Thursday, May 3, 2012


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Reading: The Fifty Shades Trilogy by LE James - just finish the third book – it definitely draws you in to the story line and lots of sex scenes for sure – How sad is this that towards the end of the second one I was skimming thru the sex scenes as I was getting bored with them!

Watching: NOT MUCH!!! – Life has definitely got a bit busier for me lately –luck I have my favourites recorded – now to find the time to watch them!

Working on: My tolerance levels at the moment – work has got busier for me and a few fellow colleagues are doing my head in!

Thinking About: The next dance champs in September as I am not sure if I will be able to join in as I don’t have a current dance partner and as usual lots of women and no men!

Anticipating: - The start of winter – the last two nights here in Auckland have been cold – there was a frost this morning!

Listening to: The chatter of the office – lots going on: phones, voices, music, trucks – argh!

Eating: Wisely?! – The choices have been so much better this week , altho TTOTM is due so I am not sure I will be rewarded on the scales this Saturday morning.

Wishing: For the time that will arrive shortly when our lifes fall into the familiar routine of winter, not long now I hope!

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