Sunday, January 4, 2009

Weight Watchers 2009 Goals

Hi there
Just thought I hadn't shared my updated goals for 2009 from my Weight watchers signature so here they are:
2009 Goals:
1: 102.8 (20kgs)
2: 99.9 (under 100kg 22.9 LOST)
3: 98.3 (20%)
4: 97.8 (25kgs)
GWEJ: 103
Now to work out some rewards - I have been thinking about:
A bike
Some hand weights (I have seen a set incorporating three different weights and a stand at Stirling Sports for $80.00)
Any other ideas???

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Lyn said...

How about something really pampering just for you - like a facial, manicure or a massage. I treat myself every so often and emerge feeling great.