Saturday, May 19, 2012

Weigh In

Last Week 107.9
This Week : 107.8

Lost: 100 grams

Total lost Now 10.5kg!

 Really thought it was going to be more this week - oh well -with less excercise I guess the scales never lie!


Last weeks eating and thoughts...................
Saturday 12.05.12 ( 107.9 at 7.30am)
Plus One - 22 Points
Breakfast - 1 Egg 1.5 points
Lunch - Roast Chicken Subway 6.5 points
Dinner -American Hotdog
Total Points: 22 points
Excercise; NONE
Thoughts on the day: The beginning of the day went well and I enjoyed a morning with the kids and a trip to Newmarket. In the afternoon I helped Juliet in the kitchen and proceeded to "nibble" on some chips - not a good move! - American Hotdog for dinner. Not a lot of water comsumed either.

Mothers Day - Sunday 13.05.12(108.4 at 8 am)
Minus 2 - 19 Points
Breakfast -2 crumpets, chicken bacon, egg 6 points
Snack - 1 WW Bar 1.5 points
Lunch - Bun 2 pts, Chips 3 points
Dinner - Chicken Chasseur and rice with veges 6.5 points
Total Points: 19 Points
Excercise: NONE
Thoughts on the day: A Yummy Mothers Day breakfast filled me up for quite a while, relaxing day pottering around the house, late lunch snack.Had over 1 litre of water in the afternoon. No excercise, relaxing evening with yummy dinner

Monday 14.05.12 ( 108.1 at 6.00am)
Minus 4 - 17 Points
Breakfast - 1 egg 1.5 points
Snack - 1 small apple .5 point
Lunch - Tuna salad with cheese 3 points
Snack - 1 small orange .5 point
Dinner - Roast potatoes, steak, veges 11.5
Total Points: 17 points
Excercise: 40 Minute squash game
Thoughts on the day: Took car to work today as dropped off Richard at his place. Been working at current job 5 years today! Cold day at work and feeling like wanting comfort food but have resisted so far, cup of tea helped. Water consumption good, finished 1.25l just after noon. Great game of squash in the evening and then just relaxed.

Tuesday 15.05.12 (108 at 6.30am)
Plus 10 - 31 Points
Breakfast - 1 egg 1.5 points, 1 grapefruit 2 points
Snack - 1 orange -.5 point, Kit Kate Chunky 8.5 points
Lunch - Tuna salad with cheese 3 points, Can of Diet Coke 0 points
Snack - Small Tin of Creamed Rice - 4.5 points
Dinner - Yummy Roast Chicken Subway and 1 cookie 10.5 points
Total Points - 31 points
Excercise - NONE
Thoughts on the day:Another rainy day so had to take the car to work.As funny as it sounds the high point days can be hard to get all the points in! Oh well life is hard some days (LOL), Remainder of the day went well and lots of fun at dance class. Managed to drink 2 1.25 litres of water today.

Wednesday 16.05.12 ( 107.8 at 6.30am)
Normal - 21 Points
Breakfast - 1 egg 1.5 points
Snack - 1small orange .5 point
Lunch - Sushi 6 points, 600 ml Diet Coke 0 points
Dinner - Chicken, veges, roast potatoes and apple pie and ice cream 13 points
Total Points -21 points
Excercise - 25 minute squash game
Thoughts on the day: Drove in today as normal car day, weather still raining, yummy sushi for lunch and a quiet productive work day. Finish 1 x 1.25 Ltr water in the morning. Masters squash in evening and another late meal eating at about 9.45pm - eek!

Thursday 17.05.12 (107.6 at 6.30am)
Minus 1 - 20 Points
Breakfast - 1 egg 1.5 points
Snack - 1 cupcake 5 points
Lunch - Tuna Salad with Cheese 3 points, 1 can of diet coke 0 points
Snack - 1 Cupcake 5 points - opps!, 1 can of diet coke points
Dinner - American Hotdog and some chips 6.5 points
Total Points: 21 Points
Excercise - 30 minutes of Squash
Thoughts on the day: Drove into work today as another late night last night (in bed at midnight), weather alot better today - hopefully I can walk tomorrow. Cupcakes for morning tea as coworkers birthday - I will enjoy it since I am the one to organise them. Weight coming down - so happy! Also had another cupcake for afternoon tea - opps - better be good for the remainder of the day! Managed to dinish 1 x 1.25 litre of water - very cold day - so water consumption down - will drink more tonight at squash, Bad food choices in evening - ended up helping Juliet in kitchen so nibbled some chips and had an american hotdog for dinner!

Friday 18.05.12. (107.7 at 6.00am)
Minus 4 Points - 17 Points
Breakfast - 1 egg 1.5 points
Snack - 1 bag of chips 4.5 points
Lunch - Tuna Salad with cheese 3 points
Snack - 1 WW bar 1.5 points
Dinner - Roast Chicken, Potato , Salad
Total Points 17 Points
Excercise: Walk to and from work
Thoughts on the day: Walked to work today - bit of an effort and wonder whether I will be getting wet on the walk home - route has lengthened for a bit as my short cut is closed for now, adds in a hill now! Bad choice at morning tea but feeling stressed as short staffed today and doing extra jobs but not my own!

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