Friday, December 26, 2008


Well I am back from my holiday and can say that is was ok!!! - I walked 3 of the 6 days we were there - the first day was 1/2 hour - gettting use to the surrounding area and the next two days i did a 5km each morning - about 50mins so was very pleased with my self. THe remainder days didn't allow for a walk being Christmas Day - leaving to come home in am and hubby and 1 child going to the wharf at 6am to fish - I know I could have gone off for a walk in the day time but do not enjoy the heat of the day and then can't be bothered come the evening.
Food wise - well as mentioned it was controlled to a point but there was also food for the kids and hubby that I can not resist so biscuits were consumed!!!
This brings me to the title of this post - WILL POWER!!!!! - I am ok if I can not see the "bad" food but once seen and tasted all resolve goes out the window!!
Why is this - I want this weight loss - but obviously not enough to think twice when eating "the wrong" food - or is it this good and bad/ naughty and nice label I put on it (Lightbulb went off while typing!!!)
I remember Joamy on the WW boards or her blog (can't remember which sorry) saying she doesn't eat anything that she doesn't know the points of!!! - To me this is a good thing but why do I not follow this as well - was it the time away from the computer to help keep me accountable???? - I had printed off a tracker for the 6 days away - and did not use it - WHY????
I shouldn't need a computer to tell me what is right and wrong to eat - I KNOW!!!!
So how to I get this WILLPOWER - can I subscribe to it???? can I catch it???? can I locate it somewhere that I have lost it????
I am not sure but I need to sort it out!!
I do want to lose this weight - I have done so well so far - I am sitting on, at last weigh in, at just under 18kgs - I mean OH MY GOD!!!! that is great and I enjoy the smaller clothes the feeling of skinniness but why oh why can I not keep the momento up???
I have eaten crap today for sure - I think I am on at least 3 lots of chocolate alone!!! - I want to weigh in now and face the music but I will wait until Monday morning as I also want to stop weighing daily!!!
Alot to think about for me over the next couple of days

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