Tuesday, August 21, 2012

They Grow up so Fast........

I am just getting use to my 15 year old daughter having a boyfriend.

Then today I received a phone a call at work from my 10 year old son - I could tell as we chatted that he wanted to tell me something:

Mum - Is there something you want to tell me?
Liam - Yes but you can't tell anyone!
Mum - Ok - what is it?
Liam - I got asked out today!
Mum - Oh!......Who by??
Liam- Chelsea
Mum - Oh! - is she nice?
Liam - Yes ..... and now everyone in the family has someone mum!
Mum- Thats right........ so what now do you guys just walk around the school together then?
Liam -Yes - we are to young to do anything else!
Mum - Oh! -- Thats Right!

So there you go on the 21.August 2012 my 10 year old son has a girlfriend!

My baby is growing up!!!


Lucy said...

WHAT! Wow - we're just now at the point of letting our 17 yr old date-LOL!

Pinky said...

I don't think he will be dating as such thank goodness but will be keeping an eye on it for sure!
With the 15 year old she isn't that keen on "going out" in public yet so safe enough there I think!

Chris H said...

LOL that is scary!
Griffin was talking about just that yesterday.. only he said he wanted to wait until he was 13!
Fun times ahead for you... where as I just think "here we go again"!