Sunday, February 1, 2009

5km Fun Walks

Well I found the times of the walks I did in 2008, so I will record them here so I can see how I go on the next ones this year:
Clevedon Sub and Stride: 58mins
Mauku Walk: 54mins
Mothers Day Walk in Cornwall Park: 51mins

Ok so there they are - now I am competing in the Clevedon one again on the 21st Feb so will post about that then.
I am not doing the Mauku one - I found that one quite hard with the hills involved on my asthma!!!.
At this point I am hoping to enter in the Anelene one in Devonport at the end of March - just checking with Hubby about a few things first.
I am looking for some others but I will definetly do the Auckland 1/4 Marathon this year in November - just need to save up for it as we will stay in the city the night before so need monies for the accomodation and the dinner out the night before.

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Heather said...

Wow, that's impressive walking Lisa! I've got to get back into exercise this month...Keep up the great effort, well done!