Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Weekend...................

I had another PIGGY Weekend!!!!!!!!!!
Why do I do this to myself?????
I weighed in as normal and showed a loss of .500 grams
Yay Me
Total lost 9kgs for 2012!
I had decided to head out to a Farmers Market before my sons cricket game to pick up some fruit and veges. But I slept in so we were rushing around and did not have breaksfast before leaving - 1st mistake!
I then let my 9 nearly 10 year old son dictate what we would have for breakfast!
You guessed it - McDonalds
I thought thats ok i will make today my high point day no worries.
I have a BLT Bagel - yum
Finish 1 1/2 pancakes of his and drink half his chocolate thickshake - cause I didn't want to waste
the 14.00 we had spent on getting the breakfast!
After cricket he reminded me I had promised him an ice cream after the game
2nd mistake - Thinking since its my high point day - I can have one as well,
We then headed home got ready to go and stay at my BFF's for the weekend.
Head to the supermarket to pick up a few supplied for said son to  snack on while
staying at the BFF's.
BFF and I decided American Hotdogs and chips for dinner would be good.
3rd Mistake!
4th Mistake - me purchasing some pineapple lumps for us to nibble on while scrapbooking!
Once at her place I was good until dinner and ate 2 American Hotdogs and chips!
Sunday did not prove to be any better
I didnt have a proper breakfast!
I went grocery shopping and decided to treat myself to some crackers
Spent the afternoon eating cheese and crackers!
And eating way to much fruit!
The week is going to be spent yet again trying to reverse the damage I do in the weekend!
When will this girl learn!


Amanda said...

Stop beating yourself up!! Sounds to me like you had a fun weekend with family AND friend time :)

Chris H said...

I had that sort of weekend too! But, moving on... while remembering life is supposed to be for living ... and enjoying.
And we both enjoyed our weekend eh?
This is good!