Sunday, August 5, 2012

Buzz on the web

Here are some awesome links for you to go check out!
Lots of self improvement ones this time round
Hope you enjoy them as much as me!

Julie at Beautiful You has a great post to help you stop and pause!

Why Killing time isn't a sin - Sit back and relax!

Is it time to unfriend in the real world??

A manifesto a day - I'm in!

20 Ways to let go of regrets

Ways to become truly happy with who you are!

Heres one from the Archives of Olivine Charm School- How to be Equisite


Tynans Rule for Living - some great ideas here!

Time to tame those negative thoughts!

Time to stop second guessing yourself!


Chris H said...

Some good links there Miss Pinky!

Heather said...

You must be feeling inspired by all these motivational blogs! Will have to check them out :)