Friday, August 24, 2012

100 Random Things About Me

1.       After my first day of school I wanted to be a Teacher and continued with this dream right up until my final year of high school, when we where told to wait another year before applying to training college, I didn’t wait, got a job and debt and never applied.
2.       At 21 years old I was $21,000.00 in debt!
3.       My husband and I began living together three months after we started dating
4.       We have been together over 22 years now
5.       We will be married 20 years on 6th March 2013.
6.       I plan on having a party to celebrate this event with family and friends
7.       I have always loved the colour Pink and naturally gravitate to anything in shades of Pink.
8.       I enjoy reading historic romance books
9.       When reading I do little else until I have finished the book- this is very frustrating to me.
10.   My grandfather’s name for his grandchildren was Gaga!
11.   My grandmother is still alive at the current age of 91 and lives in her own home
12.   I lost my mother when she was only 59 nearly 10 years ago
13.   I lost my father one month before his 65th birthday nearly 8 years ago
14.   I miss both of them everyday
15.   I was the one to find my fathers body at his house after he passed.
16.   I have one brother who I am not close with at all – his choice
17.   I have only one niece and one nephew that I do not see regularly even though we all live in the same town.
18.   I spend 11 years in a small country town called Murupara in the Bay of Plenty from the ages of 3-14 years
19.   My parents owned an IGA supermarket store there.
20.   I would play in the cartons in the back building forts to entertain myself
21.   I had a lot of imaginary friends growing up.
22.   I have only one male cousin and 8 female cousins
23.   Two of my cousins have passed away at very young ages
24.   I only see three of my female cousins regularly.
25.   When I was younger we would always spend the Christmas school holidays at the family  beach bach  in Whangamata with our grandparents.
26.   The other holidays I would come up to Auckland to stay with my three female cousins.
27.   They would pick on me, the country cousin, even though I was older
28.   I still returned every holiday!
29.   I love to eat chocolate!
30.   I love sushi but only Tuna Sushi
31.   I usually have a Tuna salad for lunch four days out of five and sushi on the other day.
32.   I never know what I want to eat so just take the same old same old – and I do enjoy it.
33.   I am not a very good cook – I always mistime things so that something is always cooler than it should be.
34.   I would love to grow a vegetable garden but am not a keen gardener.
35.   I am a sympathetic crier! Don’t start in front of me or I will be joining in very quickly!
36.   I get emotional when the National Anthem is played and the All Blacks perform the haka!
37.   I love watching crime/police related  television shows like, Criminal Minds, CSI, Mentalist, NCIS
38.   I also like reality shows like The kardashians, Kendra, Guliana and Bill, Pauly D Project
39.   I am interested in the concept of leveraging the universe and receiving all the good through our thoughts.
40.   Sometimes I care too much about what others think of me.
41.   I can  get paranoid sometimes if someone starts acting differently to me the next time I see them, thinking I had done something to upset them – even when I know that I haven’t
42.   I respect everyone’s choice of religion
43.   But do not want it preached to me
44.   I love scrapbooking
45.   I love card making as well
46.   I enjoy making/getting the perfect gift for each person.
47.   I have a very large number of links to posts on our home computer for ideas that I want to do but never seem to get around to.
48.   Having discovered Pinterest – I have pinned a lot of ideas there as well that I never seem to get completed.
49.   I need to organize my time better!
50.   I love Christmas
51.   I co-ordinate my tree and table when the family are at our house for the Christmas dinner.
52.   I am the only one who is allowed to decorate the Christmas tree
53.   My Children have there own little trees for there rooms
54.   I have been known to pick my Christmas colours in January and keep an eye out for accessories through out the year in those colours.
55.   I currently only using Kraft paper to wrap all my gifts and then dress them up with ribbon, and tags.
56.   I have travelled outside of New Zealand to Canada, California, Australia and Hawaii.
57.   I would love to go to The Ellen Show on day with my best friend
58.   I would also love to travel through Europe visiting all the amazing cities
59.   But I want to live like a local while doing it – at least  2 weeks in each place
60.   In my early twenties I had a soft toy collection that I added majorly to during my trip to California!
61.   I no longer have that collection.
62.   I also collected charms for a charm bracelet while traveling California and Canada
63.   I don’t wear the bracelet any more
64.   I am creating one for my daughter with a charm for each birthday or milestone in rose gold, she will get it on her 21st birthday
65.   As a child we had corgis as pets.
66.   I still prefer a smaller dog over the larger varieties but we will not be getting one as a pet.
67.   I can be a what if person – worrying a lot
68.   I love making lists!
69.   I use to be a Girl Guide  and attended a Jamboree in Rotorua
70.   I like to help people but get too involved and end up being left to do the task by myself
71.   As part of my people pleasing personality I do get walked over a lot
72.   I do not stand up for myself enough
73.   This makes me worry that I will not be strong enough to protect my children.
74.   I have always been overweight
75.   But do not have any memories of being picked on because of it
76.   I had successfully lost  20 kilos two years ago  but have put half of it back on now
77.   I am struggling to get back into the weight loss groove
78.   I have even thought about getting weigh loss surgery but love food to much and the thought of restricting my eating so drastically scares me.
79.   I have always had lots of friends/acquaintances
80.   But only one or two Best Friends at different stages of my life
81.   I have been friends with one person for over 22 years now and we catch up 4 times a year for dinner and drinks.
82.   My husband is a stay at home dad and I work full time – this works perfectly for us
83.   My daughter is a red head and my son is white blonde
84.   My daughter is more  into Art and Drama and is currently rehearsing for a paly call the The Red Balloon
85.   My son loves sports and currently plays soccer in winter and cricket in summer but he wants to also play squash.
86.   I am currently in a team for Squash that will be competing in Invercargill in the middle of September
87.   I am the weakest link in that team – but hey some one has to be!
88.   I enjoy playing squash –but am currently injured and have not been able to have a good game in a month!
89.   I also do Ceroc Dancing
90.   I really enjoy this but do not have a current dance partner which makes improving that little bit harder.
91.   I have been dancing for about 5 years and adore my current dance teachers – they are awesome!
92.   I am in the team event for this years champs – it is on 1st September and we are dancing to Sexy and I know it! by LMFAO.
93.   I do not own a smart phone (boohoo!) but I want one!!!
94.   I am currently employed as an Accounts Receivable Assistant – which basically means I chase people for money
95.   I have been with this company for over 5 years now and still enjoy working here.
96.   I usually drive to work and it takes approximately 30 minutes
97.   Sometimes I decide to catch the train and then I have a 20 minute walk to get to and from the train station to work
98.   I haven’t caught the train for nearly three months  - I miss it
99.   I won’t be catching the train again until after the squash competition in  Invercargill as I worry I am going to injure myself walking to and from walk – It has happened twice (sprained ankles)
100.                        Our house is always filled with love and laughter – just the way I like it.


Chris H said...

Wow what a huge meme!
I love that you are like me in many ways!

Pinky said...

Thanks Chris!