Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fake it till Ya Make it!!!

Well another day is upon us and I am feeling blah AGAIN!!! - I am sorry to go on about this but it does worry me - I am normally an even keeled person and was so in the weight loss zone!! and then something happened - WHAT you say - I DO NOT KNOW!!!
But I have decided that I need to FAKE IT TILL I MAKE IT - and that means I am telling myself I am happy and I can do this until I know it!!!
I jumped on the scales this morning and it is not pretty - I am nearly up two - three kilos!!! Now I know that I have been off the rails a bit but did not in my wildest dreams think it was by that much!!!
Another thing that didn't really happen last week was my excercsing - as my walking buddy bailed on me a few times - well all the week - and so I didn't go (yet two weeks prior when I knew in advance that she wasn't there for the week I walk by myself everyday!) so starting Tuesday (holiday tomorrow) I am walking in the am -with or without her - I have to do this for myself - I didn't go to my dancing class last week either - which I normally love doing!! so that is another thing to start again!!!!
I will go for a walk tomorrow as well at some point - more than likely the morning and near my home.
I also need to start using my swiss ball I rewarded myself with at the 10kg mark as well as start using the hula hoop I also brought myself.
I also need to get crafting - I think this is playing on my mind as well as I haven't been creating and I enjoy doing that!!!
So POSITIVE is the key to this all and reminding myself why I am doing this.

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