Monday, January 26, 2009

Weigh In

Well it has been done and it was a beauty!!
1.7kg GAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok - that said it is over and onto the next part.
I am however the same weight as the start of the month so on a positive note I have maintained for the first month of 2009!
Good on me!!!
Todays food went well - and I have even worked out tomorrows up to lunch time.
As hubby is the cook in the family I never have any ideas what I am eating at night so ussually have the salad at lunch to allow for the points in dinner!!!.
I am walking tomorrow with or without my buddy as said before I have to do this for me.
I have a 5km walk in the middle of Feb that I need to improve my time from last year - which I am hoping will be as I am 15+kg lighter and will have better walking shoes on - I think I did it in 58mins will find out and post both when I do it.

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* said...

Hey Lisa

Yay for maintaining!!! At least you havent put on for the month.

Good luck for your walk next month too... I reckon you will definitely do it in a better time.

Thanks for posting on my page, would love to meet up at some stage when we have time. Cant wait to move to Addison, it just looks like such a nice place to walk the dog, ride a bike etc.