Thursday, August 16, 2012

Gift Exchange Photos

I received my parcel last week and have only just found the time to upload the photos:
Here it is all ready to open

The cutest little stamp of tulips - LOVE

A handmade journal waiting inside

Some lovely flower embelishments

Georgeous hand made earrings from copper wire hammerd
and wrapped in thin copper wire with czech facet beads!

Czech Folk Costume Ribbon

Loved these three's wrappings

Lace,rainbow tape,tags

Some wrapping paper/tissue for me

Lovely papers to use in scrapbooking and such

Opened up

Thank you to Dasha for the wonderful gifts- I hope she has received my parcel - I will post photos up of what i sent her once I know she has got it she doesn't get a sneak peek and can be surprised - Oh I hope she likes it!

Oh ok -  maybe just the outside of the tin to tempt you all!

Since it was from the "oh Hello Friend" blog I thought it was a cute way to decorate the top

And a nice pink polka dot ribbon to finish it off!

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