Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New WW Plan

Well the new plan has been launched - I am not overly phased by it but more concerned that being online I don't get a pretty green folder full of information like everyone else!!!
But thats the me wanting the bells and whistles. - I might join a meeting to get it all - maybe when there is no registration fee applicable just the meeting fee?????
Will have a think about that one.
I was reading a thread on the boards today and it was about what the person had learnt in 2008 about themselves or what resolutions they achieved (sorry blonde moment) and it made me think about mine - whilst I don't make resolutions - just lists!!! I have achieved to date a 17.8kg loss WOW I have never done this before and I must remember that I can do this - and I am doing this!!!!
I am feeling a bit blah these last couple of days and have been so close to eating the emotions but haven't!!! - I wonder why I am like this and two things come to mind - the main one being that it has hit home than my parents will never be having christmas with us again(Both passed away) and I need to grieve for what I have lost - a family gathering filled with love - BUT we are starting new traditions with our children and those need to become my new memories.
the other blah feeling is I think is that I have slowed a bit on the excercise front - am I missing those endorphins I wonder????
So when I am away for my holiday I am going to be walking for at least an hour each morning and hopefully again in the evening and ensure that I start to Feel Good again.
Bring on 2009
PS - I have decided that I will not be taking the scales with me on holiday - I need to reduce my weight daily weighing and this will be the start.

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