (yes daily weigher!!!)
So I took it and celebrated it and allw as good.
As for the days that followed the weigh in OMG what can I say the merge at work has started and it is chaos!!!
I DO NOT handle stress well and have been eating not the best!!!
I haven't even weighed in - in the mornings this week so have no idea where I am at so Monday willbe interesting - not expecting much so will be very very happy with a stay the same or even a little loss!!!
TTOTM is just around the corner so that won't help the results.
We will see on the day aye!!!

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