Saturday, February 4, 2012

Ladies Body Movement & Styling Workshop.......

Beautiful sexy woman dancing on shite background  Stock Photo - 4191882

I am off to a Ladies Play workshop today!!!!!!!!
It is being held at the Lorne Street Studio in Auckland City.  I haven't been to this studio yet so am looking forward to it as this is where a LOT of the good dancers come from.

The teacher/instructor is a lady who has done lots of different dance styles and is very elegant yet sexy with her moves!

The course description:

Why is warm up so important and how to do it properly?
How to improve and work on your body isolation / body waves and general body movement
Striking a good pose: "how to" and "when to"?
Basic rules of arm styling
Leg styling
Coming out of dips
Coming out of turns
Hair play
What's a sexy face and how to use it

Can't wait as it will be so much fun - learning more about how to have the wow factor when dancing. Sometimes it is hard to know what to do and when to do it when dancing.
I am going with my dancing friend Andrea, so at least I won't feel like a complete prat all by myself!
Will update about the course tomorrow.

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