Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wise Words from Mr Harper

1. Stop waiting for someone to fix you, save you or marry you.

2. Look at the world through a different window.

3. Don’t chase the quick-fix.

4. Stop seeking the approval of people who don’t care about you.

5. Don’t allow your fear to limit your potential or possibilities.

6. Don’t wait for things to break; address them now.

7. Identify your core values and live in alignment with them.

8. Treat your body better. From now.

9. Give away some of your stuff (not the crap).

10. Be the solution dude (dudette), not the problem dude.

11. Give up alcohol.

12. Stop blaming time and start managing it.

A list from Craig Harper  - Twelve Ways to make your life suck less (or not at all) 
If you haven't already go check him out - he has some great down to earth advise!

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