Friday, December 12, 2008

HI There

Well I seem to be easing up a bit and have somehow thought that it is ok to eat whateva!!!! - Whilst not overly bad - my dinner was a bit suspect - Kebab - not sure of points but after the subway for lunch which is 8.5 points - eek!!! (Roast Chicken on honey oat! with cheese)there wasn't a large amount of points left - my big downfall is not having a planned meal - hubby and kids are out so they are having dinner elsewhere - I have been potting around - in and out of the kitchen trying to "entertain" myself and ended up having 2 slices of cheese - WHATS UP WITH THAT?!?!?!?!
I did pop into the supermarket on the way home and got some rice crackers and hummus for snacks tomorrow night at a small gathering I am attending so that is a good thing.
I am also having a smoothie for brekkie in the morning with some LSA (Linseed, Sesame, Almond finely ground up) in it to help the bowels - so if still no good after that a laxative it is - I want to get rid of this bloated feeling - not had it before and don't like it!!!
Thanks for the suggestions.
Ok better go and do something constructive!!!!

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